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The GITMO Glitch

In The Enemy Among Us on 31/01/2010 at 09:03

War criminal Osama bin Laden

George W. Bush made precisely the right decision when he ordered the detainment of armed combatants at the U.S. Navy’s facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Among other things, it insured Americans’ safety from potential escapees and was a huge deterrent to extremist groups that might try to organize a plot to free the prisoners.

Barack Obama a true believer. He believes, that if we just show enough love and benevolence to our enemies, they will be overwhelmed and return it. He believes the U.S. caused this war. We are the “Ugly American.”

The President would have done well to read more Jefferson and less Engels and Marx at Harvard. Jefferson faced a similar situation during his first year in office. The Barbary Pirates were Muslim extremists who demanded a tribute from the U.S. for our passage through Moroccan waters. The government paid it for years rather than send our navy half way around the world to fight them.

This is part of their declaration, sent to us through the Moroccan ambassador:

It was written in their Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every Muslim who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise.

Sound familiar? It is identical in tone to Osama bin Laden’s declaration of war against the U.S. These guys will never change. They do not hate us because we’re Americans; they hate us because we are not Muslims.

Jefferson knew that these 7th century heathens only understood one message. He declared war on them. Since Jefferson, until Obama, we have never negotiated with terrorists and we have never shown them mercy.

Well, that has little to do with Guantanamo Bay, other than to say, that President Jefferson thought of America’s interests first and left the enemy to worry about theirs.

One more short blurb of history.

When the Lincoln conspirators were arrested after the President’s assignation, they were held in a federal prison, tried by a nine-man military tribunal, and executed by the Army. And they were American citizens. This was not done because we were at war; the war was over. They were tried for, among other things, conspiracy against the United States.

We know that the 9-11 conspirators intended to strike at the very seat of our government with United Flight 93. It was assigned to either the White House or the Capitol. One of the other flights struck the Pentagon, the very heart of our military complex. What more does the President need to realize this was an act of war?

These terrorists must be tied by military tribunal, not because our constitution calls for it, but because it is right.

Send them back to GITMO, Mr. President. Put them on trial and execute them on government soil.


Honey, C-Span’s Broke!

In Obamarama on 30/01/2010 at 07:43

Barack Obama and I will never agree on much of anything. I think he’s fundamentally bad for America. I think he is so bad for America that, if the Republicans could miraculously get a majority in Congress, they should initiate impeachment proceedings for malfeasance of duty.

When we say things like that, Obama says we’re demonizing him. Oh, we are? What are we supposed to say? Barry, you’re so cute we you lie? He has virtually shut Capitol Hill Republicans out of the process of governing and his White House has refused to communicate with minority leaders.

I’ve joked about Barack being the Bart Simpson president, but really! He promised us that the health care debate would be on C-SPAN and didn’t deliver. Now he’s telling us it was on C-Span. We just missed it.

Look, Obama is a Marxist-socialist; there is no question that he is that far left, regardless of how Bill O’Reilly can’t go there. In his short time in office he has moved quickly to nationalize the American economy in the banking, automobile manufacturing, and health care industries. He has declared that his cap and trade energy legislation will bankrupt the coal industry and send our utility bills skyrocketing. While we shake our heads at the news that Hugo Chavez is nationalizing the media in Venezuela, Obama’s FCC is at work doing it right here. What do you call that?

The President denies that he is an ideologue, but he is without question the most ideological president since Jimmy Carter and his ideology influences every decision he makes.

I’ll deal with Gitmo in my next post, but to say the least he has played fast and loose with national security, and 300 Americans nearly died on Christmas day because of it. Someone will die because of it.

Even if we could throw him out in the street tomorrow, Barack Obama has already done irreparable damage to the nation. Letters won’t help; congress has written tons of them, only to be ignored. The only thing that can possibly help now is to keep up the noise and find strong candidates and run them in November.

I shouldn’t have been shocked today when the President told us the health care debates were on C-Span; it is his M.O. Say it, repeat is, and keep repeating it. Eventually they’ll believe it.

Mr. President, we’re seeing and hearing fine. We’ve been watching and listening carefully. And you can’t tinkle on our foot and tell us it’s raining.

“Il Duce” Obama Lays An Egg

In Obamarama on 29/01/2010 at 07:52

Someone named Karen Travers over at ABC News blogged that the White House press corps is feeling spurned by Barack Obama these days. It seems the bone she has to pick is that while the President loves to give speeches he hasn’t had a full one-on-one press conference since July 2009.

It’s an understandable gripe. Obama has never quite honed the art of the succinct response – the clever JFK-like quip, the Reagan-esque ability to fend off a Helen Thomas zinger (back when Helen could conjugate verbs).

The President’s last attempt at a real-deal press foray was back in July 2009, when he called the Cambridge cops stupid and then spent a week fending off the media frenzy, culminating in the now historic “Beer Summit.”

No, BHO’s comfort zone is speaking to arena rock venues where he can jut his chin and bask in the adoration of crowds, yelling, “Il Duce! Il Duce! Il Duce!” or the lecture venue where we all learn something we can take away and teach others.

Last night’s State of the Union was the latter with a tinge of the former thrown in for good measure. Last night everybody learned something. How to tick off the Supreme Court and alienate at least one justice.

This morning the headlines neglected “Il Obama’s” dissing of the Court for its decision against McCain-Feingold, and attacked Justice Samuel Alito for his reaction. But did you see the reaction on liberal Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg’s face? The woman was in complete shock!

Why? Because in her wildest nightmare Justice Ginsberg never dreamed of a day when she would be a guest in Congress while a President of the United States insulted and humiliated she and her colleagues. Scolded them like a tenth-grade civics class. Not one member of the Court, liberal or conservative, was comfortable in that room.

Okay, I understand that we’ve relaxed the rules. We don’t have to wear a tie when we show up at work or go to church anymore. Brad Pitt or someone sets our luncheon protocols now. I understand that it’s all right not to hold a door open for a woman in public. I understand that simple good manners are no longer considered necessary. And if nothing else Barack Obama is a precedent breaker. His decision to try the 9-11 terrorists in federal court broke 236 years of precedent in U.S. treatment of its enemies in time of war.

But is nothing sacred?

Our traditions, precedents and protocols are important, particularly when the President is engaging in one of the most honored traditions in the history of the nation.

The Birthers have been fierce in their insistence that the Obama is not an American citizen, but I believe they have missed the weightier argument. The President is a U.S. citizen by accident of birth only. He doesn’t share the values or traditions of mainstream Americans.

The White House is standing behind his words today, and I would expect no less. He has the right to say what he pleases. But he is not a gentleman and he is un-American in the only way that really matters. In his heart.