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Is It Me, or is Al Sharpton Bitter? Glenn Beck Trounces a Charlatan Past His Prime

In Can You Hear Me Now? on 31/08/2010 at 17:57

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Over the weekend I watched in shock and horror as thousands of Americans from all walks of life gathered on the mall at the Lincoln Memorial and screamed racial epithets, profaned the memory of Martin Luther King and decried 50 years of integration.

They were led by Al Sharpton.

Well, of course none of that happened, but Sharpton’s rally wasn’t a pretty sight. It was a last-ditch effort (3,000 strong) for the Slim-Fast-thinned charlatan to keep a tired, flagging civil rights movement devoid of purpose afloat in post 2008-election United States.

I didn’t see Tawana Brawley but she must have been there somewhere. Tawana converted to Islam just in time to shout the Muslim call to prayer when the WTC towers were coming down.

Next door to Sharpton, Glenn Beck had amassed roughly a half million Americans of his own and carried on a non-racial, non-political and—let’s face it—uneventful event the likes of which has only been seen five other times in D.C. history.

The Washington Post, Huffington Post, MSNBC, Associated Press and CBS informed us that event garnered about 87,000 people, after they cropped their aerial shots of a crowd that ended somewhere near Richmond, Virginia. Beck, no stranger to the mainstream media (better known as the Barack Obama press corps), cleverly had his own people take a shot from the Washington Monument.

On an up note, the President informed Brian Williams that he has found the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy we’ve all been looking for since Hillary Clinton outted it during the 1990s. It was on the Washington mall last Saturday.

What have we learned from all of this? Well, in a nutshell, nothing new. We have learned that racists in a America must by definition be white, Christians are dangerous, Sarah Palin is stupid because she prays, the President has actually found his birth certificate (it was plastered on his forehead all along), and that Glenn Beck is a liar.

We learned that Alveda King is somehow less black and less King because she joined with Glenn Beck. We learned that in order to be legitimately black in America one must be liberal and subscribe to abortion, gay marriage and the Washington Post.

The New York Times informed us (on page 15) that the Restoring Honor rally was enormous, overtly religious (shame of shames), and anti-progressive.

We learned that Freedom of the Press can be corrupted when it falls into the hands of dishonest ideologues.


How To Lose a Republic in One Easy Lesson

In Harvard Math, The Wrong Right Turn on 28/08/2010 at 16:44

Editor’s Note: Many of my articles now appear on Associated Content. My series on my twenty-year friendship with avant-garde rocker Captain Beefheart is receiving enormous internationalattention. Please drop by and check out the articles. Incidentally, I am also welcoming new friends on my Facebook page.

“They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” —Barack Obama

Barack Obama spoke these words at the height of the 2008 primary season and although it caused a little flap at the time most of us didn’t listen. Most of us being the majority that made the 44th presidency of the United States a worldwide disgrace. Had we been listening, Barack Hussein Obama would be a memory of that year’s primary season no more profound than Joseph Biden.

Yours truly has spent the last 19 months tapping the keypad of my Apple PowerBook (vroom) in diatribe after vein-popping diatribe blaming the media and the Democrats and the sellout Republicans.   Those who made it possible for this arrogant little snob with a thin resume and even thinner American experience to ascend to the most powerful position on the planet.

But mostly I have blamed us.

We squeal like stuck hogs whenever anybody raises the question of eliminating government bureaucracies; we scream bloody murder when any politician suggests that Medicare should be eliminated; we froth at the mouth when anyone dares to proffer the privatization of Social Security. We do nothing when we know we should demand that Congress eliminate government waste.

Serious economists—Left and Right—are scared. The nation cannot endure more Keynesian (Obamian) debt and it appears that simply relaxing tax burdens will not alone staunch the waters that erode our economy. Massive spending cuts are needed now, but even the Republicans cannot seem to keep their hands out of the cash drawer.

The Department of Education spends billions annually on a failed public education system that turns out illiterate children. The Department of Energy—under Republicans and Democrats—has become nothing more than a greening sham. The Department of Homeland Security has failed to stem the rising tide of terrorists who live in this country alone. Our borders are a joke.

Al Qaeda knows that we should have nuked them in 2001 in Tora Bora and issued a warning world wide that the United States will not tolerate terrorism in any form on its shores. We are the laughingstock of the Muslim world. Iran marches unopposed toward a nuclear bomb that they have every intention of using.

One can argue that the Tea Party movement of 2009 demonstrates the awakening of the American people as a whole against big government. But does it? Just how many of those protesters would switch signs and march on the Capitol in a heartbeat if Congress decided to eliminate Social Security? Yet entitlements and social programs are breaking us.

We have fallen in love with the sweet milk of government. We look forward to sending our children off to taxpayer-funded schools to be brainwashed by socialist morons who graduated in the bottom third of their university classes. We sleep while public school administrators send our teenage girls to abortion clinics without our knowledge or consent and teach our children about “alternative” lifestyles.

The educated among us snicker when politicians with traditional values like Mike Huckabee or Sarah Palin take to the national stage and call for moral change; their folksy Heartland approach embarrasses us, while we look to the same elitists we have elected for generation after debt-encumbered generation.

Our social mores are in deterioration.

African Americans buy into the same plantation rhetoric that has kept them chained in the ghettos of this country for the century and a half since Reconstruction while other minorities thrive. They send their children mixed messages but telling them the N-word is only wrong when uttered from the lips of whites.

The F-word has become nothing more than a punctuation mark in our society; we put our hands to our mouths and gasp and giggle when someone drops the F-bomb on network television. Then we use it in front of our children.

Mr. Obama’s little unguarded moment in 2008 was an affront to the middleclass across this nation. He was accusing us one and all of being bigoted, Bible-thumping rednecks, too illiterate to see him for what he is. But in a sense he was right. Many of us—most Americans—did not even bother to vote.

And when the Republicans retake Capitol Hill in November, one has to wonder if most of us will not stand by while they break promise after promise.

Free Blago: The Bottom Feeders Need Company

In The Wrong Right Turn on 24/08/2010 at 18:19

Editor’s Note: Many of my articles now appear on Associated Content. My series on my twenty-year friendship with avant-garde rocker Captain Beefheart is receiving enormous international attention. Please drop by and check out the articles. Incidentally, I am also welcoming new friends on my Facebook page.

I don’t like Rod Blagojevich. I know it’s immature to judge someone just because you don’t like his looks, but call me shallow, I don’t like him. From his beady little narrow-set eyes to his really big, really ridiculous hair and right down to his bad Elvis impersonation, the guy creeps me out. I’d bet Obama’s first-rate Ivy League affirmative action education that he’s guilty of something.

But if Blago is a slime ball, then U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is the slug crawling out of his southern end. Fitzgerald makes the Obama Administration look honest. Fitzgerald makes a case for mothers who eat their young. He is yet another in an endless series of George W. Bush screwups—and the worst thing about W’s screwups is that they always have a century-and-a-half-long shelf life.

Patrick Fitzgerald is the prosecutor that hounded Dick Cheney’s chief of staff I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby into the ground as the supposed leaker who outted CIA turncoat Valerie Plame, and destroyed his reputation in an investigation that finally ended Libby up in federal prison and disbarred for life. Was Libby guilty? No. Oops.

No, when Fitzgerald identified the real culprit, arrogant State Department windbag Richard Armitage, he had to pin something on Libby, so he prosecuted him for bad memory (perjury), a charge that had absolutely nothing to do with the charges against him in the Plame affair. Libby literally only misstated a date on his calendar. Fitzgerald never charged Armitage with this dastardly breach of national security.

In the process of dogging Scooter Libby into unemployment, poverty and finally prison, Fitzgerald threw Washington correspondent Judith Miller in the jug for several months for refusing to reveal Libby as the source who leaked Valerie Plame as a covert CIA agent, which, by the way, she was not. Well, Judith Miller in the joint was a good thing, but you get my drift. Just kidding.

When the Freddy Kruger of federal prosecutors was assigned the Blagojevich case, he promised us that he was stopping a “political crime spree” before it happened. He went on a campaign—backed by all of the resources of the federal government—to destroy this little bug’s reputation and have him impeached and thrown out of office as governor of Illinois.

Before Blago was found guilty of even one charge, before he was even tried by a jury of his peers, Patrick Fitzgerald ignited a public firestorm against the man, whom he knew the country would hate on sight.

Just as he did in the prosecution of Scooter Libby, Fitzgerald has driven Blagojevich into the ground, denied him the means to earn a living (Libby is still unemployed) and ruined any hope of the former governor ever holding a serious job in the private sector, much less in government. Blago may turn this around, but his chances are slim.

I’ll take odds that Blago will end up in federal prison—for something.

Now a conservative (to the right of Attila actually) guy like me is tempted to say good riddance to Rob Blagojevich. Frankly, I cringe every time they put him on the tube. He is, as I have suggested, everything I hate about American politics.

But when a federal prosecutor can reduce a man to grubbing for work at trade shows and humiliate his wife into subbing for her husband on a reality TV show that trailer trash considers low rent—simply to put food on the table—and when he can do this all before the man has been found guilty of anything, he can do the same to me. And if you think Scooter Libby and Blago are obnoxious you should see me in front of a camera.

On this the esteemed liberal Professor Alan Dershowitz and I agree: There is something intrinsically wrong with system of justice that can do this to a person without anything more than a hint of guilt.