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The Non-Exit Strategy Strategy: Damage Control Now Impossible

In Weekly Rant on 23/03/2011 at 19:59

On his way back from samba lessons in Buenos Aires Barack Obama is being greeted by a decidedly disappointed liberal media. When Jake Tapper is disappointed with a liberal president, let’s face it, damage control is pretty much impossible.

Never mind that Tapper and his cronies in the New York division of the White House press room have pimped this guy off on the American people for three years, now they want us to believe they are astonished with the result. We’ve not seen ingenuousness like this since Louie discovered gambling at Rick’s Place.

For weeks now—actually since the beginning of the year—we have been witnessing the gradual defection of the liberal media from the Obama camp, but there is a problem. They have nowhere to go.

Where is the Ted Kennedy who will challenge a president so out of his depth that the US Coast Guard couldn’t mount a rescue operation? Hillary gives no indication of running.

We are now in a de facto state of war with Libya and Obama is like a kid playing behind the wheel of Daddy’s car. He’s pushing buttons, cranking the wheel this way and that, and suddenly he finds the keys. Now the car is rolling out of the driveway.

This is not what we had in mind when we called for a no-fly zone. Charlie Wilsons War was funny; this is not. Before one wages war with even the most despicable Third World potentate, it is advisable to 1) know that one can finish the job, and 2) know that someone—preferably someone friendlier to your national interests—can fill the void once the operation is completed.

The Obama doctrine—which as near as we can determine is something akin to the Butterfly McQueen doctrine on birthing babies—it would seem does not take into consideration finite details. Get Gates on the phone; he can figure it out.

So what do we have?

What we now have is a media shooting rubber bands at each other across the press rooms of America, while a befuddled president makes yet another unfixable mess. This is no small problem for the likes of Tapper and Williams and that hoopster Harry Smith. They have to cocktail with this guy.

The question is now being asked: What if Gaddafi survives? And not a moment too soon, we might add. Because, thus far, it appears the dictator is consulting Jean Paul Gaultier on his fall line.


Is NPR Liberal? Duh, Winning!

In Bowling for Dollars, Can You Hear Me Now?, Civil Lefts, Disappearing Ink on 10/03/2011 at 08:47

Vivian Schiller

James O’Keefe has done it this time. Dude, the hornets are out of the nest! Today’s news that NPR has canned CEO Vivian Schiller comes less than 24 hours after the conservative activist filmmaker released his scathing undercover report of liberal and racial bias within public radio. But how will Schiller’s departure affect the political leanings of NPR? Not in the slightest.

In the first place, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, who was no doubt behind Schiller’s firing today, has very little to do with the day-to-day programming of PBS or NPR. Oh, theoretically they rule the roost over NPR and PBS, but in actuality they spend most of their time being, well, bureaucratic.

Ask George W. Bush’s former CPB appointee Kenneth Tomlinson, who was ousted from the board in 2005, after he tried to balance NPR/PBS programming. Hey, here’s a cushy little government appointment—don’t rock the boat.

The simple reason why a mere reshuffling of board and staff members in the upper echelons of public broadcasting will not improve it, is because the member stations select the boards of these two networks. That’s right. While the CPB board is a six-year presidential appointment (the current CEO is a Bush appointee), both NPR and PBS appoint their board members internally.

That is not to say that the CPB cannot demand and receive the head of a NPR or PBS executive on a platter, as we have witnessed over the past two days. Obviously they can and will whenever a James O’Keefe jumps out of the bushes. But they normally do not impact network programming to any significant degree.

This is done by the member board, i.e. the stations. Of course they are subject to oversight by the public members of the board, like Schiller and Schiller, but for the most part they manage their own programming.

The truth of the federal government—the government most Americans rarely see—the nuts and bolts, day-to-day players who make up the inner workings of government, are overwhelmingly liberal. These are the middle management of every department and bureau in government today; liberalism is endemic within federal government.

And why wouldn’t it be? What we have seen occurring in Wisconsin and Ohio over the last month should be proof enough that anyone on the government dole is beholden to liberalism. Their entire professional existence is owed to government handouts.

This year, the CPB received $422 million from the government. Don’t trust those numbers, we got them from the government. But whatever the amount, the money allocated by Congress is granted irrespective of the programming we receive week after week, year in and year out.

So it is perfectly understandable that not only the boards of NPR and PBS are liberal, but that every employee working for them and all of their member stations are as well; they feed at the boundless and bottomless Public Through.

None of this is to say that James O’Keefe’s investigation was for naught. But the American people have been slow on the uptake before.

In the 1990s, Hillary Rodham Clinton launched the “Don’t Kill Big Bird” campaign after then speaker Newt Gingrich announced plans to cut funding for PBS and NPR. Virtually every mother with pre-school-age kids in the country was outraged.

And you know the rest.

James O’Keefe has done his part. Now it’s up to you.

Thank You James.

Vetting Chris Christie: Maybe a C+

In Bowling for Dollars, Can You Hear Me Now?, The Wrong Right Turn on 07/03/2011 at 18:54

When you take into consideration New Jersey’s political history, Chris Christie is probably one of the best things to happen to the state in 50 years. Gotta love the guy for his chutzpa alone. But that is a long, long way from saying that he would be good for America as its 45th president.

In the first place, let’s be honest, if the man gains another half-pound they’ll officially designate him a zip code. Secondly, we don’t know where he stands on a plethora of issues.

Let’s look at a few:

Gun control: “Listen, we have a densely populated state, and there’s a big handgun problem in New Jersey,” Christie said to Sean Hannity. “Now, I don’t support all the things that the governor supports by a long stretch. But I think on guns — certain gun control issues, looking at it from a law-enforcement perspective, seeing how many police officers were killed; we have an illegal gun problem in New Jersey.”

Immigration: Although he is vague on the subject, he sounds like pre-border hawk John McCain, in other words liberal on immigration reform; he is against Arizona SB 1070. Here is how he skirts the issue: “What I support is making sure that the federal government [plays] each and every one of its roles: Securing the border, enforcing immigration laws, and having an orderly process — whatever that process is — for people to gain citizenship.” He added: “It’s a very easy issue to demagogue and I’m just not going to participate in that.”

Islamist terrorism: Room for concern here. You have to go some to be more liberal than the U.S. government on Muslim extremism, but Christie just may be. When the feds attempted to deport Muslim Brotherhood member Mohammed Qatanani, Christie stepped to his aid. We’re not passing judgment yet, but the Governor sounds about as clueless on Islam as Puffy Combs.

In addition to all of these unknowns, Christie may also be a “greenie,” although he is vague on energy, as well. The next GOP nominee will have to be strong on a domestic energy policy after four years of Obama’s budget busting green energy insanity.

So, is Christie the right-wing firebrand his supporters claim? Probably not.

If you are, say, a Tucker Carlson, Chris Christie may be your election night dream date, but we tend to agree with the Governor when he says he is not ready for the presidency. Chris Christie is obviously Chris Christie’s biggest—no pun intended—fan, but he may not be the big gun many Republicans think. He has been lauded as a surgeon on spending, but what choice has he had?

Or as former Alaska governor Sarah Palin recently observed:

“He has no choice but to cut budgets because he’s broke, his state is broke,” Palin said recently. “What courage really is, is, in the face of having a surplus, when you have an opportunity to spend, spend, spend other people’s money, that you still choose to rein in government, to let the private sector soar. That’s real courage.”