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The Clean Sweep Party … Maybe It’s Time

In Back in the Day on 22/12/2009 at 22:20

Democrat Alabama Congressman Griffith Parker is scheduled to announce today that he is switching his party affiliation to Republican. Don’t get excited, Parker is facing stiff conservative opposition in his district, and this could be another Ben Night Horse Campbell exodus. Campbell was the Harley-riding Dem that switched during the Gingrich Revolt in the 1990s. No offense to Campbell, but I doubted the sincerity of the foxhole Republicans that joined the Gingrich bandwagon.

What does excite me is the prospect that Democrat winds have now begun to shift, since Barack declared himself emperor. If so, it spells good news for us, and could lead to the overthrow of the Silicone Queen as Speaker of the House and Dingy Harry Reid’s complete ouster in Nevada. Maybe Harry can get elected head prophet in the Fundamentalist Mormon Church; I doubt the mainstream LDS will claim him.

Bob Dylan said it most succinctly, I think. “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” Look for a few more defections, especially in purple districts around the nation.

I’m hoping that the Tea Party crowd picks the most vulnerable districts in the country and runs conservative candidates against Republicans like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and the eight congressmen who sold out on health care. This would be a great time to send a wakeup call to the whole mess up there.

Years ago I was an officer in one of the largest trade unions in America. As you might suspect, I wasn’t a conservative back then. Anyway, while I was in negotiations with a major manufacturing company, one year, I met a man who had just been elected president in his district. It was a huge scandal because nobody could figure out how he overthrew the machine that had been running the district for decades. I asked him.

He explained, “I went out and had these little electroplated gold brooms made up. Then I went out and distributed them quietly, so the union wouldn’t find out. I held meetings at friends’ homes and ask them to invite friends. The brooms were all we used, no pamphlets or bulletins or billboards. We became the ‘Clean Sweep Party.’ It was a landslide.”

I think the point here is that we don’t need a ton of money or support from a party apparatus to do this; we can do it with a clear message that we’re fed up with the lot of them. We can show it by turning out to vote in droves.

Believe me, the right people will cover a movement like that, and the very fact that MSNBC doesn’t and Keith Olbermann bad mouths us, will bring voters in by the busloads. Take a page from Sarah Palin, use your FaceBook and MySpace pages, Twitter. Heck, use Left Coast Ledger; I’ll let you run space for your district races.

Okay, I’m a little enthusiastic because one Democrat jumped ship. Still, you have to admit the idea is exciting. I think we can borrow the name from the “Clean Sweep Party.” You think anyone will notice?

  1. Excellent…this is what we need! Let’s all go for a “Clean Sweep”

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