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Muslim Hearings Begin with Ellison’s Crocodile Tears

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Here we go again. Once again the Democrats in Congress are playing to Jerry Springer fans and attempting to stem legitimate debate with theatrical exhibitions. Muslim U.S. Representative Keith Ellison broke down weeping (tearlessly) yesterday morning while pointing out that Muslims died in the World Trade Center attacks.

This is the same Keith Ellison who wrote that the Constitution is evidence of a racist conspiracy, by the way. The same Keith “Hakim” Ellison who defended Louis Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic statements. Good ol’ red-blooded American Muslim Keith Ellison.

For the record, 60 Muslims died in the WTC attacks. Which should be reason enough for Ellison or any Muslim American to wonder why a significant segment of their religion is trying to kill Americans.

Instead Muslim Americans are organizing protests, complaining of persecution, xenophobia, and racism by those who are trying to determine why their religion above all others in the world seeks to settle its disagreements with violence. Muslim groups are calling the hearings Islamophobic while disseminating anti-Semitic literature.

In 2009 and 2010, 76 U.S. Muslims were charged with domestic terrorism in 49 plots, nearly double the number since 2001. These defendants have been charged with conspiracy and other crimes for trying to wage war on their countrymen.

Currently Homeland Security identifies homegrown terrorism as the biggest threat to the United States from extremist Muslims. Does not Mr. Ellison want to know why?

American Muslims with few exceptions have either complained of nonexistent persecution or remained silent since the events of September 1, 2001. They have had a full decade to speak out against the extremists they claim are a small fraction of their religion and have not done so. Hundreds of terrorist plots have been exposed and not one has been hatched by members of any other faith in the United States, unless the Westboro Baptists can be considered terrorist for the protests of military funerals.

A terrorist is a person who uses terrorism in pursuit of political aims. That is a generalized definition of a combined number of online dictionaries. Despite PJ Crowley’s characterization to the contrary, Jerrod Loughner was not a terrorist, he was a garden variety psycho killer. A large number of Muslims world wide are engaged in terror against the United States, and it is time that we learn just exactly why they hate us so much.

The Left in this country are trying to shape the Muslim debate with politically correct rhetoric and charges of racism and xenophobia. If as a nation we allow them to succeed many more Americans will die. Islam is far more than a religion; it is a political philosophy honed from the twisted mind of a man who obsessed on the evils of women and violently promoted anti-Semitism.

No patriotic American would participate in the discrimination of others for any reason; diversity is what make this country the Seat of Liberty. But when a large segment of a religious sect seeks to destroy the nation that give it its religious freedom, it behooves our leaders to find out why. It is time for Americans to know if we have anything to fear from this religion.


Rauf Blames Americans for Radicalizing Muslims

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Hip Hop Mogul and Muslim For a Day Russell Simmons

In an outrageous display of audacity today, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Muslim cleric behind New York’s Ground Zero Mosque, said that Americans who criticize the Muslim community are in danger of creating more homegrown terrorists.

Speaking at the “Today I Am Muslim” event organized by a group of homegrown Hollywood morons in Times Square, the imam accused New York Rep Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, of “further alienating” Muslims by launching an investigation into domestic Muslim radicalization.

“My concern is the perception among the youth here that Muslims are under attack … by their own government,” said Rauf. “This helps radicalize people, and we need to reverse that cycle of radicalization.”

Silly us. All this time we thought Muslims were attacking us.

Rauf, who, in August 2010, boasted that he wrote Barack Obama’s Cairo speech in which the President declared that the United States was one of the “largest Muslim countries in the world,” allegedly has had close connections with terrorist sympathizers.

“Our common enemy are extremists, whether they’re Muslim extremists or Evangelical extremists,” said Rauf. The hearings “should be about terrorism … and how have people become radicalized.”

The real problem here is rounding up all of the radicalized Southern Baptists who’ve been plotting to overthrow the government and establish a worldwide caliphate. Quick, somebody take Pat Robertson into custody!

Present at the event were such learned Islamic scholars as Hip Hop music mogul Russell Simmons, who said, “It’s my prayer that this effort will start a process to eliminate the horrible sickness that is Islamaphobia that is so prevalent in this country today.”

Geraldo Rivera gushed over Simmons and Rauf for 10 minutes, all but standing in the middle of 42nd Street yelling, “Allahu Akbar.” Oh, and Kim Kardashian tweeted, “Today I am Muslim too.” Of course Kim is just about anything for anybody if the package is big enough.

Now a word about the whole Islamaphobia thing: Americans have little to fear from Muslims as long as they stay off the flight decks of jumbo jetliners or don’t express dissatisfaction with the U.S. military by firing automatic pistols at their fellow soldiers.

Representatives at the Southern Baptist Convention were unavailable for comment, but we are relatively certain that they discouraged the beating, stoning and beheading of members who are leaving in droves to convert to Islam.

Red Hot Visas, Y’all!

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The latest narrow miss in the US war with radical Islam was announced in Lubbock, Texas last week with the arrest of Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, a Saudi student who obtained a visa through Condoleezza Rice’s State Department, to wage his jihad on America. This time possibly on her former boss.

This is visa scrutiny at its finest.

Visa applications in Islamic countries have always been carefully screened; there is a box on the bottom right that says, I WANT TO COME TO AMERICA TO:
a) go to university, b) attend commercial jet pilot’s school, c) bomb infidels? Khalid answered a).

The FBI would have closed in on Khalid sooner but they were waiting for him to shave his body and go on a strip club binge. That and he was a member in good standing of SEIU Local 722.

Hey, here’s a thought—just until the war is over mind you—why not put CLOSED FOR BUSINESS signs on US visa offices in Islamic countries? This is smart on two counts: it will undoubtedly save on attempted terrorist attacks, and secondly it will cut down on dorm room curry sauce fumigation costs.

Understand this is only a suggestion. It shouldn’t even be at the top of Homeland Security’s list; that should be X-raying US Army psychiatrists for bomb vests.

What is it about these people the United States government doesn’t get? This guy was quite possibly on his way to whack George W. Bush for God sake. What do they have to do to prove that they intend to destroy America, open Honor Killings R Us franchises?

Isn’t it bad enough that the southern border leaks like a sieve and Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano thinks we’re snug as a bug in a rug, without actually inviting extremists to come bomb us? These attempted attacks are coming with such frequency that they are barely make headlines. It is becoming difficult to discern which is most dangerous, the Muslim plot to establish a worldwide caliphate, or the media conspiracy to cover it up.

Think about it. The brain trust of Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar are the established leaders of the intelligentsia on all things Muslim. Hello?

Lubbock is yet another almost-event in which America but for the grace of God dodged a bullet.

According to FBI sources Khalid had been planning as early as high school to win a scholarship to the US, to study explosives and to prepare bombs. Not only was he awarded the scholarship and granted the visa but the university was helping him obtain the knowledge to blow us up!

Yet the singularity of purpose of the radical Muslim ideology seems lost on US military, law enforcement and intelligence services.

“Our investigation continues, however, the criminal complaint contains no allegations that he received any directions from any other persons, or was under the control of any foreign terrorist organization,” said Special Agent Mark White, a spokesman for the FBI’s Dallas office.. “We are confident that we have eliminated the alleged threat posed by this person.”

Somehow that fact is less than comforting when one considers that the pool of potential bombers could number as many as 110 million.

Perhaps Secretary Napolitano is right about the border after all. Why worry about illegal entrants into the country, when those who wish us harm have simply to fill out a visa application?