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Obama on Egypt: Kidneys

In Obamarama, The American Jihad, The Enemy Among Us, The Haters on 08/02/2011 at 20:58

One has to marvel at the naïveté of this president. That is what it has to be, barring the unthinkable, that Barack Obama secretly hopes that the Muslim Brotherhood will take over in Egypt, just as radical Shi’as did in Iran during the 1970s. Not even this president is that dumb.

In his interview with Bill O’Reilly during the Super Bowl on Sunday, Obama wanted the Factor host to be careful to distinguish between the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood and the controlling Shi’a sect that took over when the shah was forced to vacate in Iran.

Different situation completely. No similarity, was the drift coming from the only U.S. president to actually attend a madrasa, something that Mr. Obama seems to think qualifies him as an authority on Muslim extremism.

Of course there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two sects where jihad is concerned; the controlling radical elements of both major sects of Islam—and make no mistake, radicals do control this religion—are completely dedicated to the destruction of the Great Satan, which would be us.

The second disturbing assumption Obama seems to make in the Super Bowl interview, concerning the current upheaval in Egypt, is the idea that Mubarak’s departure will automatically give way to a democracy, presto chango.

What else can the leader of the Free World, the commander-in-chief of the War on Terror on two fronts, have in mind when he insinuates that the Muslim Brotherhood is to be a key element in any future negotiations concerning the transfer of power?

These, as O’Reilly astutely noted, are “rough boys.” They don’t recognize Mubarak’s right to negotiate the fate of the Egyptian people, much less the Muslim caliphate. They certainly will not respect U.S. interests.

What else can the President be suggesting? Because, frankly his administration is all over the place in this crisis.

Let’s be clear. Egyptians are not rioting in the streets for the right to vote. Egyptians are revolting against the Mubarak government for food and jobs. Starving people will react this way when they see their baby’s bellies bloating. Were it otherwise they would have revolted 20 years ago.

Iran like Egypt was a highly westernized society. The revolution was populist and nationalist, not Islamic. Obama is quick to point out that the Muslim Brotherhood is only one small faction in Egypt. So what is new? The ayatollahs were not a controlling faction in Iran when they gained power; they were a highly organized minority that stayed in the background as the revolution unfolded, waiting for their chance to move.

Does anyone in the Obama administration not believe that the Muslim Brotherhood, once legitimized by U.S. media and government—and we are seeing just that right now—will not take control of the government at the first opportunity?

So just how is it that this president thinks a new democracy will materialize in Egypt?
While we provide destination choices to Hosni Mubarak would it not be advisable to think about just where America’s best interests lie?

President Obama should begin immediately to publically label the Muslim Brotherhood and its factions as extremists. While we perhaps cannot affect who will ultimately lead Egypt, we must wield a heavy hand in determining who does not.

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