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Social Justice vs. The Red Lotto

In Bowling for Dollars on 28/02/2010 at 09:36

Akio Toyoda this week

Were you embarrassed by the Toyota hearings this week in congress? You should be.

Nothing is more humiliating than watching a clutch of old windbags on the take from the UAW, the International Machinists union and trial lawyers act like they have our interests in mind. Every featherbedding union in the country pays candidates millions each year for doing just that. And America makes shoddier products year after year.

So, it stands to reason that Akio Toyoda should apologize to American politicians; he hasn’t been paying his fair share. Now if the government could just spend a little time squaring out the trade imbalance that got us into this mess. Forgive me, I forgot, that takes negotiating skills.

Toyota made a mistake, sure, but believe me they are paying for it. Congress fixed that long ago when they refused to enact meaningful tort reform. Families who have lost loved ones will be awarded huge settlements for the loss of their loved ones, something that never made much sense to me, with the exception of minor children, or loss of income. I mean no amount of remuneration can replace a loved one, right? But $60 million can buy a lot of peace of mind. And Paris is lovely this time of year.

Then there are the necessary recalls and repairs. But it doesn’t end there. Everyone who so much as busts a nail closing the door to their Lexus for the next five years will be collecting. Charles Krauthammer is, as usual, so right in his Washington Post Op-Ed this week. We “coldly calculate the price of a human life” when we opt for luxury and expediency over practicality and sensibleness. Risk is built into every modern convenience and we pay through the nose to get them. Whatever gets us there faster, less painlessly or more comfortably, we buy off the shelves, gladly assuming the risks, whatever the side effects.

Then when something goes wrong, brother, do we every make the evil corporations pay!

So Toyota has been properly humiliated. Now your congressman can say he held them accountable. And we will pay. Because there is also a cost of improvement, and figured into it is the cost of litigation and settlements for the mistake.

Now who will hold congress accountable for its despicable relationship with the trial lawyers and unions that pay for this charade?


Barack’s Itsy Bitsy Spider?

In Obamacare on 27/02/2010 at 08:29

The health care summit is over but the play is only in the second act. Maybe the third, but who’s counting, right?

What the public always seems to miss when these Democrat kabukis are played out on the public stage is that the play never ends. It goes on perpetually.

There are two ways that progressives can pass their healthcare agenda. They can get enough so-called moderate Democrats to commit hari-kari – roughly what Akio Toyoda did this week in congress – by selling out their constituency. Ben Nelson, Blanche Lincoln and several others did that and it almost worked.

The other way is by incrementally spoon-feeding bite-sized portions of the same cruddy stew to the American people bit by bitter bit. I have run out of Japanese metaphors but this is the mommy-tested tradition. “Slip it into his food he’ll never notice,” or, “Just one bite, darling, it’s good for you.”

The latter method is how we ended up with Medicare and Social Security and all of the other entitlements that are bankrupting our society, the ones that have become indispensable to us.

Understand one thing here. The Democrats are not going home in November empty handed. They will pass health care in some form unless we drag them kicking and screaming into the streets and – using another traditional American metaphor – whip their butts.

Bill O’Reilly loves to gloat over his Harvard-honed political perception. He boisterously told Karl Rove the other night that he was right about the public option and Rove was wrong. The public option is dead.

Moron … er, pinhead, the public option is just getting started. We’ve been on the public option for 70 years and the public thinks they can’t live without it. And by year’s end we will be one more step toward complete government-run health care.

Capitalism by its very definition was never meant to feed, house, and clothe society. That is the free market economy’s job. The idea that the government owes you anything is absurd in a free-market. Yet we depend on it to deliver our mail when it costs us billions year after year.

It’s time to say it in good old-fashioned street vernacular. Stick a fork in Medicare. It’s insolvent and has been almost since Lyndon Johnson pawned it off on us 45 years ago. The same with Social Security. How in the world do you think we went from billion-dollar budgets to trillions and counting?

These programs should be grandfathered immediately, not replaced by something monstrously larger, as Obama is trying to do right now. They should end the minute the last baby boomer dies. They and hundreds of programs like them are breaking us. But these are third-rail issues in American politics and no one wants to touch them.

I believe so-called reconciliation will fail in the coming weeks but it won’t end there. The Obama administration is about to shift to the mommy-tested option. They will introduce tiny bits of the health care agenda piece by piece and the Republicans will compromise.

Health insurance reform is a rather simple matter. End state and federal mandates, enact portability, institute powerful tort reform, and separate out general medical from catastrophic care. There are a few other things but nothing that will tax the nation out of house and home.

We will end up with nationalized health care unless we dump progressives. Lifers like Lamar Alexander and John McCain and every one of the others who have made Washington home for thirty years must go right along with them. Then we need to elect more Michele Bachmanns to replace them.

George Washington Didn’t Sleep Here

In Obamacare, Obamarama on 26/02/2010 at 08:45

The Republican Party made a terrible error during the 1950s, when the radical elements began to arise throughout academia and the entertainment communities in Hollywood and New York. They should have left them alone. I’m talking about the effete little Marxists-socialists like Pete Seeger and the beat poets such a William S. Burroughs and Alan Ginsberg. The Republican Party should have let them spout and decry the government and capitalism. The left would not be a significant force in America today, had they followed that course.

Know what it cost us to run our investigations into them and dispatch the FBI to watch their every move? It cost us the civil rights movement. In 1959, Martin Luther King sought out the GOP’s help in his cause, and Richard Nixon, fearing J. Edgar Hoover’s warnings that their were communists in the movement, turned him down. King and virtually every African American in the country turned to the Democratic Party.

We lost the most important issue of the 20th century and allowed the American Communist Party a role in the course of social justice because of that one lapse in judgment.

Barack Obama is a product of that movement. I suppose that’s the long way around, in saying that what happened at Blair House today was an indirect result of all of those decades; Mario Savio and Tom Hayden and Abbie Hoffman and hundreds more like them. They are the generation that created Barack Obama.

I’ve always considered the man in the White House to be my President, regardless of our political differences. But never have I been more ashamed of an American President as I am tonight.

I sat on the edge of my chair and watched him insult an American hero, a man who more to his country in five years at Hanoi Hilton than Barack Obama has given in forty-seven years, and I hope, more than he will ever be called upon to give. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am no fan of Senator John McCain. I deeply disagree with his progressive conservatism. But, as a man, I would be honored to shine his shoes.

When Obama made two references to winning the election today, I was mortified. It was a classless display of arrogance and a terrible thing for any leader of the Free World to say to a great American.

I had prepared to write tonight about the way the Democrats dominated the summit and barely gave the Republicans an opportunity to speak, and how they tried to mask their agenda, but I think we all got that as it was happening. I wonder, however, if any of us can imagine what it’s like to get up in the morning in John McCain’s skin, to endure the pain that he lives with every day for his sacrifice.

A lot of myths are floating around about Blair House. It has a rich history. One rumor on the Internet gave me a chuckle; it said that George Washington slept there. Practically every inn in New England makes the same claim, but it would have been a neat trick at Blair House. It was built 25 years after Washington died. So, George didn’t sleep there.

But neither was the spirit of Washington embodied in our President there today. Barack Obama owes John McCain an apology. He all of us an apology.

Yes, Barack, you won the election, but the American people, not John McCain, are the real losers.