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When Will Congress Defund the Criminal Planned Parenthood?

In Civil Lefts, Disappearing Ink, Weekly Rant on 01/02/2011 at 19:47

Lila Rose has done it again. The pro-life wunderkind has once again exposed Planned Parenthood, this time in a sting that apparently has the far left non-profit recipient of your tax dollars covering up sex crimes and giving misinformation to promote abortions.

Rose is the founder of the pro-life group, Live Action, who rose to prominence when she teamed up with future ACORN exposé journalist James O’Keefe to pull off a series of Planned Parenthood stings beginning in 2006. She released her findings on YouTube in 2009.

This time Rose documents what appear to be a series of outright felonies by Planned Parenthood workers and executives. Here is an excerpt from Lila Rose’s editorial on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government this morning:

We have also chronicled Planned Parenthood workers giving outright medical misinformation and manipulating vulnerable young women to purchase abortions. We’ve shown Planned Parenthood willing to accept funds for race-based abortions of unborn Black children. And for those who are willing to face the ultimate abuse of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, we’ve released a video revealing what abortion does to the defenseless unborn child.

O’Keefe’s exposé of ACORN eventually led to the defunding and downfall of that organization, but so far Rose’s outing of Planned Parenthood’s seedy practices has barely stirred the waters of congressional outrage, and we have to wonder why.

For years Planned Parenthood has been cloaked in respectability by its left-wing angels, such as Hillary Clinton and Teddy Kennedy, when in fact it is little more than a government-funded abortion mill. From the organization’s very inception, its founder Margaret Sanger, a blatant racist, set out to exterminate “undesirables,” through eugenics.

Sanger was an admirer Nazi Germany’s eugenics program, which exterminated millions of homosexuals, autistics and racial minorities, and she called for the United States to implement a similar plan for African Americans and others. Since the 1960s Planned Parenthood has subsisted largely on your tax dollars.

Rose continues:

What will it take for Congress to stop funding this abusive and corrupt billion-dollar organization? What will it take for the Department of Justice to launch a thorough investigation of Planned Parenthood’s sexual abuse cover-up and medical misinformation? What will it take for us, the American public, to say, “Enough is enough!”

What indeed?

In her investigation, Rose uncovered evidence that Planned Parenthood actually aids and abets pimps and sex traffickers in much the way ACORN was exposed doing during O’Keefe’s investigation with Hannah Giles in 2009.

Think about it. Where is a pimp going to send his victims if they get pregnant on the “job”? An abortion clinic, and preferably one that won’t ask any questions. What if those victims are young girls, kidnapped or drafted in from the US, or trafficked in from other nations? Planned Parenthood has demonstrated that they do not report abuse. They are experts at turning a blind eye and asking for “as little information as possible.”

Darrell Issa, this is another rock you can turn over! How do these guys keep getting funding?

The new Republican Congress should immediately launch a wide-scale investigation into Planned Parenthood and move for complete defunding of this sink hole of corruption and government waste.


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