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In Civil Lefts, Obamarama on 17/03/2011 at 07:23

Travel is again on the agenda for Barack Obama this coming week. Brazil. He hasn’t seen Brazil thus far. Which is essentially why he is going to Brazil at the height of the Libyan conflict and the depth of the Japanese triple disaster.

With increasing frequency this president is proving himself to be AWOL while the nation and the rest of the world await decisions and directions. Now is not the time for another historic Obama “trade mission.” Translate: sightseeing tour.

What appeared to be a simple case of freshman jitters, after General Stanley McCrystal requested additional troops in Afghanistan at the start of Obama’s term, has unfolded as something far more disturbing. By the time the Christmas Day bomber attempted to bring down a jetliner over Detroit in 2009, Barack Obama had clearly revealed himself to be a man who likes his Zs and tees.

At the beginning of the Deepwater Horizon blowout the President was again missing in action for nine days, while the nation awaited leadership. The beaches of Louisiana and Mississippi were ankle deep in raw crude before he showed up. It the meantime, his administration turned down multiple offers for help in cleanup and containment efforts from other nations.

The Libyan revolt is something quite different. Moammar Gaddafi is not merely a corrupt and brutal dictator; he is the architect of one of the most dastardly attacks against this nation in our history, the Pam Am 103 bombing over Lockerbie. The American people have a stake in seeing Gaddafi brought to justice.

It should be a given to anyone who has been engaged for the last two years that Obama lacks the talents to lead, but what is now questionable is whether he is even wired to care. Over the course of our history, in times of crisis—whether natural disasters or upheavals where U.S. interests or those of our allies have been at stake—American presidents have stepped to the rostrum to instill confidence and provide leadership; not only for Americans but for the world. Instead, this president appears on ESPN to handicap basketball games.

Barack Obama never misses a fundraiser (he is a money raising machine), nor the chance to touch on world events when attending them, but that is a far cry from addressing the nation and the world in times of calamity.

In France, Nicholas Sarkozy has assumed the position of leadership in the Libyan revolt, calling for a UN or NATO no-fly zone over the country. Unfortunately, President Sarkozy hasn’t the clout to make that imperative action a reality.

Time after time for more than two years Barack Obama has either vacationed through the realities of a world in chaos around him, or responded with too little too late. He has been soft on terrorists, Iranian democracy protesters cries for help fell on deaf ears, Egypt received milquetoast assurances of U.S. moral support; and Japan has yet to hear a formal presidential address of support from its closest ally.

What we are witnessing here appear to be the actions—or rather inactions—of a man-child, too preoccupied with his recreational pursuits to concern himself with the business of the presidency. Barack Obama is either inept or lazy; in either case he is unfit for the Office of the President.


Helen is Gone: Now Maybe The Eight-Day Clock Can Tick Again

In Disappearing Ink on 10/06/2010 at 06:08

In her sixty plus year Helen hasn’t had an objective opinion on anything, and especially not on Israel. Helen is an Arab and she hates Israel.

Talent hasn’t ever been a big issue with Helen, she has little, but her politics made her the perfect mascot for the elite media at the presidential mansion. How does a press secretary gun the gas pedal and put tire tracks up the back of a little old lady who looks like your–well someone’s–grandmother? Her status as the “First Lady” of the Washington press corps was achieved the old fashioned way: she outlived the rest.

Over the course of America’s war with Islam Helen has repeated given aid and comfort to our enemies and undermined our CIA’s efforts to obtain intelligence that will stop at nothing to destroy us.

During her six decades in Washington Thomas has leveled unsubstantiated charges at anyone who has dared to be descent in the face of the rampant decline of decency and decried traditional American values. She has been responsible–as have many in the Washington Press Corps–for the lives of U.S. soldiers and CIA operatives on the field of battle. Helen hates traditional America.

But this week Helen blew it big time. She is anti Semitic and she has finally copped to it.

That and only that is the reason Hearst Newspapers gave her the boot, not because she is anti-Semitic mind you, but because the entire industry is rife with Jew haters and Helen inadvertently ratted them out.

“They are occupied,” Helen said of the Palestinians, a people that did not exist in history prior to the 20th century.

Where have we heard that term before? Occupied. We have heard it every night on news broadcasts since Israeli’s took back the West Bank, the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip in 1967. Bethlehem is considered occupied territory, a town that has held enormous historical significance to Jews for 4,000 years, and to Christians for 2,000. It is the City of David. Jericho is also occupied. Tell me what right Muslims have to these cities in history?

The United Nations established Israel’s boundaries from a 1917 League of Nations covenant, and says the Golan Heights, Gaza and the West Bank belong to the Palestinians. And because the UN says it Helen believes it.

Helen issued an apology after the fact for her hateful remarks against Israel and the Jewish people:

I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians. They do not reflect my heart-felt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance. May that day come soon.

Right. File that in the same can you used for Jane Fonda’s Vietnam apology.

I suppose I should take no pleasure in the downfall of another human being, but in Helen’s case I’ll make an exception. When I think of the thousands of boys who died in Vietnam while she slandered them in her columns, when I think of the dead CIA agents she helped put in their graves, when I think of the 2,000-year plight of Jews around the world to regain their homeland, I take great pleasure in dumping on Helen Thomas.

Goodbye, Helen, maybe Jake Tapper will miss you, but we will not. You were a hack.

Profile, Baby, Profile

In Harvard Math on 07/05/2010 at 07:06

Elderly woman profiling ATS officer?

The suspension of six San Francisco Bay Area high school students for wearing American flag tee shirts on Cinco de Bye-Bye-O proves once and for all that profiling works.

The boys were white, the shirts were Old Navy, and … What? They didn’t join in to sing “La Bamba?” Somebody call Al Sharpton. Extradite these miscreants to Guadalajara. Next thing you know their fathers will be buying them guns for graduation. And you know what that leads to—Tea Parties. Next stop Oklahoma City, and Kaboom!

Every veteran and every taxpayer within driving distance should be storming the steps of that school tomorrow.

What the hell is this place coming to? This week the media are in a feeding frenzy because Sarah Palin dared mention that America is a Christian nation. This to the astonishment of Newsweek Magazine (which, incidentally, the Washington Post can’t sell for scrap paper) columnist David Waters.

Breaking News, David: We ain’t Muslim yet!

The Democrats historically have been able to turn over a rock somewhere and find a cowering Republican to tell us that we need to be more sensitive on immigration. Tada! Out comes Connie Mack, Mark Rubio and, well, who’s running for reelection in New Mexico? Just dial 1-800-IMA-WHIMP.

Who do these morons think are invading the country?

The Left in this country has been profiling for thirty years. They profiled Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas; the feminists profiled Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

The Right has held itself to a stringent set of PC rules designed by Liberals for conservatives and that they change whenever the political winds shift to suit them.

These boys in San Francisco are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Left’s attack on freedom of speech in this nation, and if the GOP and conservatives at large let them get away with it, it will soon be illegal to carry the Stars and Stripes.

Thirty years without profiling groups dangerous to the security of our nation gave us the 9-11 terrorists. Just how many WASPS do you think sign up for flying lessons and want to skip takeoff and landing? It has given us Fort Hood, and the Littlerock recruiter shootings.

It seems futile to pound this drum night after night, but we better damn well start profiling, and soon. Southern Baptist grandmothers in wheelchairs are not trying to destroy us. The Idaho Militia is not running drugs across our Southern borders.

Cinco de Mayo is NOT a holiday anywhere north of Juarez. So how is it that someone here on the good graces of the American people, in spite of their illegal status, can have an American flag thrown off campus?

Americans are paying the taxes to finance this nonsense and it is time for us to have a say in how those taxes are spent. Thousands are out of work in California alone and the City of Los Angeles employs 972,000 “informal workers.” Code for illegal aliens.

It is time for citizens to profile and target politicians and civil servants who defy the will of the people, and bring pressure to get them out.