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The Non-Exit Strategy Strategy: Damage Control Now Impossible

In Weekly Rant on 23/03/2011 at 19:59

On his way back from samba lessons in Buenos Aires Barack Obama is being greeted by a decidedly disappointed liberal media. When Jake Tapper is disappointed with a liberal president, let’s face it, damage control is pretty much impossible.

Never mind that Tapper and his cronies in the New York division of the White House press room have pimped this guy off on the American people for three years, now they want us to believe they are astonished with the result. We’ve not seen ingenuousness like this since Louie discovered gambling at Rick’s Place.

For weeks now—actually since the beginning of the year—we have been witnessing the gradual defection of the liberal media from the Obama camp, but there is a problem. They have nowhere to go.

Where is the Ted Kennedy who will challenge a president so out of his depth that the US Coast Guard couldn’t mount a rescue operation? Hillary gives no indication of running.

We are now in a de facto state of war with Libya and Obama is like a kid playing behind the wheel of Daddy’s car. He’s pushing buttons, cranking the wheel this way and that, and suddenly he finds the keys. Now the car is rolling out of the driveway.

This is not what we had in mind when we called for a no-fly zone. Charlie Wilsons War was funny; this is not. Before one wages war with even the most despicable Third World potentate, it is advisable to 1) know that one can finish the job, and 2) know that someone—preferably someone friendlier to your national interests—can fill the void once the operation is completed.

The Obama doctrine—which as near as we can determine is something akin to the Butterfly McQueen doctrine on birthing babies—it would seem does not take into consideration finite details. Get Gates on the phone; he can figure it out.

So what do we have?

What we now have is a media shooting rubber bands at each other across the press rooms of America, while a befuddled president makes yet another unfixable mess. This is no small problem for the likes of Tapper and Williams and that hoopster Harry Smith. They have to cocktail with this guy.

The question is now being asked: What if Gaddafi survives? And not a moment too soon, we might add. Because, thus far, it appears the dictator is consulting Jean Paul Gaultier on his fall line.


Mitch Daniels? Sheesh, Republicans Are Stupid!

In Weekly Rant on 18/03/2011 at 20:37

Mitch Daniels is what I call a Bush moderate. He’s just conservative enough not to stand out at a Washington cocktail party. He and Lindsey Graham make a handsome hors d’oeuvre pairing. But that is not why he will never be President.

Let’s face it, call us shallow, but we live in an aesthetical society, and the man just doesn’t have the hair. Jon Bon Jovi, now there’s hair. Wait, I think he’s a Democrat. Well anyway … And Daniels will have to stand on a footstool to shake Barack Obama’s hand during the debates.

Yet he is the darling the Washington conservative intelligentsia. Charles Krauthammer does wheelchair wheelies when anyone mentions his name. Even though Daniels did go to Princeton. Drat! Well, nobody’s perfect.

Okay, seriously, tee hee hee. No, but seriously, why now, when the Republicans are only about halfway through their November landslide victory lap, are they looking at someone like Daniels as their be all, end all to Barack Hussein al Obama’s Black Liberation theocracy? I mean, they have Mitt Romney. He has the height and the hair, and all but 31 of the 12 million Mormons in the U.S. will vote for him. (Those are the members of Jon Huntsman Jr’s family and Glenn Beck.)

Fact is, in 2012, the GOP will need a rock star to beat Barack Obama in a head-to-head race. Hillary probably will not run and that is what it will take for any generic Republican to win. Despite the Fox News 24-7 diatribe against Barry for Washington, his numbers are holding. This is only possible because Jersey Shore fans can vote, but true nonetheless.

Of course the GOP has a rock star. Actually a couple of them but who’s counting. I know, I know, Palin didn’t go to Bryn Mawr or Vassar or … where was it Tucker Carlson went to school? Anyway, even without Palin or Bachmann or Huckabee, in a pinch they have Donald Trump. Now there’s some hair for you.

Okay, now I’ll really be serious.

For 50 years—leaving out the eight glorious years when we had a president who actually knew what to do about Moammar Khadafy—the mainstream GOP has scattered to the wind whenever a true conservative has stepped to the plate. I know, I know, everyone’s a Reagan conservative these days, but the mainstreamers hated him when he was here.

The GOP is either the party of Lincoln and Coolidge and Reagan, or it is something else; they can no longer look to the mainstream rubber-stamp politicos of the past, or the Democrats will eat their lunch.

The Republican Party is loaded with talent who don’t have John Boehner as a FaceBook friend. Sarah Palin has a built-in voting block that can literally derail any candidate who captures the nomination without her blessing. Who knows, if she decides not to run maybe she’ll go with the Midget for Monongahela, but he will not win against Barack Obama. His Healthy Indiana is nothing more than warmed over Romney Care and his stint with the George W. Bush administration was rife with big spending.

And remember the hair.

It’s a Wrap: Week in Review

In Weekly Rant on 12/03/2011 at 22:23

The revelation that most American conservatives can read without moving their lips has come as a shock to the radical left. It has been long overdue but, after all, it is they who have not been paying attention.

In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker finally came to the game after reading Left Coast Ledger. Just kidding. But Walker must have been listening to someone who understands trade unionism and radical leftist strategy.

Less than a week into the fleebaggers’ boycott Greta Van Susteren inadvertently gave Walker the solution. She suggested that Walker could outmaneuver the AWOL Democrats by separating out budgetary measures and pass his collective bargaining legislation without a quorum. It took the legislature another two weeks but they finally got the message.

We also suggested that he wage warfare against the AWOL senators by fining, penalizing and cutting off their staff budgets. The slomos in the legislature finally did fine them as well.

At any rate someone got the message and the Governor has signed a bill that essentially ends collective bargaining privileges for state government employees. Now if they strike he should fire them and replace them with non-union employees, which will effectually break the unions.

Then the fine folks at NPR fell for wunderkind journalist James O’Keefe’s sting, and showed the world that public broadcasting is indeed liberally biased. O’Keefe, who is rapidly becoming a national treasure, will now go through a seemingly never-ending public scourging by the liberal media and blogosphere, while the Obama administration scrambles to continue funding public radio and television.

These groups—the ACORNS, the Planned Parenthoods and public broadcasting networks—are arms of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party; without them the left is seriously hampered in its efforts to socialize the nation.

Kudos to Andrew Breitbart for standing behind O’Keefe and pro-lifer Lila Rose in their efforts to uncloak the cultural Marxist agenda by exposing these government-funded front groups. Breitbart is right in his assertion that left wing bias in media cannot be stopped, but we sure as hell shouldn’t have to fund it.

Bill Maher actually got something right this week. Maher hates God. I don’t know if his dad molested him when he was a kid or what, but the guy definitely has a father problem. But this week that hatred actually turned for good when he told Muslim Democratic representative Keith Ellison that the Quran is a “hate-filled holy book” that inspires terrorism.

Ellison went on a fake crying jag during his opening testimony before the King committee Thursday, while pointing out that one Muslim firefighter at the WTC gave his life saving Christians. Ellison’s motive was not lost on anyone who has been on the planet for the last 10 years. We are unduly picking on Muslims. But Maher didn’t let him off the hook. “Obviously there is something going on, that they’re getting from the Quran,” said the host on his “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

That’s about it for this week.

Pray for Japan.