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Christmas Goose with ACORN Stuffing

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Now the Payoff

The Senate will vote on Harry Reid’s multi-trillion-dollar Ponzi scheme before Christmas. “I don’t know if there’s a senator that doesn’t have something in this bill that was important to them, and if they don’t have something in it important to them, then it doesn’t speak well of them. That’s what this bill is about,” said Reid in a Capitol press conference today.”

Indeed it is, Senator – payoffs and graft. The Weekly Standard Weblog reports tonight that Senator Roland Burris, loony ex-governor Rod Blagojevich’s replacement for Barack Obama, is taking credit for funding ACORN in the legislation.

The President gave us a spanking this morning and sent us to our rooms, for “carping” about the scandalous price we’ll pay for his takeover of the health industry. I think I’ll continue to carp, thank you. As it stands at the moment, the bill has an $847 billion price tag, and when the cost is fully realized, taxpayers will lay out $2 trillion.

Former Clinton strategist Dick Morris was right, on Sean Hannity tonight, when he said that this legislation sounds the “death knell” for many Americans, over 65, who are faced with curable or manageable diseases. While the Senate piddled away taxpayer dollars on subversive groups like ACORN, we took an unprecedented hit in the quality of life we so cherish in the country.

When we begin to pick through the final bill next year – when we are finally allowed to read it – virtually everyone in the country will have reason for shock. It will literally be a killer. The health care takeover is a smoke screen, what this bill is really about – as with all of Obama’s legislation – is taking over the economy, complete destruction of capitalism, as we know it.

The buried costs and pork-barrel spending in this monstrous battering ram against democracy are simply too numerous to list, but there will almost certainly be a reduction of Medicare Advantage, unprecedented taxes, and a complete restructuring of the way Americans obtain their health insurance.

This bill is far from law; issues remain to be resolved as it returns to conference in the House. Illegal aliens are included and it is doubtful that anyone at this point will attempted to draft them out. More importantly are the polarizing issues of abortion funding, who will pay for it, and the infamous public option. The latter is not dead, strident liberals in the House are still touting a do-or-die posture on their socialist agenda. They will lose, albeit for only a short time, unless 2010 is a conservative rout. In any case, the biggest part of the legislation is irreversible, because it will uproot and destroy the current system.

Still, as certain as I am that the problem in Washington is an endemic institutional illness, I still have faith in the American people to stand up, as they did in 1979, during the Jarvis Tax Revolt, against Jerry Brown. We can still have our nation back, if we will fight for it.

Morris and his wife Eileen McGann are also right in saying we must never give up. It will take resolved to bring the Democrats down in 2010, not to mention, BHO in 2012. Let’s get to work and do it.

  1. that’s right never give up…..when it comes down to it the american people do seem to come alive, if even at the last minute….

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