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‘Death Panels’: Here’s the Deal

In Can You Hear Me Now?, Obamacare, Obamarama on 22/03/2011 at 18:55

That little ditz Sarah Palin was right again. Just when you were convinced he didn’t want to give granny an early sendoff to the Big Sayonara, Barack’s other shoe drops. Death panels are here.

Whether you call it an end-of-life counseling contingency or a mandatory Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), death panels are a cleverly hidden reality within the trillion-dollar government snafu we all affectionately know as ObamaCare. In fact, end of life counseling—perhaps a better term is “end-of-life lotto”—isn’t the half of it.

Even some Democrats are jumping ship on this one.

The Daily Caller:

An often-overlooked portion of President Barack Obama’s prized health care law, the creation of the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), will face heat in the coming months from Congress and from the courts. Congressman Phil Roe, Tennessee Republican, told The Daily Caller the IPAB is the “real death panel” in the health care law, as compared to “end-of-life counseling” provisions in Obamacare that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin once deemed “death panels.”

“This one is the real baby right here – and most people missed this,” Roe told TheDC. “What everybody was talking about, when you saw Sarah Palin and so forth, what they were talking about these advanced directives where you sit down and there’s sort of mandatory counseling – and Medicare paid for it. This IPAB got missed – and it’s the real death panel.”

In his exclusive interview in today’s DC, Congressman Coe, who is a medical doctor, goes onto say that the IPAB will cap total sums Medicare recipients can receive for care, and thus make decisions based purely on cost rather than need options.

Palin has been lambasted in the media for months on end since 2009 when she warned the nation that the President’s takeover of national health care would result in what essentially amounts to death panels. The blogosphere is still loaded with slanderous lies.

Palin was speaking of the so-called “end of life counseling” panels, but the congressman is talking about another board that will essentially accomplish the same end; i.e. kill off seniors and others with “low quality of life” prospects by denying essential care.

Both schemes are still embedded within the bowels of ObamaCare.

The intent here is self-evident. While Democrats in Congress would like you to believe that Nanny State governance will put you on the road to cheaper insurance rates, it in fact will put you on the gurney to a Margaret Sanger-style liquidation mill. What’s next, “Soylent Green”?

Be assured, this is not the end of it. When the lid finally comes off ObamaCare it will be rife with “quality of life” panels and boards, all designed to give you a quick sendoff in your twilight years.

Where is Charlton Heston when we need him!


Granny Dumping Made Easy: Your Obamacare at Work

In Bowling for Dollars, Harvard Math, Obamacare on 22/01/2011 at 08:16

Obamacare is indeed the great American dream come true. Park a senior and walk away; the government will take care of the rest. One-stop granny dumping.

CLASS Act—the Administration’s acronym for the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports Act, Ha! Ha!—is yet another Obama budget buster that promises to send your grandchildren to the poor house before they reach 30.

Mitt Romney is the only Republican in the country who could possibly appreciate this government-run health-care disaster.

Buried deep within the bowels of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid health care law is the provision for yet another bill to assure that virtually every senior in the United States gets to see the inside of a long-term care facility before they die. At, what, 62? Now if we can only pass that federal euthanasia law.

This of course is not breaking news, but the media haven’t covered it much, and it does perfectly illustrate how cleverly the Democrats in Congress tricked out the numbers on Obamacare, to get a favorable rating from the CBO before they passed it. They literally hid a monstrosity inside the monstrosity. The cost of this porker will be beyond stratospheric, and it makes one wonder just how many more wormholes are buried in this bright, shining lie.

Charles Krauthammer elaborates today:

“With an aging population, and with long-term care becoming extraordinarily expensive, this promises to be the biggest budget buster in the history of the welfare state.

And yet, in the CBO calculation, this new entitlement to long-term care reduces the deficit over the next 10 years. By $70 billion, no less. How is this possible? By collecting premiums now, and paying out no benefits for the first 10 years. Presto: a (temporary) surplus. As former CBO director Douglas Holtz-Eakin and scholars Joseph Antos and James Capretta note, ‘Only in Washington could the creation of a reckless entitlement program be used as ‘offset’ to grease the way for another entitlement.’ I would note additionally that only in Washington could such a neat little swindle be titled the ‘CLASS Act …’”

Thirty-two million deadbeat Americans can’t be wrong. Obamacare is a steal for anyone who’d rather sell drugs than get out and work for a living. A little cynical perhaps, but the general public won’t benefit from it, that is for sure.

The Republicans get one shot at this in Congress. If they do not clearly communicate the financial disaster that Obamacare poses, and make significant strides toward its repeal, they will not only fail to regain the Senate and possibly lose the House in 2012, but they will usher Barack Obama in for a second term.

And if that happens, all hell breaks loose.

Obamacare, A Lesson in Carelessness

In Bowling for Dollars, Civil Lefts, Harvard Math, Obamacare, Obamarama on 04/01/2011 at 08:25

When Barack Obama burst onto the scene in 2007 as a presidential candidate, most Americans barely noticed. Father Michael Pfleger was right to some extent when he said that Hillary Clinton thought she was entitled; at first even she barely took notice of the young freshman Senator from Chicago.

But of course everyone was wrong. The primary campaigns of 2008 failed to do what preliminary bouts have always done fairly effectively in the past; America became careless. We knew very little about this man with the odd name, and what we were finding out—those of us who cared—wasn’t comforting.

I have said for a number of years now that a federal election law should be enacted to require all candidates for President of the United States to fully disclose their backgrounds. Everything: birth certificates, childhood school records, employment history, college and university transcripts and theses, and any criminal records down to the smallest traffic fine.

We know that Sarah Palin was an average student; we have no idea how Barack Obama was even admitted to Harvard. He was not an honor student at Columbia, we know that much but very little more. His childhood school records are mysteriously missing, and he will not release his transcripts and other records from any of the three colleges he attended.

Such a law would preclude the media from doing their job, which they certainly did not do in the case of Barack Obama. If they had there is no question my mind that he would not be president today. And it is very unlikely that we would have a massive health care monstrosity on our hand that Congress will try and fail to repeal.

Obamacare is fraught with time bombs. Simply defunding it will not disarm all or even most of them. It may not be impossible to repeal but it will be enormously costly to do so; $140 billion is the estimated cost right now, and it will mount exponentially as time goes on.

It is easy to blame politicians for the mess our government has become but realistically it is we who are to blame. We watch the evening news and we rant and rave about mounting taxes, energy costs, the price of food, but close to half of us do not vote. When we do vote, often we don’t know whom we are voting for.

Less than 20 percent of the American people are politically aligned with Barack Obama, and less than 40 percent know it even now. He is a man with extreme views; he has shown it in his appointments, his pronounced views in speeches we weren’t supposed to see and hear, and through his associations.

Obamacare was a takeover of one-sixth of the U.S. economy and the Democrats will not easily let it go. Republicans in the House and Senate should certainly try, but it is unlikely they will succeed. But there is one thing they can and should do very quickly.

Congress should move immediately to write and pass a full disclosure law for all future U.S. presidential candidates. Let Barack Obama veto it; let us see who else opposes it.

Then we will all will know.