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The GOP Disconnect: How Obama Can Win in 2010

In Obamarama, The Wrong Right Turn on 24/07/2010 at 07:58

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There is a ticking time bomb in Washington and few in the Republican Party are talking about it, at least not in terms palatable to the majority of Americans, who take their news fifteen minutes at a time, and then only in headlines.

Perhaps the biggest problem with the GOP in this age of instant information is its near-total lack of communication skills. Were it not for Roger Ailes the Republicans would have no message at all. Most people may be unaware that Ailes is the broadcasting genius who introduced Rush Limbaugh into the morning Commute during the 1990s, and made Fox News the most powerful cable network in the U.S. today.

Barack Hussein Obama has been outstandingly successful in his primary mission as president. Even Fox News and Limbaugh and the 100-or-so other conservative Talk brands out there are not enough derail his success.

As a leader Obama has been abysmally deficient—some would say even incompetent—but as a counterculture strategist he is arguably the greatest American liberal political genius since FDR. He has embedded an IED in the economy that will be almost impossible to disarm by any subsequent administration. And for the most part it has gone unnoticed by the public.

With national healthcare—and you’d have to have been on Mars not to have heard this—Obama took over one-sixth of the U.S. economy. Add to that the Financial Reform package passed this week that will control U.S. financial institutions in perpetuity; then factor in the nearly 300 new regulations on small business owners and manufacturers, credit bureaus, homebuyers, well, everyone in the country.

Obama has taken complete control over the nation’s health care and financial institutions. But we are not finished: figure in to all of this, Obama’s $1 trillion stimulus. He has effectively bankrupted the nation in 18 short months and at least one-third of the country’s voters still think he’s doing an outstanding job.

It gets worse for Republicans

That number may not mean a lot until one looks at congressional elections where one or two votes can throw a race either way. All you ADD Republicans in Laguna Niguel, think Loretta Sanchez.

Hardwired into every phase of this president’s blitzkrieg-like legislative and regulatory agenda are measures that will be irreversible if he or any other Democrat is in office, or if either of the houses of Congress has large blocs of Democrats, after 2012. In other words, any Democratic president coupled with a heavily Democrat Congress, can effectively block reversal, regardless of which party has control.

This is the mother of all “teachable moments” for Republicans. They cannot deliver a health care repeal and they know it. They cannot reverse financial reform and they know it. And, if by 2012, they have not come up with a coherent message and a plan of action, their negligence could cause a catastrophic backlash in the GOP’s bid for the White House.

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