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Although I had voted for Republicans on a couple of occasions before 1980, Ronald Reagan made me a true believer in conservatism.  It was sometime after that that I began to read William F. Buckley and started to develop an understanding of just how dangerous conservatism is to the modern progressive movement.

Before Reagan I was a liberal, and during the 1960s a radical liberal.  I was in Berkley when David Horowitz was publishing Ramparts magazine.  I don’t recall having met Horowitz but I did meet Eldridge Clever several times.  There I learned from the inside out many of the methods that the New Left and the cultural Marxists were using to reshape society.

I began Left Coast Ledger in 2009, right before the Fort Hood Massacre, because I sensed a paradigm shift in America.  Modern progressivism has made deep inroads into every facet of our society and the Democrats alone are not responsible.  Republicans have much to answer, for as well.  I left that party three years ago and registered as an Independent.

It has become clear to me that the America of my youth is in jeopardy of disappearing forever if those of us who remember it don’t do something.  Most of all, in coming to this decision, I realized that my generation created this mess.

The election of Barack Obama in November 2008 was the final straw.  I had vehemently opposed Clinton in the 1990s and was not at all happy with the GOP’s choice of Bush in 2000 to replace him, but neither of them represented the outright destruction of our representative democracy.  I believe that Barack Obama does.

I have learned enough about liberalism and the New Left to know that if the United States does not make an immediate adjustment to the right, this nation will be finished as a first-tier power.  Trade unions, academic radicalism and an apathetic electorate have put us in an untenable position on the world stage, and there is no time left to turn around; we will either do it now or we will see our star descend, while China and Russia grow stronger and rogue nations rise.

We have a shameful trade imbalance.  OPEC owes its very existence to us yet they hold a gun to our heads on oil prices, we grow the greatest rice in the world yet the Japanese have frozen us out of their market while saturating ours with automobiles and electronics, and the Chinese are robbing us blind by manipulating their currency.  Republicans and Democrats alike have been negotiating us into the poor house for decades.

While I probably cannot be classified as a Palinista I am a huge Sarah Palin fan.  Whether she runs for president or not in 2012, what she represents is something that has unfortunately been lost on the Republican Party in the last two decades.  I believe that she, Jim De Mint, Tim Pawlenty, Mike Pence, Michele Bachmann and a handful of other “new” Republicans are either the future of their party, or its demise.

Make no mistake, I would mug a Democrat and three Republicans to get to the polls to vote for Palin were she to clinch the GOP nomination, but there are others I am considering as well.  The idea that she is unqualified, in light of the current leader of the Free World, who hasn’t managed so much as a Stop-N-Go, is laughable.  Palin is qualified, so save the hate mail; I scrub it whenever it shows up anyway.

In 2010, we went from a blog with 35 readers to thousands monthly, but I would write it on most days if only my wife read it.  I have an acquired skepticism for anyone who drinks the water in Washington DC, much less lives there.  And since this blog originates in a state that touts itself as the world’s seventh largest economy solely because its debt dwarfs most Third World nations, I am used to being outnumbered.

I hope you enjoy Left Coast Ledger

Grant O’Neill

Grant O’Neill (born Donald Ray Aldridge), is an American composer, author and blogger. He has written numerous secular and gospel hits including the CCM standard, “It Wouldn’t Be Enough,” and the cult classic Fapardockly album. He has worked with such notable artists as Captain Beefheart, Reverend Johnny Otis, Billy Preston, the Archers and Kathie Lee Gifford.  He resides in Southern California.

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  1. Very well said…..as usual….a

  2. Great to see your work! Love y’all!

  3. Arn’t you glad God is in charge?

  4. hello my email address is latrinidad85@gmail.com ….. thanks for the article… I am looking for your sheet music it wouldn’t be enough…could you sent me a copy to my email thanks…
    Mark Palmani missionary to the Philippines

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