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Ron Reagan Jr: Co-Opting the Reagan Legacy

In Back in the Day, Reaganology on 06/02/2011 at 18:53

On the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth the left is desperately trying to co-opt his memory. Suddenly everyone one from Dick Durbin to Ron Reagan Jr. is telling us what Ronnie would have thought about … well, just about everything.

Hardest to take in this sudden outburst Reagan authoritativeness, however, are Ron Reagan Jr and Patti Davis, the Great Communicator’s second family. Those are the ones who disrespected their father when he was alive, while making their living solely on the fact that he was president.

During the early years of Reagan’s presidency, Ron Jr. disgraced his father by hanging out in teen gay bars like Hollywood’s Odyssey 1, probably doing dope with the locals, but definitely picking up cash by giving tongue-in-cheek interviews to make it clear he wanted nothing to do with his father’s politics.

For those of you who don’t remember, this was the era when Junior and his sister Patty Davis supported the leftos who were blaming their father for everything from homelessness to the AIDS virus.

They still do.

But today, Ron Reagan Jr. is out busily attempting to lay claim to his father’s legacy, while continuing to denounce everything the 40th President stood for, and expecting us to accept his veracity as the authoritative voice on Ronald Wilson Reagan.

This week Ron Jr. is back in the headlines, capitalizing once again on his father’s centennial, and proclaiming himself the be go-to guy on all things Reagan. Want to know what the Gipper would think? Call Ron Jr.

“Sarah Palin is a soap opera, basically,” the Junior Reagan tells AP. “She’s doing mostly what she does to make money and keep her name in the news.”

Now is that the pot calling the kettle black, or what? Reagan Jr., who made it absolutely certain no one called him Junior, because he didn’t want to be associated with his father, went on to say, “She is not a serious candidate for president and never has been.”

Ron Jr., the failed ballerino (um, charger), cum failed radio commentator, cum failed journalist, cum failed television presenter, and now GOP political consultant.

Let me get this straight. Junior whores himself out to a publisher with a scandalous piece of trash he tries to dress up as a tribute to his father, and he wants us to believe that Sarah Palin is only honoring Dad for the money?

For the record, Junior does this on the anniversary of his father’s birth every year. For—you guessed it—money. Last year he took a shot at the tea party and Palin, and in 2008 he told us all how Ronnie would have voted.

Patty Davis is up to this, as well, but she obviously couldn’t get a book deal this year.

Two slacker scions of one of the greatest American’s in history, who were embarrassed be mentioned in the same breath with Ronald Reagan when he was president, are all of a sudden authorities on everything from his opinions to his medical history?

The very idea that either of them would presume to know what their father’s conservative views would be about the tea parties or Sarah Palin is laughable. What we are pretty sure of, though, is that President Reagan wouldn’t be consulting the family ne’er-do-wells for advice.

A final note: Ronald Reagan was arguably one of America’s greatest presidents, but he was not quite the paragon of perfection many on the right tout him to be. He may not have liked Sarah Palin—after all he married Nancy, and Jane Wyman before her. Nor was he much in the field of siring children; actually he had to adopt one to get it right.

  1. My god. Who beside mike raygun trades the reagan name. Yeah, a guy not even related to reagan, adopted, raised by Jane wyman’s hired help, is a sickening pretender. Ron Reagan is the only son of RR, face it.

    • Name calling? We make an astute observation on Reagan’s legacy and you name call? Even the Village Voice gave us a better critique than that, pal.

  2. The apples fell very far from the tree in the case of these two.
    Mike was grafted on, but is the closest to his father with conservative principles.

    I know nobody can say for sure, but I think if President Reagan was still alive, he’d like both the TPM and Sarah Palin.

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