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Obama Admin on Pigford: ‘Forget the 40 Acres and Mule’

In Weekly Rant on 18/01/2011 at 18:29

The Obama Administration’s reparations Ponzi scheme, the multi-billion-dollar Pigford II settlement, has left legitimate black farmers out in the cold while paying off virtually anyone who grew a potato plant on their windowsill.

Picking up on the scandal exposed by Andrew Breitbart last year, Lee Stranahan reports on the massive government fraud and the Congressional Black Caucus’s culpability in perpetuating it in last Friday’s Huffington Post:

“I’ve been traveling around the South the past month interviewing people close to the Pigford settlement and it’s clear to me that the people who this fraud has hurt the most are hard-working Americans like Eddie and Willie. They have been pressured not to talk about the fraud, in some cases by members of the Congressional Black Caucus.”

Pigford V. Glickman was initially a class-action suit brought against the Agriculture Department for discrimination against black farmers in the South and settled during the Clinton Administration. Estimates at the time indicated that about 3,000 farmers were affected, but over 22,000 claims were filed and more than 13,000 were approved, at a minimum $50,000 a pop.

Breitbart at Big Government.com exposed the Pigford scandal in December of 2010, uncovering the scandal in the aftermath of his exposé on former Department of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod’s speech at an NAACP function last summer, in which Sherrod made statements that appeared to be racist while NAACP members applauded.

The resulting firestorm found the national media predictably cooking the story against Breitbart and bringing that fire down on his head. Left Coast Ledger even sided against the internet firebrand, a misjudgment we apologized for in December of last year.

Sherrod was fired from her post, but apparently wasn’t any the worse for wear, since she and her husband collected a whopping $13 million in the Pigford scam. But what piqued Breitbart’s interest was that she was not fired by Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack, but by the White House directly. Why?

The story takes off from there.

In 2007, after the initial settlement had long been closed, then Senator Barack Obama joined with several dubious “civil rights” groups to reopen Pigford. Although a federal judge refused to reopen the suit, Obama used his senatorial powers to spur Pigford II forward, and the result is a $1-plus-billion tab for the taxpayers and a leg up for himself in the 2012 presidential election. In other words, Obama is using Pigford II to buy black Southern votes.

“The judge in the Pigford case refused to re-open the settlement for these late claimants,” says Big Government’s Gary Hewson, “and in 2007 Barack Obama single-handedly ignored the checks and balances of our system of government, and overturned the work of our judicial branch and a Clinton-appointed judge.”

While the media were all too quick to tar and feather Breitbart for exposing the NAACP for racism among its members, they have been astonishingly absent in covering the greater scandal the incident uncovered.

Stranahan continues:

“There’s proof that Pigford is being sold as reparations behind closed doors while the defenders of the current settlement call critics racist for questioning Pigford.”

Obama’s Pigford vote-buying scheme has cost American taxpayers literally hundreds of millions in fraudulent payouts to Southern African Americans who have never farmed a strip of ground, and left legitimate claims to go to seed. It could cost billions if it is not stopped.

GOP representatives Michele Bachmann, Steve King, and Bob Goodlatte are leading the charge in the new House to ferret out illegitimate claims.

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