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Breitbart V. Van Jones: “Bring it on Punks”

In Can You Hear Me Now?, Civil Lefts, Disappearing Ink on 24/03/2011 at 20:57

Andrew Breitbart (LIFE.com)

It is a comedic slight of history that Andrew Breitbart grew up on the mean streets of West L.A. rather than those of Flatbush or Dorchester. He has the irreverence of Muggs McGinnis and the cutting literacy of Norman Mailer, although the conservative web mogul is almost certainly not what Mailer had in mind when he thought of The New Journalism.

Nevertheless, Breitbart, a former progressive, is a street fighter, an in-the-trenches journalist provocateur who has become the bane of the New Left. While Glenn Beck received the accolades, it was Breitbart who kneecapped Van Jones, sending Obama’s communist-Truther advisor skulking out of the White House after a midnight resignation.

You gotta love this guy.

While Beck tends toward the “special,” Breitbart gives off at least the illusion that he’ll meet you in the alley to settle the matter — whatever the matter. It was Breitbart who offered $100,000 for even a snippet of footage that would show that tea party activists either spat on black members of Congress or uttered racial slurs at last year’s protest on the Capitol steps. There have been no takers to date.

Breitbart also supported James O’Keefe’s first forays into citizen journalism, resulting in Congress’s defunding of ACORN. He has since supported pro-lifer Lila Rose and another O’Keefe outing in their exposés of Planned Parenthood.

The aforementioned are a mere smattering of incidents that have propelled the Left to target Andrew Breitbart. He is one of the few conservatives in the country who can lather progressives into a vitriolic rage on the level of Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh.

And wouldn’t you know it, Van Jones is behind the latest attack.

Color of Change — don’t you just love these lefto names — an activist group co-founded by Jones, is calling for a boycott against the Huffington Post for publishing two recent entries by Breitbart.

Andrew Breitbart is a liar and a race-baiter,” wrote the organization. “Breitbart targets key people and institutions within our community, in particular those who have dared talk about the reality of racism and race in this country — Shirley Sherrod, the NAACP, President Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus. And he targets those that seek to increase Black political participation, like ACORN.”

By way of outing Color of Change, they are the group who immediately took up the cause of the Jenna Six, the black teenagers convicted of viciously beating white student Justin Barker, at a Louisiana high school in 2006.

Talk about race baiting. This outfit makes Al Sharpton look like the George Jefferson when it comes to fostering racial animus.

Van Jones is the ultimate race-baiter and this latest attack on Breitbart is just one of many in his quest to silence the free press and bring down democracy. While we have no particular love for the HuffPo, we all must resist the Left’s attempts to silence anyone with whom they disagree.



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Travel is again on the agenda for Barack Obama this coming week. Brazil. He hasn’t seen Brazil thus far. Which is essentially why he is going to Brazil at the height of the Libyan conflict and the depth of the Japanese triple disaster.

With increasing frequency this president is proving himself to be AWOL while the nation and the rest of the world await decisions and directions. Now is not the time for another historic Obama “trade mission.” Translate: sightseeing tour.

What appeared to be a simple case of freshman jitters, after General Stanley McCrystal requested additional troops in Afghanistan at the start of Obama’s term, has unfolded as something far more disturbing. By the time the Christmas Day bomber attempted to bring down a jetliner over Detroit in 2009, Barack Obama had clearly revealed himself to be a man who likes his Zs and tees.

At the beginning of the Deepwater Horizon blowout the President was again missing in action for nine days, while the nation awaited leadership. The beaches of Louisiana and Mississippi were ankle deep in raw crude before he showed up. It the meantime, his administration turned down multiple offers for help in cleanup and containment efforts from other nations.

The Libyan revolt is something quite different. Moammar Gaddafi is not merely a corrupt and brutal dictator; he is the architect of one of the most dastardly attacks against this nation in our history, the Pam Am 103 bombing over Lockerbie. The American people have a stake in seeing Gaddafi brought to justice.

It should be a given to anyone who has been engaged for the last two years that Obama lacks the talents to lead, but what is now questionable is whether he is even wired to care. Over the course of our history, in times of crisis—whether natural disasters or upheavals where U.S. interests or those of our allies have been at stake—American presidents have stepped to the rostrum to instill confidence and provide leadership; not only for Americans but for the world. Instead, this president appears on ESPN to handicap basketball games.

Barack Obama never misses a fundraiser (he is a money raising machine), nor the chance to touch on world events when attending them, but that is a far cry from addressing the nation and the world in times of calamity.

In France, Nicholas Sarkozy has assumed the position of leadership in the Libyan revolt, calling for a UN or NATO no-fly zone over the country. Unfortunately, President Sarkozy hasn’t the clout to make that imperative action a reality.

Time after time for more than two years Barack Obama has either vacationed through the realities of a world in chaos around him, or responded with too little too late. He has been soft on terrorists, Iranian democracy protesters cries for help fell on deaf ears, Egypt received milquetoast assurances of U.S. moral support; and Japan has yet to hear a formal presidential address of support from its closest ally.

What we are witnessing here appear to be the actions—or rather inactions—of a man-child, too preoccupied with his recreational pursuits to concern himself with the business of the presidency. Barack Obama is either inept or lazy; in either case he is unfit for the Office of the President.

Muslim Hearings Begin with Ellison’s Crocodile Tears

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Here we go again. Once again the Democrats in Congress are playing to Jerry Springer fans and attempting to stem legitimate debate with theatrical exhibitions. Muslim U.S. Representative Keith Ellison broke down weeping (tearlessly) yesterday morning while pointing out that Muslims died in the World Trade Center attacks.

This is the same Keith Ellison who wrote that the Constitution is evidence of a racist conspiracy, by the way. The same Keith “Hakim” Ellison who defended Louis Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic statements. Good ol’ red-blooded American Muslim Keith Ellison.

For the record, 60 Muslims died in the WTC attacks. Which should be reason enough for Ellison or any Muslim American to wonder why a significant segment of their religion is trying to kill Americans.

Instead Muslim Americans are organizing protests, complaining of persecution, xenophobia, and racism by those who are trying to determine why their religion above all others in the world seeks to settle its disagreements with violence. Muslim groups are calling the hearings Islamophobic while disseminating anti-Semitic literature.

In 2009 and 2010, 76 U.S. Muslims were charged with domestic terrorism in 49 plots, nearly double the number since 2001. These defendants have been charged with conspiracy and other crimes for trying to wage war on their countrymen.

Currently Homeland Security identifies homegrown terrorism as the biggest threat to the United States from extremist Muslims. Does not Mr. Ellison want to know why?

American Muslims with few exceptions have either complained of nonexistent persecution or remained silent since the events of September 1, 2001. They have had a full decade to speak out against the extremists they claim are a small fraction of their religion and have not done so. Hundreds of terrorist plots have been exposed and not one has been hatched by members of any other faith in the United States, unless the Westboro Baptists can be considered terrorist for the protests of military funerals.

A terrorist is a person who uses terrorism in pursuit of political aims. That is a generalized definition of a combined number of online dictionaries. Despite PJ Crowley’s characterization to the contrary, Jerrod Loughner was not a terrorist, he was a garden variety psycho killer. A large number of Muslims world wide are engaged in terror against the United States, and it is time that we learn just exactly why they hate us so much.

The Left in this country are trying to shape the Muslim debate with politically correct rhetoric and charges of racism and xenophobia. If as a nation we allow them to succeed many more Americans will die. Islam is far more than a religion; it is a political philosophy honed from the twisted mind of a man who obsessed on the evils of women and violently promoted anti-Semitism.

No patriotic American would participate in the discrimination of others for any reason; diversity is what make this country the Seat of Liberty. But when a large segment of a religious sect seeks to destroy the nation that give it its religious freedom, it behooves our leaders to find out why. It is time for Americans to know if we have anything to fear from this religion.