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Palin’s Roguernaut

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Palin on tour this week in the Midwest

ABC analyst and former Bush strategist Matthew Dowd, who during the 2008 campaign lambasted the McCain camp for tapping Sarah Palin for the veep side of the ticket, may have stopped smoking whatever caused his case of the stupids. In a recent Washington Post op-ed the consultant now acknowledges that Palin has a shot at the GOP nomination in 2012. Duh! What was your first clue, Matty?

Dowd is not alone. Legions of Republican strategists, pollsters, and pundits have missed it on the former Alaska governor’s appeal to a party in meltdown after W’s eight years as the Not-So-Great Communicator. They are not misreading the Alaskan’s skills so much as misjudging the Caine Mutiny level volatility of the electorate. Although Palin hasn’t hurt herself in interviews plugging her critical mass bestseller, she remains weak on the finesse that seems like a gene implant in national politicians. What they are missing is that her common sense approach has an infectious appeal to people fed up with red, white, and blue ties stuffed behind pinstriped suits.

Not surprising, however, when one considers that underestimating the Palin is the biggest craze since the Beatles landed. I was particularly impressed with Palin’s feistiness in going toe to toe with Bill O’Reilly on policy. She didn’t back down on her insistence that we should enact an oil embargo on Iran when the Factor host insisted that Russian oil would keep the Muslim state afloat. O’Reilly was at least partially wrong; Russia takes a huge risk of creating serious Cold War-level friction in frustrating a U.S. embargo, and it is a war they would eventually lose.

Palin is in the proverbial win-win situation. The GOP is in disarray bickering over the age-old question of its identity—conservative or moderate—and the governor need only wait for the party to come to her. The GOP is and will forever be a right-of-center party if it is to survive.

Some suggest that Palin’s resignation as governor of Alaska showed weakness, but that is far from the case, in fact it was brilliant, albeit mangled in the media. What most don’t recognize is that Alaska is one of the few states in the union in which a governor can be sued. In most states the question of an official’s ethics is taken up in the legislature or by an arm of law enforcement. The Left used this archaic law to derail her governorship, costing the state millions, but freed Palin to do serious damage to Democrats and the Obama administration right now in the process.

Dowd declared that Palin was the weak link that lost McCain the election, a laughable conclusion for anyone on the planet at the time. Without the revitalization Sarah Palin brought to the ticket McCain would have lost in a double-digit landslide.

Palin’s position in an upcoming race is enviable compared to that of Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, and Mitt Romney, in that she doesn’t have to conceal any liberal or whacko leanings. She has none. Huck’s statism, and Paul’s libertarian-style nationalism are their Achilles heels while RomneyCare will haunt Mitt to the day he dies. Palin on the other hand has nothing to hide; DNC brown-shirts have scrutinized her life like a microorganism on a specimen slide. Now if only her party’s leaders will wake up.


So, I said to the Imam …

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How does a GI avoid a terrorist attack? He get’s a discharge. Not very funny is it? In spite of an increasingly disengaged President who would rather read about himself in GQ magazine and throw mega shindigs for Hollywood moguls in the White House, America faces a very real and escalating threat of domestic Islamic terrorism on every front. Who was it that said this guy is Jimmy Carter dumb? He was wrong. BHO makes Jimmy Carter’s four year in the Oval Office seem like a visit with Stephen Hawking.

There are several fundamental problems, both in the White House and with American policy in general, in this time of war. The first, and perhaps foremost, is our failure to understand the enemy. I began to address this bizarre anomaly in “What Part of ‘Infidel’ Don’t You Understand?” on November 7, 2009, right after Nidal Malik Hasan’s attack on Fort Hood.

To understand Islamic extremism is to throw every vestige of political correctness out the window and start over. Sarah Palin was dead on the money, when she said that we have to profile Muslims. A handy example is rock-singer-turned-imam Cat Stevens who during the 1989 Salmon Rushdie affair called for the death of the Satanic Verses author. Prior to that time Stevens was the poster boy for the civility of Islam. Right.

To be, for lack of a better word, an “orthodox” Muslim is not, in and of itself, extreme. Many Muslims wear those goofy getups, the women in burkas and so forth—only 723 years, two months and three days weirder than a Christian wearing a Rush Limbaugh tie—but certainly no crime. This is America; we can dress as we please. But the PC insanity ends there. One step further and our lives are at risk, and I don’t give a rip what the Arab American Institute thinks.

None of this would be quite so alarming had it not surfaced in the first 48 hours after Fort Hood, that this infestation of Deranged Liberal Syndrome has percolated into the upper echelons of our military. In the aftermath at Hood, Army general George Casey rushed to announce, “Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength.” Leading to the question: Who should be in the loony bin, the general or Hasan.

Diversity is anything but a strength; it is three-alarm-nutcase lunacy. Understand this: These 7th century throwbacks are at war with everything not Muslim. In India they are at war with Sikhs and Hindus, in the Philippines and Indonesia they blow up Buddhists; everyone knows they have vowed Israel’s destruction—Muslim extremists are even at war with each other.

And they are and have been at war with the U.S. long before our leaders acknowledged it. You won’t find this in your college history books. In 1981, the Ayatollah Khomeini declared war on the U.S. and nobody listened. I had to scavenge the Internet to find one mention of it. That fatwa has not been lifted.

Some will tell you that Khomeini was Shi’a, not Sunni, as is Osama bin Laden. When he’s holding an AK-47 or wearing a backpack stuffed with plastique there is not a dime’s worth of difference to those he targets. Our war is with Extremist Islam, and we must recognize them before we can kill them.

Sharia is alive and thriving right here in the United States. If we don’t wake up and begin profiling it, look for neighborhood Wal-Marts to be next.

The Nasty Little Immigration Lie

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If your children or grandchildren are in school they are probably brainwashed five days a week by teachers or professors who’ve nothing but disdain for the family, and who were themselves more than likely propagandize into this liberal system.

They are taught that liberalism is humane and conservatism is racist and intolerant. They are told that a government immigration policy that oppresses struggling “migrants,” is nothing less than American arrogance, steeped in racial prejudice.

In fact liberalism is the most racist and inhumane ideology on the planet. Let me give you some brief but accurate figures on our racist immigration non-policy. Every year, according to State Department statistics, between 50 and 100,000 women and children are smuggled into the U.S. and auctioned off into slavery to pedophiles and pornographers. Into our country.

Long ago the Russian mob, many of them former KGB, learned that it is easier to bring human traffic into America through Mexico than to take it out. If anyone is kidnapped in this country, the full force of government is brought to bear; in Mexico it is barely noticed. Women are lured by the thousands from all over the world every year into Mexico by these mobsters, then kidnapped and sold worldwide.

Considering these shocking statistics, one has to wonder just what motive many in the government—senators, congressmen, judges and others—have for not taking action on our borders, to stem the tide of illegals arriving every day. In order to achieve their diabolical goals, the Russians and others are certainly making payoffs. To whom?

Well, that’s the $1 billion question, now, isn’t it? It now appears that some ACORN representatives have willingly tried to assist in legitimizing at least one sex trade sting operation.

I’ve said before that I am not a conspiracy theorist and I’m not, but neither am I naïve. I was pursuing a music career at 17 in Hollywood, and there is virtually nothing I haven’t seen. I’ve seen nine and 10-year-old girls hooking on Sunset Blvd; I’ve seen boys only slightly older doing the same on Selma Avenue; I’ve seen Chinese sweatshops, and other Asian indentured servitude scams worked. When “trade” is involved someone is getting paid, more often than not, someone with a great deal of power.

Who stands to gain in the merchandizing of human life? Well, I am always fascinated more than shocked, whenever I watch Bill O’Reilly expose judges who release pedophiles back into society, or state legislators who refuse to help pass Jessica’s Law

The dirty little secret on illegal immigration is that on this side of the border, people are making vast sums of money to keep traffic flowing. It stands to reason that many of those people are in important positions in our government.

It is a relatively simple thing to staunch the tide of illegals passing into the U.S. if we have a desire to do so, but it will take the support and activism of the American taxpayer. When citizens go to the poles and vote, they must follow up that vote by insisting that their representatives reflect their views. Learn who the judges are in your community; hold your congressman’s feet to the fire.

Remember, above all, that illegal immigration is not the alien’s fault. This is an America problem whose solution lies firmly with us.