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Beltway-Pundit Disconnect: ‘Palin Can’t Win, Bald White Guy Can’

In Palinography, Sarah Palin, The Wrong Right Turn on 05/01/2011 at 07:42

In another dazzlingly brilliant show of utterly disconnected logic, this week, elitist-conservative Washington pundit George Will said Sarah Palin can’t win in 2012, while a short, balding, unimpressive, uncharismatic competent governor might be just the thing … ”

What is it about a short, foxy, competent and damned charismatic former governor that offends Will’s sensibilities? By Will’s logic Sarah Palin fits the bill perfectly for 2012; she is about as opposite to Barack Obama as you can get.

Suddenly we have a spate of conservative Jewish pundits who are just sure Palin is going to mess up Republican chances in 2012. What, the lady has to serve you chicken soup? How about some moose chili? Grow some balloons!

Look, I don’t know whether Sarah Palin can win the GOP nomination, much less the presidency in 2012. But, while I’m just a lonely blogger out here in the ether, I’m bright enough to know that neither George Will nor Charles Krauthammer do either.

Regardless of anyone’s position on Palin as a political player there are several ways that she or anyone of several dark horse Republicans could gain the nomination and take the White House in 2012. If there is one thing we should understand about presidential politics by now it is that the contest is unpredictable this far out.

I have said in the past that if I were Palin I would not run. The woman has it made and she will be a player in the GOP in 2012, regardless of who goes against Obama. The candidates will be tripping over each other to get her endorsement. Let’s put it this way: any GOP candidate she does not endorse will not be elected. She clearly has that much clout.

But numbers are subject to change and the American public is as fickle as Peggy Noonan at a NBC mixer. They will vote for her if she takes on Obama on the issues; his blitzkrieg move to the left is indefensible.

Yes, Obama can win against almost anyone, but he will win against Mitt Romney by a landslide if the GOP is stupid enough to give him the nod.

What is really going on here is East Coast elitism. Charles Krauthammer is one of my favorites, but he is a snob. Bill Clinton calls him “brilliant” and he quips that his career is done and then goes for cocktails with a half dozen old Democrat cronies and they all have a good bipartisan laugh. Fine. But I can’t forget that Charles was once a speechwriter for Walter Mondale.

No one is that freaking brilliant.

The Beltway conservatives are afraid of Sarah Palin and what she represents. She represents a threat to their old-school effete Washington elitist control. Palin is playing outside the schoolyard, much less the sandbox, and Washington doesn’t understand anything outside the box.

America has changed. What we saw in November was not a wave; it was a paradigm shift. People who have never been interested in politics are getting involved and it will effect the 2012 election, even more than it did last year.

The age of Washington elitism is over. Palin, Huckabee, Mike Pense or anyone of a dozen other conservative Republicans could win in 2012, if the GOP does its job this year. If it doesn’t, Sarah Palin stands an even better chance.

But no one, but know one, knows right now.

  1. Saw your link at the Honey Trail. Thanks for stopping by. Nice blog.

  2. I’m new to politics, because of Obama. We must end him.

    Paying attention for a couple of years now, I’ve seen only one person with the capability and courage to take him down. And that is Sarah Palin. Other presidential hopefuls I’m sure will say they can and they will, but Palin is the only one that has shown me so. There are some smart guys out there, but brains without cojones won’t accomplish squat. And if we’re going to get the country away from Obama, we might as well fix it too.

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