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Now a Word About a Georgia Peach

In Civil Lefts, Disappearing Ink, Obamarama on 26/07/2010 at 17:59

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A couple of days ago we did our due diligence on Andrew Breitbart, and rightly so. His release of the Shirley Sherrod video and the accompanying story relating her “racist” remarks was not only shoddy reporting, it was a little stupid.

Brietbart was set up. And he should have gone into greater depth on the story, because Sherrod’s remarks were far from chaste. Had a white bureaucrat made the statement, “his own kind,” about a black person in a speech anywhere in the known world, the firestorm would still be raging. At the very least Sherrod’s speech was racially insensitive.

Shirley Sherrod is clearly not the brightest peach on the tree. I have no idea what her educational background is but let’s just say that she had to pass a lot of affirmative action chits across that teacher’s desk to pass her grammar exam.

Secondly, she lied.

In her 40-plus minute speech, Ms. Sherrod accused a local sheriff in her hometown of “lynching” a man during the 1940s.  The charge is patently untrue and the United States Supreme Court affirmed it.  In actuality the prisoner, a man Sherrod claims was her relative, was taken from the sheriff by an angry mob and beaten to death.

The fact that her speech was littered with inaccuracies aside: Shirley Sherrod is a self-promoting product of a social mistake that over the last 42 years has not only failed to bring the realization of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream, but has driven the wedge of racial division deeper than ever. Ms. Sherrod is a product of the Great Society.

Ms. Sherrod is the product of a hijacked civil rights movement, a once grand movement with glorious dreams and righteous goals, a movement that long ago lost sight of Dr. King’s high and honorable intentions, by charlatans like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

In Ms. Sherrod’s world, the African American who screams “racist” the loudest and longest gets the government job.

Since the uproar over her statements at a Georgia NAACP meeting—made several months ago—and her subsequent firing by an increasingly inept Obama Administration, Shirley Sherrod has been offered reinstatement with the USDA, not in Georgia mind you, but a much better, more prestigious position in Washington. Never mind she probably is not qualified for the job she had; the Obama Administration has penitence to do.

But instead of graciously accepting the promotion Shirley Sherrod has shamelessly tried to promote herself into—I’ll call it a “Peach Summit”—with Obama.  Sherrod points out that the President has no experience with the plight of American blacks, and that she can help.

While the newly-minted MSNBC martyr makes a good a point—Barack Obama is about as African American as Kusno Sukarno—this is nevertheless a blatant attempt to blackmail the President into legitimizing her quest for a book deal and $10,000 a night on the Rubber Tofu Circuit.

That’s how the game is played in the Peach State. When they offer you a T-bone you scream louder and hold out for Filet mignon.

Shirley Sherrod does not quiet sink to the level of Tawana Brawley, but she certainly is not the Georgia Peach she makes herself out to be, either.

  1. In fact, the concurring opinion points out that the defendants admitted to committing the murder. The defendants’ argument is that while they did kill Hall, it was just a state law murder, and not a federal law violation of civil rights. They asked for and received a change to the jury instructions to clarify that.

  2. Retraction?

  3. Learn to read. The sheriff had nothing to do with the deed, Einstein.

  4. The conviction was overturned. No one said there wasn’t a crime. Smoke another doobie.

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