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Time to Break Government Unions

In Weekly Rant on 19/02/2011 at 17:57

This week a UC San Diego newspaper editor published an article saying that the student body vice president was a “fat whore,” and printed an obscene photo with the editorial. The administration of this partially taxpayer-funded institution refused to take action, because it was the student editor’s “First Amendment right” to print it.

View the actual editorial here at your own risk.

In Wisconsin this week we have seen a glowing example of the kind of educators that shaped the young patriot who exercised his freedom of speech so eloquently. The teachers who had to be escorted out of their state capitol under armed guard to prevent them from working themselves into a frenzied mob. Their Democratic Party cohorts in the legislature are vacationing out of state.

Progressivism is running amok in our in our schools across the nation and the bang-to- buck ratio parents should expect in quality education for their children is not good. Unless of course you think putting a teenage wrestling champ on the mat against his female counterpart is high math.

It begins early. The state of elementary, secondary and higher education in the United States is in meltdown, and yet we continue to reward so-called educators with ridiculous benefits. Kids no more than 12 years old are “coming out” as gays and lesbians in middle schools. This is also covered under First Amendment rights, school boards will tell you.

U.S. students are lagging behind the rest of the world academically; we continue to trail nations like South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Finland and Canada. We are graduating students who cannot read, and all too often the very teachers who we entrust to protect and educate our children are engaging in sex with them.

At a time when we should be requiring higher standards in education and the educators that provide it, bankrupt states like California are providing something called “air time” to the deadbeats they have hired to teach our children, so they can collect pension benefits for five years they have not served.

The situation in Wisconsin is simply the tip of the mammoth iceberg of government collective bargaining insanity.

In 1981, Ronald Reagan broke PATCO for just what is occurring in Wisconsin this week. It is time, past time, that state and federal legislators end collective bargaining for the public employees who serve at the pleasure of the American taxpayer. These people do not work for corporate America; they work for us, and as their employer we deserve better.

The Wisconsin and national RNC should support conservative activists who are launching recall drives against the legislators who have brought the government to a standstill.

Governor Scott Walker should pull out the stops and use every legal devise at his disposal to force the legislature to act and fire every teacher that violates the public trust.

In an environment where unemployment now tops 10 percent (actual numbers are closer to 20 percent) an abundance of surplus educators exists; it is time for the states to break the death grip the NEA has on U.S. education.

That Barack Obama has weighed in on the side of the teachers and legislators who are violating their trust is telling. Once again this president has shown himself too entrenched in his leftist ideology to fulfill his duties.

It is time for citizens everywhere to besiege the White House with telephone and emails and tell the President to stay out of states’ business. It is time to tell federal and state legislators that government employee collective bargaining must end.


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