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The Voice of Reason: Oil Spill Now a Crime

In The American Jihad, The Enemy Among Us on 01/06/2010 at 07:40

“I think without question if the word criminal should be used in terms of an environmental crime against our country, that what’s going on in the Gulf of Mexico is going to qualify,” Massachusetts Democrat Congressman Ed Markey said.

Memo to the folks in Massachusetts who elected this guy: Morons!

I sincerely hope that our Congress hasn’t slipped this low, but I fear it has. John “Border Hawk” McCain did nothing about the illegal flood in Arizona for 25 years and people like Markey created the conditions that set the stage for the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

These, folks, are the true “criminals,” senators and representatives who have neglected and torpedoed our immigration and energy policies for a few votes.

BP is certainly the biggest loser in the blowout; they now stand in serious danger of losing their entire corporation because of people like Markey who have prevented sane drilling in this country for 40 years.

If BP has committed a criminal act in the Gulf, how much more criminal are Markey and others in Congress who thwart U.S. energy production, knowing that part of every dollar we spend on petroleum products goes to finance Islamic terror around the world?

Maybe you think we’re just talking the gas pump here. Really? Here is a very small portion of the list of petroleum products that finance Muslim terrorists because our congress has shamefully refused to access our natural resources:

Ink, floor wax, insecticides, perfumes, nail polish, shoe polish, some soaps, shoes, paint, refrigerant, hair coloring, car battery casings, electric blankets, lipstick, linoleum, denture adhesive, antihistamines, gel-caps, rubber cement, roofing tar and other products, footballs, tires and the list is nearly infinite.

We are a petroleum-based economy. No amount of corn-syrup gasoline is going to change that fact.

The blowout in the Gulf is tragic and it didn’t need to happen. BP is in the oil business to make money and theirs and other petroleum companies create and support literally tens of thousands of American jobs annually. BP and Shell and Exxon would love to drill in safer waters and on land right here. But they are prevented from bringing in much safer wells by “criminals” like Markey, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Anthony Weiner, Lindsey Graham, Henry Waxman, and … Need I go on?

Americans have been snowed and bullied too long by “green” phonies like Al Gore and Harrison Ford who couldn’t care less about the earth beyond their front doors. It is up to us to bring real change we can believe in.


The Problem Isn’t The Spill – It’s The Drips That Report It

In Disappearing Ink on 08/05/2010 at 19:03

ABC's snarling news hound, Jake Tapper

ABC (the Anti-American Broadcasting Company) is reporting this morning that crucial safeguards in place on British Petroleum’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig failed when the rig exploded off the coast of Louisiana two weeks ago

The disingenuousness of television network news and the Obama administration it hocks for on a daily basis shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone by now, but the way media have massaged the spill in the Gulf to satisfy its left-wing political agenda is astounding.

Here are a couple of ways both the administration and the media are exploiting it:

First the size of the spill is being reported in gallons-per-day rather than barrels, in order to make the disaster appear more catastrophic. To a wing of New York news fairies that have never checked a dipstick in their entire lives 70,000 barrels of oil just doesn’t have the pizzazz that 3,000,000 gallons does.

In comparison, the Exxon Valdez dumped a total of 257,000 barrels (that’s 11 million gallons in news-speak), requiring a nasty cleanup effort that took 4 years to complete.

Unreported by the networks in the Valdez spill, however, is that Alaskan winter storms did more to clean up the mess than all of the government-mandated penitence Exxon paid for daring to be in the petroleum business.

In this latest television production British Petroleum is playing the Exxon role.

Not to minimize the human toll in the event or its eventual effect on Gulf Coast business; the damage will be significant, and undoubtedly BP will be found to have made mistakes in the end. But the public doesn’t seem to be buying this as the national disaster the media played up in the Valdez spill.

Secondly, where was the Obama administration when the well blew? What about the spill contingency plan they did not implement immediately? And what is it about these guys and their ski vacations and rafting trips? By now even some Democrats are calling Barack the “What Me Worry? President.”

So where is this red-meat media that practically accused George Bush of creating Katrina? Here’s Jake Tapper’s contribution: That Jake is a real counter-puncher! Okay, Tapper broke the story on Interior chief of staff Tom Strickland’s raft trip at the beginning of the crisis, but where oh where is the vitriol the networks handed out to the Bush administration night after night?

The Washington Post takes Obama to task with this headline: Oil Spill, Failed Bombing Offer Obama A Challenge Of Message, Management. Grrr! You guys are fierce guard dogs of the public trust.

Once again Obama was asleep at the switch, and we probably wouldn’t know that if it weren’t for the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and Redstate.com.

When all is said and done the Deepwater Horizon spill could be worse than the Valdez, but it may not come anywhere close. Newsies love to talk potential when it involves the lives of cute little sea otters. The eleven dead guys on the platform don’t bother them much.

But the worst toll may be to US security. Media and the Left and are already using the Gulf disaster  to stop all future petroleum drilling off US coastal waters, even when part of every dollar US motorists spend on gas goes directly into the coffers of Osama bin Laden.

Osama became rich on American oil dollars and the media should be pounding that every night. Instead of cooing when Al Gore sends them housewarming invitations for his new seaside palace.