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Mr. President, A Tutorial on Jihad

In The American Jihad, The Enemy Among Us, The Haters on 09/11/2010 at 19:10

A few moderate Muslims express themselves in England

Yesterday, Professor Obama made another appearance, this time in India, when asked the deeply burning question, “What do you think of jihad?

One had to sympathize. I mean presidents are constantly roped into doing stupid things like dancing some ridiculous step with a group of local students and eating stuff that would gag a maggot. But this was the real corker.

What is a president to do who doesn’t want to offend the families and friends of the 19 al Qaeda terrorists who took down the World Trade Center and Pentagon? Especially a president who runs U.S. foreign policy like a game of fantasy football.

Well, dang it, he instructs the heck out of us, that’s what.

“The phrase jihad has a lot of meanings within Islam and is subject to a lot of different interpretations,” Mr. Obama tells us, his rapt listeners. “I think all of us recognize that this great religion in the hands of a few extremists has been distorted to justify violence towards innocent people that is never justified. And so, I think, one of the challenges that we face is, how do we isolate those who have these distorted notions of religious war?”

Naturally, Muslim leaders all over India were thrilled with our learned leader’s astuteness.

The “few extremists” being no more than 110 million strong, I can understand the President’s concern that we not over react. For all you conspiracy goofballs out there, this is proof positive that I’m right. Obama is not a Muslim. The man doesn’t even understand the difference between the greater and the lesser jihad.

There are two, and only two, jihads, Mr. President: the greater jihad is the inner struggle to become a good Muslim. This entails shrouding women in burqas and other garb, so as to prevent them from causing you to lust, among other things. Let’s not get into that whole beating and stoning thing; suffice to say the greater jihad is the good jihad.

Then we come to the lesser jihad. Less, as in less is more. The lesser jihad is the Muslim struggle against imagined oppression. At the center of this “oppression” is the supposed persecution of Islam by world Jewry and Christianity. About a million Saudi sheiks in Roll Royces concur.

I won’t belabor this definition, only to say that the only jihad that should matter to an American president is the lesser jihad. It is aimed at destroying us.

Yet President Obama and his administration have since coming to office treated it as though a few intenerate Muslims went off the reservation in 2001. Admittedly, no U.S. president since Jefferson has understood Islam. It is a religion which at its core is bent on world domination, and no amount of PC side-stepping will change that.

But okay, let’s give Muslims the benefit of the doubt and accede to the possibility that there is such a thing as “moderate” Islam. I am dubious but I’ll will allow the possibility.

The problem is that moderate Muslims are not in control of the faith. The average Islamic cleric in the U.S. alone shudders at the very idea of speaking out against the extremists in their religion. The lesser jihad is taught widely in their mosques and schools across this country and virtually no one dares speak out against it.

And, obviously, Barack Obama will not speak out, either.

Mr. President, what is wrong with saying that the United State wants to live in peace with all nations, cultures and religions, but we will not tolerate the monstrous acts of a significant segment of the Islamic faith? What is wrong saying that “mainstream” Islamic leaders must speak out loudly against the extremists within their faith?

What is wrong, Mr. President, with acknowledging a truth that all but the most naïve among us already knows?


Obamadan: The President’s Islamic Perception Problem

In Obamarama on 19/08/2010 at 18:37

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The folks at the Washington Post were up bright and early this morning stirring up trouble for conservative bloggers. Today we are responsible because 1 in 5 Americans now believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim, and that only 34 percent “now correctly identify” the President as a Christian.

Being the right-wing nut job that I am, I feel obligated to comment.

Since taking office in January of 2009, the President has yet to attend one National Day of Prayer service. He is yet to identify or attend a house of worship in the Capitol. The excuse White House media surgical team gives for the latter is that the President doesn’t want to be a distraction. They took that from Ronald Reagan’s playbook in the 1980s.

This from the same Barack Obama who thinks nothing of jamming traffic in Manhattan every time Michelle wants her hair processed or her nails done; this from a president who has created more leisure time for himself than Sergey Brin has since he made his first billion.

Barack Obama loves being a distraction.

The Post continues to enlighten the brainless masses:

White House officials expressed dismay over the poll results. Faith adviser Joshua DuBois blamed “misinformation campaigns” by the president’s opponents. “While the president has been diligent and personally committed to his own Christian faith, there’s certainly folks who are intent on spreading falsehoods about the president and his values and beliefs,” DuBois said.

One marvels at the cluelessness of this White House. Mr. Dubois—who had to break off the Post interview for the Call to Prayer—is convinced that the public’s perception of the President as a Muslim is the result of vast right wing conspiracy?

Could it be that the American people are wondering why, when this President invents more reasons than Dennis the Menace to play hooky from Sunday school, he has not yet missed a Ramadan celebration?

Since he has taken office President Obama has had the mother of all international perception problems and his White House seems at a total loss to understand why.

The Presidency is—and this may come as a shock to Mr. Obama—a leadership position, and leaders lead. Yes, presidents make vital decisions that effect Americans and even the world as a whole, but the biggest part of being the Leader of the Free World is how the public at large see their president.

Barack Obama is a dilettante. He hasn’t the slightest idea of what it means to be the president of the greatest nation ever known on the face of the earth, and it shows every time he ignores the public will.

I’ll admit to having in recent days wondered if I may have been wrong about Obama’s devotion to Islam; the man seems to go out of his way to identify with this backward cult. But Barack Obama is not a Muslim; he is an elitist. He truly believes that the American people are too stupid to see him for what he is and always has been.

This President has consistently aligned himself with the most radical thinkers and organizations of our time. He has a vastly different worldview than most Americans, even many who call themselves liberals.

In short, Barack Hussein Obama is out of touch.

He has openly embraced Islam in the White House while shunning any pretense of being the Christian he claims to be. His comments regarding the Ground Zero Mosque demonstrate a complete insensitivity to the mothers, fathers and other loved ones who have lost family and friends in this war, not to mention 9-11.

Barack Obama’s perception problem is one of his own making.

That Ain’t No Baptist Church He’s Building

In The American Jihad, The Enemy Among Us on 14/08/2010 at 16:54

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The first thing the Left does whenever a controversy arises over their nutso passivity when it comes to Islam is to say something like, “George Bush did it first.” As if George the Junior somehow represents all things conservative or that he even is a conservative.

Being frank here: George Walker Bush was the best we had to offer; he was not a conservative by a long stretch; he presided over the biggest spending, most out of control Republican Party since Ike, he is a progressive and anyone who listens to a half hour interview with that overly hair spayed twit he’s married to—this is how you identify a progressive, check out the spouse—knows it. A good and decent man, but a classic bungler nonetheless.

There, I got that out. That’s me being frank.

Let’s suppose for a moment that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is a patriotic Arab American who really believes the 9-11 attacks were “un-Islamic” and declares it vociferously, whenever he’s sure that another Muslim who might stuff a grenade down his shorts isn’t within earshot. Let’s just suppose for a moment.

Let’s also suppose that the fact that George W. Bush’s State Department sent him to the Middle East with several shiploads of coveted Levi 501s, tons of Coors brewskis (which only Saudi sheiks and other Arab potentates can drink without getting stoned to death), Mac laptops, and even more coveted Beatles Anthology CDs. And that the red, white and blue Imam had a gloriously successful speaking tour of Syria, Iran, Lebanon and Jordan, in which he converted a few hundred thousand otherwise American-hating jihadists to moderate Islam.

So what? Does that make what he’s doing in Manhattan okay?

Of course Imam Rauf does not believe the 9-11 attacks were un-Islamic; he is like every other zipper-lipped Muslim—the ones who can’t bring themselves to say the “T-word”— who got up and danced the Balki “dance of joy” when the WTC towers came down.

He is, however, not nearly stupid enough to turn down an imbecilic Republican president’s offer of hundreds of thousands of dollars to travel Mecca Air first class on the State Department’s dime and love it up with the Jihad.

George W. Bush was obviously as stupid as the Imam was smart in that regard.

But I ain’t.

This Bronze Age throwback means to put his mosque in Lower Manhattan as a memorial to the jihadists who brought down the Twin Towers. He intends to make certain that five times a day until his messiah comes, Muslims kneel in that place to pray the dua qunoot, a prayer that Allah’s wrath will overtake infidels (meaning you and me and every Jew who was lucky enough not to be gassed and burned at Auschwitz), while the call to prayer echoes over Ground Zero.

It is time for the waning majority of Americans who still understand the exceptional history of this nation to wake up. The very thing, the exceptionalism that makes us the “Ugly American” to the Left, is dying off on the vine by the day.

The massive trade imbalance between this country and other nations of the world should be evidence enough that the United States has lost her savvy to negotiate, and right now we are engaged in a negotiation with an enemy that will destroy the very Judeo-Christian foundation of this nation.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is a true believer; he believes in the strict application of Sharia law and he is determined to see it practiced in cities across this nation.

Even Republicans in Laguna Niguel can understand this; just read this exhaustively researched article. We will wait while you catch up.

There. Now we’re on the same page … I hope.

I have said and still say that I do not hate Muslims; I bear them no ill will whatsoever as long as they have neither AK-47s slung over their shoulders or vests packed with C-4 strapped around their bodies.

This is my only problem with Muslims: We never know, because you do not speak out against these monsters or their atrocities. And on the rare occasions in which you issue any statement about them at all, you parse it down with outrageous lies like: “Osama bin Laden is made in the USA.”

I don’t care where Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is getting his funding for his Ground Zero Mosque. If I assume, as do morons like Alan Colmes, Chris Matthews, Michael Bloomberg and a plethora of other idiot progressives, that the Imam merely wants to “build a bridge” in the wake of this unspeakable atrocity, he is at the very least insensitive.

Ground Zero is sacred ground for all patriotic Americans. It is the grave of 2,752 Americans who died horrible deaths on September 11, 2001.

We would not tolerate any similar action by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, and if we know what is good for us, we will not tolerate it here. The Ground Zero Mosque represents a point-of-no-return-moment for America.

It represents the very moment at which we will no longer be able to distinguish our enemies from our friends.