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‘Death Panels’: Here’s the Deal

In Can You Hear Me Now?, Obamacare, Obamarama on 22/03/2011 at 18:55

That little ditz Sarah Palin was right again. Just when you were convinced he didn’t want to give granny an early sendoff to the Big Sayonara, Barack’s other shoe drops. Death panels are here.

Whether you call it an end-of-life counseling contingency or a mandatory Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), death panels are a cleverly hidden reality within the trillion-dollar government snafu we all affectionately know as ObamaCare. In fact, end of life counseling—perhaps a better term is “end-of-life lotto”—isn’t the half of it.

Even some Democrats are jumping ship on this one.

The Daily Caller:

An often-overlooked portion of President Barack Obama’s prized health care law, the creation of the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), will face heat in the coming months from Congress and from the courts. Congressman Phil Roe, Tennessee Republican, told The Daily Caller the IPAB is the “real death panel” in the health care law, as compared to “end-of-life counseling” provisions in Obamacare that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin once deemed “death panels.”

“This one is the real baby right here – and most people missed this,” Roe told TheDC. “What everybody was talking about, when you saw Sarah Palin and so forth, what they were talking about these advanced directives where you sit down and there’s sort of mandatory counseling – and Medicare paid for it. This IPAB got missed – and it’s the real death panel.”

In his exclusive interview in today’s DC, Congressman Coe, who is a medical doctor, goes onto say that the IPAB will cap total sums Medicare recipients can receive for care, and thus make decisions based purely on cost rather than need options.

Palin has been lambasted in the media for months on end since 2009 when she warned the nation that the President’s takeover of national health care would result in what essentially amounts to death panels. The blogosphere is still loaded with slanderous lies.

Palin was speaking of the so-called “end of life counseling” panels, but the congressman is talking about another board that will essentially accomplish the same end; i.e. kill off seniors and others with “low quality of life” prospects by denying essential care.

Both schemes are still embedded within the bowels of ObamaCare.

The intent here is self-evident. While Democrats in Congress would like you to believe that Nanny State governance will put you on the road to cheaper insurance rates, it in fact will put you on the gurney to a Margaret Sanger-style liquidation mill. What’s next, “Soylent Green”?

Be assured, this is not the end of it. When the lid finally comes off ObamaCare it will be rife with “quality of life” panels and boards, all designed to give you a quick sendoff in your twilight years.

Where is Charlton Heston when we need him!


Eat Cake: Congress Sends Christmas Greetings

In Bowling for Dollars, Obamacare, The Wrong Right Turn on 21/12/2009 at 07:25

Last week the United States Senate became the most shameful institution in American history, since Shoeless Joe Jackson and the White Sox threw the 1919 World Series. Over the course of months, while the country looked on helplessly, these crooks have wrenched the economy from our hands and reshaped it to their personal utopian design, irrespective of our protests. I dare say that in virtually any other country on earth right now there would be blood in the streets.

In seeking to move health care legislation that the people have overwhelmingly rejected through their respective houses of congress, Reid and Pelosi have used everything, up to and including blackmail and bribery. They targeted Hadassah Lieberman, threatening her job, in order to secure Joe’s vote. They bribed Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu.

Since January they have warned that catastrophe would result, unless they acted immediately on Cap & Trade, Stimulus, the GM-Chrysler bailout, and Healthcare Reform. They lost money on Cash for Clunkers, and the jobless rate is still in the tank. Bush and the GOP do not get a pass here, but they pale in comparison to this Democrat House and Senate. They have shamelessly lied at every turn.

Their methods are not new but they are more blatant. They believe that the people will forget their treachery, and the odds are on their side. In the past, the American voter has shown himself to indeed have a short memory.

But we must not forget, this time.

We must not forget washed up comic, Al Franken’s, disrespect for centuries-old Senate protocol; we must not forget Ben Nelson’s sellout of his integrity and constituency; we must not forget Mary Landrieu’s $300 million sweetheart deal; and we must not forget Barbara Boxer’s abhorrent behavior toward Black Chamber of Commerce head Harry Alford, nor her smug rebuke of Army Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh. We must not forget Steny Hoyer, or the nasty little coward from Florida, Alan Grayson.

Nor should we forget the GOP sellouts: Cap and Tax Liberal Republicans: Mary Bono, Dave Reichert, Mike Castle, Mark Kirk, Frank Lobiondo, John McHugh, Leonard Lance, or Chris Smith. Do not forget Republican Rep. Anh “Joseph” Cao for his support of Pelosi’s sham healthcare legislation.

Or Lindsey Graham, whose support of the Wacko Left’s energy agenda is a disgrace to his party. Do not forget Graham, Richard Lugar, Mel Martinez, Olympia Snowe, or Susan Collins, and their support for radical liberal Judge Sonia Sotomayor, a slap in the face of every American who values democracy.

We Must Not Forget