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Shirley Sherrod Shoots for a Second Payday in Pigford

In Can You Hear Me Now?, Civil Lefts, Obamarama on 17/02/2011 at 17:55

If I see another portrait of Shirley Sherrod looking into the heavens in the glow of angelic lighting, like she just had a visitation from MLK, I am positively going to hurl.

This Sears size 16 tribute to the “Lazy Man’s Way to Riches” flimflammed her way into the low eight-figure bracket on the Pigford Settlement pyramid, and now she’s found a new way to make a quick buck without lifting a finger—sue Andrew Breitbart.

Which is what Mrs. Sherrod did this week after Breitbart released his latest salvo of evidence in the billion-dollar Democratic Party Pigford reparations scam.

“This lawsuit is not about politics or race,” Sherrod told the George Soros front Media Matters. “It is not about Right versus Left, the NAACP, or the Tea Party. It is about how quickly, in today’s internet media environment, a person’s good name can become ‘collateral damage’ in an overheated political debate.”

Which of course is true.

While the left has combed CNN and MSNBC’s archives for one single fragment of racist film on the tea parties, Breitbart found the video lying right under his nose. No, wait—that was the NAACP applauding enthusiastically when Sherrod, a ranking USDA official, suggested that a white farmer should go to “his own kind” for help.

You will remember Breitbart releasing the video last year showing Sherrod speaking before a regional NAACP crowd and the crowd’s disturbing response to her confession of racism. In the resulting scandal the White House pressured Mrs. Sherrod to resign from her high post at the USDA.

Background courtesy Townhall.com:

After the video broke, due to pressure from the Obama administration, Sherrod resigned; the NAACP also condemned her. Shortly thereafter, the NAACP released the full tape, which showed that Sherrod had in fact helped the white farmer at issue. In full attack mode, the leftist media went after Breitbart, accusing him of selectively editing the tape in order to target Sherrod. This despite the fact that Breitbart himself said he cared nothing about Sherrod and that his actual target was the NAACP; this despite the fact that Sherrod herself said the real problem was the Obama administration.

Let’s not be duped by Sherrod here; the former bureaucrat is not entirely innocent in all this, although she obviously was forced out of her government post without due process. But Sherrod, who cashed in on Pigford to the tune of $13 million, is not suing the government. She’s suing Breitbart the man who exposed racism within her beloved NAACP.

Will the hypocrisy never end? While hundreds of black farmers who were discriminated against by the USDA have been left out in the cold, thousands who never farmed a turnip patch in their backyards have collected huge sums of taxpayers’ dollars, and are demanding more.

Shirley Sherrod should be ashamed of herself.


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