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It’s Starting: Arianna Huffington’s AOL Identifies Murderer as “Border Activist”

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After taking the helm at AOL, Arianna Huffington promised that she would not pull the Internet provider to the left. Today the Wicked Witch of the Left showed her true character once again. The woman who former Reagan campaign strategist Ed Rollins called one of the most unprincipled people in American politics, has told a real lefto whopper.

In its email news prompter today, AOL boldly and erroneously emblazoned, Border Activist Sentenced to Death for Fatal Home Invasion, in its banner announcing the sentencing of an Arizona home invasion murderer.

The screamer refers to convicted Pima County murderer, Shawna Forde, who formed the Minutemen American Defense, a sham border activist group, for the purpose of locating drug suppliers, so she and her cohorts could raid them for drugs and money. Forde and two others murdered alleged drug smuggler Raul “Junior” Flores, 29, and his daughter, Brisenia Flores, 9.

A second scenario that has been floated is that Forde and her group of less than 20 members were seeking to take the immigration battle to the “next level,” a term whose meaning has never quite been made clear.

Since her arrest, Forde has been widely touted by the Left as a border activist and associated as a member of the legitimate Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. Although she did join that group in February 2007, she was dismissed from the organization the same month as unstable.

Huffington knows this, since her Huffington Post reported the story incorrectly from the very beginning, on at least one occasion linking Forde to the Minuteman Project. No evidence exists that Forde or her cohorts were ever associated with the Minutemen Project.

There of course was never any question that Huffington would take the former Internet giant to the left once she gained control of content; she has always been a leftist, even when she was bearding for ex-hubby Michael, who came out of the closet after his failed Senate bid in California during the 1990s.

But one question remains: will the struggling, heretofore nonpartisan Internet company, fare better with Huffington’s left-wing content?  The last 15 years has seen AOL wither from a near-monopoly-level presence on the net to the place not to be, with email accounts down to between four and five million.

LCL is canceling its AOL account tomorrow.

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