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Readers Slime Vanity Fair: Constitution Reading, $1.1 Well-Spent

In Disappearing Ink on 07/01/2011 at 18:27

We picked up via Big Government and TPM Muckraker that Vanity Fair Daily, one of Obama’s dumpster deli’s, has gas over the House GOP’s Constitution reading yesterday. VF, of course, completely cooked the controversy by bringing in a so-called expert on government waste, who verified that the Republicans had indeed wasted $1.1 million of taxpayer dollars with the reading.

This is an except as reported by TPM:

Republicans to Spend $1.1 Million Reciting Constitution on House Floor

The amount I get is nearly $1.1 million. $1,071,872.87, to be exact, though of course this is more back-of-the-envelope than exact. When one chamber of Congress is in session but not working, we the people still have to pay for members’ salaries and expenses, and for their police protection, and for keeping their lights and phones and coffee machines on. Even Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Mike Pence (R-IN) combined don’t blow enough hot air to heat the Capitol in January.

But VF readers took exception:

“I’m curious as to how an interest in the Constitution can be sartorial. Are they thinking of making a fucking suit out of it?”

“One who identified himself as DCLawyer wrote: Juli, Has it occurred to you all that all of the elements of the so-called expenses of reading the Constitution would have been incurred no matter … If VF has nothing better to report about politics, it had better stick to movie stars and gossip, etc.”

“It took only 85 minutes to read THE MOST IMPORTANT document ever written in the history of humanity not 180 minutes so if we go with the dollar lie then the correct amount is $502,162.19. The Republican’s cut their budget in the house by millions so IT’S PAID FOR!”

“I think the author of this article should be raising hell over the $3 per gallon, and going up, price of gas instead of sniveling in corporate doublespeak about a cost that would be incurred any way. The media was raising all kinds of hell when gas hit this price a few years ago but hardly a peep about it now. Obie-Doll Obama gets another free pass from the mainstream media.”

“Why so scared of the Constitution? Congressional leaders swear to uphold the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic. What’s wrong with a gesture to demonstrate that they are AWARE of the Constitution and a reminder of the words they swear to uphold?”

“Now that the Republicans are in control, Vanity Rag and other lefty lune’s will analyze the lint between the toes of the Republicans. Did you ever see this rag analyze Botox Nancy’s 19,900 a month rent for her office? Of course not. Like I said. Vanity Rag Magazine.”

And the emails keep on coming.

Vanity Fair would do well to just cover adolescent, slightly effeminate rock stars facing a voice-change crisis.

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