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CPAC Has Lost Its Relevance

In Palinography, Sarah Palin, The Wrong Right Turn on 14/02/2011 at 21:00

CPAC, as Sarah Palin has quite possibly already figured out, has become irrelevant.

The very fact that Donald Trump would be overwhelmingly booed for stating a known fact, and that said “known fact” could go on to win the CPAC straw poll, proves this very salient point.

Ron Paul cannot corner 10 percent of the primary vote, much less win a general election outside of his own district. Donald Trumps kinda gets that; the CPAC crowd didn’t.

Andrew Breitbart tried to hip up the event this year by throwing a 1980s-style bash for newly embraced “gay conservatives,” but in the end the convention had Media Matters scrounging for Republicans to slam.

No, instead of conservative heavy hitters like Palin, Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh, we get Mitch Daniels, who’s main claim to fame other than the fact that he’s a big-spending Republican, is something called Healthy Indiana. Sound like a old Twilight Zone episode? It should, it’s just about as spooky as ObamaCare.

This, by the way, is the Mitch Daniels who as OMB director quite literally spent us out of houses and homes. And this is George Will’s answer to the Great Palin Threat of 2012?

You’re a bad man, Mitch Daniels, a bad, bad man! I’m gonna wish you into the cornfield!

And will someone please explain how “expanding” the GOP base by alienating the very conservatives who made it what it is today is supposed to garner the big win in 2012?

After the truly remarkable election of last November it is bewildering how many in the leadership of the Republican Party, as well as one of the primere conservative forums in the nation, can be so incredibly disengaged with mainstream conservative thought.

The conservative movement is not about being hip or politically correct; it is about, smaller government, strong national defense and traditional values.

We are not discounting keynote speaker Allen West or Michele Bachmann, both of whom gave stellar performances, but they could not make up for what was noticeably missing.

The loss the Heritage Foundation, Media Research Center, Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America at CPAC this year is significant. By pandering to a small socially liberal minority the organization may have created a rift within the GOP that could bring about a withering defeat in 2012.

Frankly, the Republican Party still has the big governement fingerprints of the old guard all over its agenda, and it must change now. CPAC has lost touch with it core message.

If the GOP is to be the party of the twenty-first century it will have to sort out exactly what it wants to be. Is it to be a big moderate tent, or will it again be the Party of Reagan that deftly brought in moderates without embracing their ideas?

If CPAC is to regain its relevance it must do the same.


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