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Enough! Impeach Obama Now

In Obamarama on 17/06/2010 at 07:14

Last night Barack Obama sat behind the glassy surface of the Resolute desk in the Oval Office and addressed the American people. The desk was immaculately clean, as it should be; it hasn’t seen much use of late.

For 30 days the President treated the Deepwater Horizon blowout like his destitute illegal alien aunt in Boston, while millions of gallons of sweet crude inched its way toward the beaches, marshes and wetlands of the Southern Coast.

After 10 minutes of Nobel laureate name-dropping Mr. Obama launched into another 10 minutes of displacing blame, castigating the Bush administration’s “decade of corruption” at the MMS, and promising the country that he would force BP to make full restitution, something he arguably has no authority to do.

If we weren’t absolutely certain before, we now know for sure that BP is evil.

Except none of that matters at the moment.

The gusher in the Gulf will not be plugged anytime soon. There are several submarine blowouts worldwide presently—even another one in the Gulf of Mexico—that have not been completely staunched, and the Deepwater Horizon flow is here to stay for some time.

What the American people wanted to hear last night was just how the President intends to reclaim and preserve the aforementioned beaches, marshes and wetlands while the spill continues.

New technologies exist but we did not hear about them in the President’s speech. The Dutch, Norwegians and 11 other countries want to help but we did not hear about them. Apparently even Malia and Sasha don’t have any new ideas.

Instead, last night the President proposed to spend the billions of dollars that should be going to the implementation of a massive cleanup effort to his fantasy green energy initiatives.

So what has Mr. Obama done? He has enacted a moratorium on drilling, which will cost thousands of jobs. And those losses may be virtually permanent, because oil platforms are not stationary; they are, in effect, ocean-going vessels that oil companies will redeploy elsewhere in the world.

President Obama’s on-the-job performance has reached an impeachable level. Malfeasance of duty is an impeachable offense and this president should go now.

Let’s look at some facts:

1) Arizona is in full-scale revolt over his inaction on illegal migration and drug trafficking on the border. Failure to secure the borders is an impeachable offence. And he has inflamed racial polarity.

2) The country is teetering on the verge of losing its triple-A credit rating. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been booted off the New York Stock Exchange.

3) Jobs are not rebounding and his $1 trillion stimulus has only worsened that situation. He wants more money.

4) He has all but demolished U.S. relations with our two most loyal allies: Great Britain and Israel. He hasn’t met a Muslim potentate he doesn’t love.

5) He has done nothing—zip, nada—about Iran’s race toward a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East.

6) When he should be mobilizing an armada of ships and resources in the Gulf, his EPA is failing to give the go ahead on chemicals and devises that can stave off, if not clean up the mess.

7) He has lied to the American people about the state of our natural resources; there is an abundance of shallow petroleum in the U.S. to satisfy our needs for a hundred years and beyond.

This President has mismanaged virtually everything he has touched since the day he took the oath of office and it is time for a change.

We are not faced with a political decision any longer. Virtually any president would be better than this president.


Factor This Bill O’Reilly: Barack is a Commie

In Disappearing Ink, Harvard Math, Obamarama on 22/05/2010 at 19:14

Factor Host Bill O'Reilly (Wikipedia)

socialism |sō sh ə lizəm|
a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.
• policy or practice based on this theory.
• (in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism.

Unlike many of my libertarian friends, I like Bill O’Reilly. In spite of his bombastic arrogance O’Reilly is an asset not only to the Fox News brand but to America as a whole, if for no other reason, his righteous indignation and his charitable giving. As he would say, Bill is a patriot.

On the other hand I have been mystified at O’Reilly’s inability to call Barack Obama a socialist when the President’s actions alone place him far to the left of the mainstream of American liberalism. Obama is not only a socialist; he displays all the symptoms of being a Marxist socialist. One merely has to know which Obama is speaking to know he is a socialist.

Meaning that he views socialism as a transitional step to a completely communist state.

In order to understand the national media’s seeming inability (although much of it is subterfuge) to accept an ace as an ace in Obama’s case – and I’m speaking here of honest journalists who simply don’t want to mislabel the President – one must recognize that communism’s first line of defense is denial.

No other ideology in history has use so many nom de guerres to avoid being exposed as communist. They call themselves humanitarians, progressives, liberals, social democrats, environmentalists, the New Left, Christians for Social justice, well, anything but communists.

Marxists – especially the politicians – hate to be outted. Socialism in a democratic society is an anathema and most of them – in recent years individuals like Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and celebrities like Matt Damon – have avoided it like the plague. Socialist is a dirty word.

Notice I use the terms interchangeably: progressive, liberal, socialist or communist, the difference is only the degree to which they desire to expose themselves.

Alan Snyder has a good article on Whittaker Chambers this week at Big Government on the late Time magazine senior editor’s epiphany on this very subject.

Bill O’Reilly does his middleclass upbringing as well as his profession a disservice by refusing to come to terms with Barack Obama’s socialism, because the President is counting on the fact that the media will not out him.

I don’t believe Obama envisions himself as a future dictator. I believe he sees himself as an instrument or perhaps the instrument of U.S. social transition. The one who will put in place the apparatus that will eventually “elevate” the country to a utopian socialist society. He sees a communist government as the ultimate adjudicator of a racist, greed-driven and imperialistic society’s sins.

If the President is successful in gaining a second term he will accomplish his goal, because the course he will have put us on after a second term will be irreversible.

In the classic sense Bill O’Reilly is not an elitist but he has certainly bought into the elitist progressive agenda by not pegging Barack Obama into his hole as a socialist. Yes, Bill, Obama likes his wealth and his property. All socialist elitists believe they deserve it; they just don’t want you to have it.

O’Reilly needs to wise up to Obama. He is a powerful voice in America and he can do a lot toward shinning a light on the President’s motives and prevarications.

Of Miranda and Bombs and Those Silly Military Tribunals

In The American Jihad, The Enemy Among Us on 16/05/2010 at 20:04

Remember how we used to say, “a liberal is only a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet”? That was before Dan Rather went and got himself mugged and proved us wrong.

This week Attorney General (using the term loosely) Eric Holder jumped on board Charles Krauthammer’s Miranda Public Safety Exception train just as it was chugging out of the station.

From time to time I pay homage to Krauthammer here for his stunningly timely fix on current events and his equally level-headed prescriptions for repairing broken government, but this time the good Doctor is wrong.

Miranda should not be amended; it should be trashed, thrown in the incinerator and burned, not only for terrorists, but for anyone stupid enough to put on a ski mask and stick up a convenience store. OH! Excuse me! I don’t have to admit I stuck up the convenience store?

We have a constitution; let them read it.

Which brings me to the Supreme Court and the four – soon-to-be five – learned duffers and hags that make up the New York Times wing of that august body.

What would we ever do without them?

The better question would be how did we do without them for 150 years before they suddenly became indispensible in rendering ridiculous leftwing opinions.

Was SCOTUS on vacation in 1865 when the government tried five of John Wilkes Booth’s co-conspirators by military tribunal and then executed them for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln? Where were they when FDR tried, fried and imprisoned eight Nazi saboteurs (including two Americans) for attempting to bomb a munitions plants during World War II?

Here’s an idea: Let’s provide Taliban Miranda warning cards in Farsi to Marines in Kandahar Province so terrorists will know they can call Alan Dershowitz anytime they wish to stop talking.

Doctor Krauthammer rightly points out that Miranda is outdated in a 21st century America fighting ideological zealots who believe blowing themselves to bits along with a couple hundred U.S. citizens gets them a pass to lustful bliss. But he fails to see the wacky mindset that created the law in the first place.

Ernesto Arturo Miranda was a repeat kidnapper and rapist who had been in prison on multiple occasions and knew his constitutional right to remain silent better than the cops, when they arrested him in 1963, for (you guessed it) kidnapping and rape.

Now think about that for a minute. Way back in Misdemeanor school, long before one learns to kidnap and rape young women, a future felon learns that admitting a crime is probably the wrong way to stay out of jail. Yet Earl Warren and Thurgood Marshall and three other justices saw the need to reassert that right to the worst in our society.

When two fellow upstanding citizens murdered Ernesto Miranda in 1976, the Arizona police read one of them his Miranda warning. The other guy – already wishing to remain silent – fled to Mexico.

Flying airplanes into buildings and planting bombs in Times Square by guys who think burqas make a sexy fashion statement are acts of war. When we catch them in the act of attempting to do these things, we should put them in a military stockade, interrogate them until water is dripping from every pore in their body, convene a snap tribunal, and hustle them off to a firing squad.

Then advise them of their right to remain silent.