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Huckabee Isn’t the Only One Who’d Like to Know

In Civil Lefts, Weekly Rant on 03/03/2011 at 18:44

As soon as Mike Huckabee is finished wiping the egg off his face, maybe we can get down to the questions all Americans should be asking their presidents.

“Where do you come from?” “How did you do in school?” “Have you ever been addicted to drugs?”

Huckabee’s statement this week that Obama grew up in Kenya was a potentially disastrous political faux pas, but otherwise much of what he said was perfectly reasonable; he asked questions any American should ask of anyone who aspires to the U.S. presidency. Unfortunately no one in the media asked these questions before he was elected.

“I would love to know more,” Huckabee told radio host Steve Malzberg. “What I know is troubling enough.”

It is remarkable that Huckabee would allow himself to be drawn into such hazardous waters for a potential presidential contender, especially since the left-wing media brands anyone who dares question Obama’s past as a wacko, but the former governor did draw attention to the proverbial $64 question.

The number one googled question in respect to the 44th President of the United States is: “Was Barack Obama born in the United States?” Even many who believe that Obama is a natural-born US citizen wonder what is so mysterious in the President’s background that would cause him to spend millions keeping his birth, education and health records from the public.

Of course Hillary Clinton did the same, even before she ran for office. And George W. Bush had his secrets in 2000; even after the release of his DUI records some still believed he had a drug problem. Rumors abounded that Bill Clinton spent time in rehab when his half-brother Roger infamously claimed, “Bill has a nose like a Hoover.”

If any these public servants were to apply for a civil service or private sector job with a Fortune 400, they would be obligated to make these records available. No ifs ands or buts, they would not be employed without signing a form allowing their employer complete access to their birth, education and health records. The President of the United States has his finger on the “nuclear football” and the ability to literally destroy the world, yet anyone who has had a minor drug violation cannot own a firearm in most states. Does that make sense?

Huckabee was busily rounding the circuit yesterday doing damage control for his bizarre interview with Malzberg; the former governor has a warm, self-depreciating sense of humor and his explanation came off well.

But should that be the end of it?

Just why is it wrong for Americans to know about their presidents what the government would demand to know about them, were they to seek employment in the public sector? It is a question that should transcend any single presidency.

We ask this question of virtually everyone in whom we place any degree of trust.

Who are you?


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