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Republican Peter King’s Loony Gun Law

In Strategery, The Haters, The War on Speech, The Wrong Right Turn on 12/01/2011 at 07:46

This is one for all of you Republican out there to think about. GOP Congressman from New York, Peter King, is drafting legislation to outlaw carrying a gun near certain public officials.

According to Fox News, King said his bill would make it illegal to knowingly carry a gun within a thousand feet of “certain high-profile” government officials.

That’ll fix it.

Have you thought about it? Okay, does anyone actually believe that Jared Loughner or any other bag of nuts and bolts who wants to assassinate a U.S. Congressman or Senator really gives a flying Georgetown doo-doo what the law says?

Tell me the truth Republicans. Did you guys actually elect this guy? Mario Cuomo appointed him when he was governor, right? And you think Sarah Palin is stupid?

With the parlor games going on in the Democratic Party right now, the country has quite enough to contend with, without a Republican introducing another needless loony piece of legislation that no one serious about committing a felony will care about one way or another. They have James Clyburn, you guys have Peter King and Dan Burton, that it? If King wants to draft a new bill, how about one that prevents any member of Congress from sending out any propaganda material capitalizing on a national crisis?

Seriously, in the wake of the first Kennedy assassination Congress passed a litany of gun laws. Have murders diminished? Have bank robbery statistics improved? How about assassinations and attempted assassinations, kidnappings, rapes? Not a bit. So what is the end game here, other than to take firearms away from citizens?

America will never give up her guns. The vast majority of gun owners would never think of committing a crime, so laws like King’s are ludicrous.

Public servants should be assured of protection when they are performing their duties for the people of their states, and that protection was available to Representative Giffords upon request by local law enforcement. It is probably is not an appropriate time to say it, but Congress hasn’t taken a moment’s pause before capitalizing on the moment, so neither will I; either Congresswoman Giffords or the Pima County Sheriff’s were negligent in scheduling this event.

We have heard that the Congresswoman was concerned for her safety after the Tea Party events last summer; her father said the whole Tea Party were her enemies. So why did her staff not schedule security for the event?

Memo to Representative King: Get freaking serious: your state is buried in debt, health care is in shambles, immigration is out of hand, and millions are jobless. Pick a topic and do something useful.

  1. She was afraid of the tea party? Why? I have been to two of their rally’s and have not seen, heard or observed anything that even smelled of violence. The tea party is against big government and taxes; nothing more and nothing less! Jared Loughner was not tied in with the tea party, or the Republicans or Conservative movement in any way. In fact he was a liberal who scared his fellow classmates, neighbors and even his instructors. They were not surprised when this happened. My question is why was this guy on the streets? Of course, with liberals they feel that he should not be institutionalized but should be free among us. Now look at the aftermath. I also believe that the Sheriff of that County, instead of making foolish statements to the media, should, himself be looked at as to why he did not report this individual to NIICS so that he could not purchase a gun. He, and he alone, should be held accountable for the needless violence. In fact, he should be the 2011 poster child for malfeasance!

  2. These knee jerk reactions are ridiculous….
    I agree with the above. Also, if she was afraid and had been threatened before, why didn’t she or her staff inform the police that she was going to be there? I know this is 20/20 hindsight but I think this horrible event could have been avoided if everyone would have done their job. I also think his parents have a lot to answer for………………….

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