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In Disappearing Ink, Palinography, Sarah Palin, The Wrong Right Turn on 10/02/2011 at 20:23

Suddenly Sarah Palin is the darling of neoconservatives and liberal Republicans everywhere. I am breathless. This is astounding news. Our Sarah has finally united the right and the, er … not so right but in the general vicinity of the right.

The good news came upon the announcement by Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller that Governor Palin now supports gay marriage, gay adoption, and coming out parties at Elaine’s, or something to that effect. No word at this hour whether Tucker still wants Michael Vick executed.

Of course Palin didn’t say any of that, any more than she said she supported GOProud joining CPAC. What she said was that she doesn’t care. Which is really, really close to announcing the scientific discovery of a homosexuality gene.

The media have been on a relentless campaign for the last week to nail Palin to the floor on what someone like Diane Sawyer I’m sure thinks of as a no-win question: Does Sarah Palin condone the practice of homosexuality or not?

Because, of course, anyone with half a brain knows that Governor Palin, being a born-again Christian, is a whack job who couldn’t find her ass with a road map. This is a big story in network television and mainstream e-print news. Almost as big a scoop as Rick Santorum declaring that Governor Palin is probably too busy to attend CPAC. That is, it would be, if most conservatives actually knew who Rick Santorum is.

Honestly, you would think that the left-stream media would wake up and realize that they raise Palin’s stock every time they open their traps about her. Last week it was the cooked up contest between the Governor and Ron Reagan Jr., and now this. (It should be noted here that matching off Sarah Palin with Ron Reagan Jr. is like pitting a pit bull against a Pekinese).

But they keep on keeping on.

Not speaking for Governor Palin here, but conservatives as a whole simply don’t believe in identity politics. Liberals have things like Congressional Black Caucuses and the NAACP. Conservatives believe in the advancement of everybody, whether gay or straight, black or white or something in between, or 60 as the new 40 for that matter.

Now we understand that in someone like Alan Combs’ world not being for gay marriage is roughly the equivalent of holding gay beatings at Wednesday night prayer meeting. But why does The Daily Caller get caught up in this silliness?

Sarah Palin has been clever in not allowing herself to be baited by the left this week and the media’s underestimation of her political skills has served her well.

We really like The Daily Caller and Tucker Carlson, but you’d think they’d be running with Mubarak in Egypt instead of this poorly cooked tripe.

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