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Muslim Hearings Begin with Ellison’s Crocodile Tears

In Civil Lefts, The American Jihad, The Enemy Among Us, The Haters on 11/03/2011 at 22:24

Here we go again. Once again the Democrats in Congress are playing to Jerry Springer fans and attempting to stem legitimate debate with theatrical exhibitions. Muslim U.S. Representative Keith Ellison broke down weeping (tearlessly) yesterday morning while pointing out that Muslims died in the World Trade Center attacks.

This is the same Keith Ellison who wrote that the Constitution is evidence of a racist conspiracy, by the way. The same Keith “Hakim” Ellison who defended Louis Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic statements. Good ol’ red-blooded American Muslim Keith Ellison.

For the record, 60 Muslims died in the WTC attacks. Which should be reason enough for Ellison or any Muslim American to wonder why a significant segment of their religion is trying to kill Americans.

Instead Muslim Americans are organizing protests, complaining of persecution, xenophobia, and racism by those who are trying to determine why their religion above all others in the world seeks to settle its disagreements with violence. Muslim groups are calling the hearings Islamophobic while disseminating anti-Semitic literature.

In 2009 and 2010, 76 U.S. Muslims were charged with domestic terrorism in 49 plots, nearly double the number since 2001. These defendants have been charged with conspiracy and other crimes for trying to wage war on their countrymen.

Currently Homeland Security identifies homegrown terrorism as the biggest threat to the United States from extremist Muslims. Does not Mr. Ellison want to know why?

American Muslims with few exceptions have either complained of nonexistent persecution or remained silent since the events of September 1, 2001. They have had a full decade to speak out against the extremists they claim are a small fraction of their religion and have not done so. Hundreds of terrorist plots have been exposed and not one has been hatched by members of any other faith in the United States, unless the Westboro Baptists can be considered terrorist for the protests of military funerals.

A terrorist is a person who uses terrorism in pursuit of political aims. That is a generalized definition of a combined number of online dictionaries. Despite PJ Crowley’s characterization to the contrary, Jerrod Loughner was not a terrorist, he was a garden variety psycho killer. A large number of Muslims world wide are engaged in terror against the United States, and it is time that we learn just exactly why they hate us so much.

The Left in this country are trying to shape the Muslim debate with politically correct rhetoric and charges of racism and xenophobia. If as a nation we allow them to succeed many more Americans will die. Islam is far more than a religion; it is a political philosophy honed from the twisted mind of a man who obsessed on the evils of women and violently promoted anti-Semitism.

No patriotic American would participate in the discrimination of others for any reason; diversity is what make this country the Seat of Liberty. But when a large segment of a religious sect seeks to destroy the nation that give it its religious freedom, it behooves our leaders to find out why. It is time for Americans to know if we have anything to fear from this religion.

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