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New American Al Qaeda Mouthpiece Mocks Enhanced U.S. Security

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“I am a traitor to America because my religion requires me to be,” Samir Khan declared in a recent al Qaeda publication. “We pledge to wage jihad for the rest of our lives until either we implant Islam all over the world or meet our lord as bearers of Islam.”

Born in Saudi Arabia in 1986, Samir Khan is a glaring example of the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama administrations’ failed immigration policies, particularly in relation to Islamic nationals.

Samir ibn Zafar Khan moved with his family to New York from the Middle East in 1993 and eventually to North Carolina. By 2001, Samir had joined two gateway groups on his pathway to radicalization. These groups, who define themselves as fundamentalist but nonviolent, are the Islamic Organization of North America (IONA) and the Islamic Thinkers Organization.

After 2005, Samir began to blog pro-al Qaeda propaganda from his father’s basement in Charlotte, North Carolina and continued to do so uninterrupted by the U.S. government until 2007, when the New York Times broke his story.

In 2008, after bloggers like Hot Air and others stepped up pressure, Samir felt the heat and bailed for Yemen, where today he is the English editor for al Qaeda’s U.S. recruitment program.

The failure of successive administrations and the U.S. media to name Islam as a religion controlled by its most violent disciples has cost the lives of thousands of U.S. civilians and military personnel. Both the government and media have framed the war on America by Islamics as being conducted by a small group of radicals, primarily influenced by al Qaeda, when quite the contrary is true.

The Islamic world is full of radical sects, many of which consider the United States their mortal enemy. Al Qaeda is simply the most successful to date.

In the 1970s, most Americans had a hoot over the rise of the political correctness movement, but the last laugh has been on us. The government’s refusal to come to terms with this insane doctrine resulted in the 2009 Fort Hood terrorist attack, and yet we still recruit Muslims into our armed forces.

This insane refusal to admit that the United States is at war with Islam will cost more American lives if we don’t come to our senses now. The fact that every Muslim does not support terror is no reason to conclude that Islam is not the enemy anymore than the fact that every German was not a Nazi meant we weren’t at war with Germany.

Indeed, it is difficult to find the word “Muslim” in association with terrorist acts in newspapers and news broadcasts. Pop culture favorites like Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell have made it taboo to discuss Islamic terrorism openly. NPR recently described Samir as an “American editor” when running a story on the traitor’s al Qaeda activities.

In recent issues of Inspire, al Qaeda’s English language magazine, Samir has openly scorned the Obama Administration’s enhanced screening at American airports. The over-reactive bent of the government to screen every man, woman and child plays right into terrorists’ plans; it is in itself one goal of the terrorists.

It is time for a grassroots move in this country to redefine this war. While Americans can and should live in peace a multicultural society, we cannot afford to ignore the threat of this increasingly radical religion to our nation.


That Little Old Spymaster, Hillary? Clinton Had Diplomats Spy on U.N. Leaders

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Perhaps the most damning revelation in this whole Wikileaks mess is just how much U.S. foreign policy has deteriorated under the Obama Administration. With Barack Obama looking more like an argument for the failed affirmative action policy on the 1960s everyday, Hillary Clinton took point today in the Julian Assange Wikileaks scandal.

The Obama Administration could have shut down the rogue website six months ago when Assange released the first barrage of damaging State Department and military documents; the obvious tact here should have been to declare Assange and his cohorts as cyber terrorists and set out to bring him to justice.

Although Assange purloined the documents months ago and the Administration could not have prevented their release, the U.S. could have taken action against the perpetrator long since. Instead he has been allowed to roam at will without a worry in the world.

During the Bush Administration, Sectary of State Condoleezza Rice maintained a high-profile public persona but Clinton has been almost invisible in her two years as head of the department. Today, she found the perfect opportunity to show herself in control, while Obama once again fails to act decisively. That is, if not for the fact that Hillary’s own malfeasances are so blatant.

Front page and eclipsing the Secretary of State’s formal address today is the blazing headline: “Hillary Clinton ordered diplomats to spy on UN: WikiLeaks docs”. In other words, while decrying the Wiki dump as an attack on the world community, Clinton has been outted as the chief villain.

Damage from the Wiki Dump is enormous, and it demonstrates all too clearly the vulnerability of a weak Administration at a time when the United States security should be at maximum strength. At stake is U.S. credibility, if not security.

Included in the massive document dump is a particularly telling statement by Robert Gates in which the U.S. Defense secretary says, that: “Russian Democracy has disappeared” and that the former Soviet state under Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is an “oligarchy run by the security services.”

It has yet to be revealed to what if any degree sensitive intelligence has been compromised but damage to the American brand within the halls of world capitals is extensive. The documents unveil the most candid communications by American diplomats with Washington regarding everyone from Nicolas Sarkozy—“a naked emperor”—to possible betrayals by U.S. allies like Turkey and Pakistan.

Perhaps one of the most embarrassing revelations so far has been the Obama Administration’s laissez-faire attitude toward Iranian nuclear advancements and the entire Arab world’s mounting fear as the terrorist nation draws closer to achieving its goals.

While Obama has pursued a ridiculous diplomacy policy in dealing with Iran, with whom the United States has no diplomatic relations, Israel has warned the President repeatedly that time is running out and has issued a deadline for the U.S. to act.

This latest leak by Assange is the most embarrassing breach of State Department security since the early days of the Cold War when Alger Hiss was revealed as a Soviet spy.

Palin Satirizes Obama Gaffs

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After taking another hit from the liberal media on Wednesday, when she inadvertently misspoke, Sarah Palin went to work on them for their lack of scrutiny of President Obama’s many gaffs.

The comment that elicited leftwing guffaws came during an appearance on Glenn Beck’s radio program when Palin inadvertently mixed up North and South Korea. The mistake was clearly unintended and, as The Daily Caller points out, she did not repeat it.

On Thursday Palin fired back.

The former Alaska governor posted a blog on her FaceBook page pointing out a number of Obama’s gaffs since he took office, and the list—all supported by YouTube clips as proof—was hilarious.

The satire begins with the first of 10 of President Obama’s lollapaloozas: “A Thanksgiving message to all ‘57 states’” and continues on to include Obama’s statement that the United States is 20 centuries old; his “greater inefficiencies to our health care system” and “halt the rise of privacy” remarks. The governor, however, missed my favorite: that the United States is a Muslim nation, but in fairness, that was not a gaff. It was Obama’s actual opinion.

Palin has been the brunt of elitist attacks on mainstream news and websites almost nightly since she served as John McCain’s running mate in 2008, but nothing seems to work.

Last week, Palin’s book America By Heart debut, as expected, at the top of the bestseller lists, prompted Karl Rove, who criticized the Governor’s new TLC series, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, to admit that the Governor’s book tour of Iowa was a smart move. Although Rove is not an outright critic of Palin, the comment backfired and the leftwing press has made much of the jibe.

However, Palin is getting some positive treatment from the liberal right, as well. Over the weekend Senator John McCain correctly compared Palin with former President Ronald Reagan.

While Palin may not share the 40th President’s gravitas, eloquence or acumen for the stinging sound bite, anyone who watched Reagan’s rise cannot help but notice the similarities. Reagan was called unqualified by both Republicans and Democrats for 10 years before he became president, and repeated attempts were made by the media to silence him.

Sarah Palin inspires the same fear in the so-called mainstream media. At a time when as many as 30 million Americans are out of work and we are under constant threat by Muslim extremists, major news outlets devote valuable airtime to negatively covering the former governor’s every move.

Just two days before Thanksgiving, CNN’s resident angry liberal black man, Roland Martin, unintentionally summed up the Left’s obsessive attacks on Plain when he closed his op-ed by saying: “Any Republican with common sense should see that Sarah Palin poses an immediate threat to the future of this country. She proves that every time she opens her mouth.”

A threat indeed.

While I’m sure that all my fellow conservatives appreciate Mr. Roland’s concern for us, his warning was of course insincere. The fear on his part, however, is genuine. Yes, Mr. Roland, Sarah Palin represents a threat to Michelle Obama’s campaign to tell us what our children must eat, she is a threat to government-controlled health care, and she is a chilling threat to Barack Obama’s Muslim-friendly policies.

Palin represents common sense at a time when the country is in dire need of it.

And I, personally, would like someone in the Oval Office who knows how to kill something, besides time on the basketball court.

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