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2nd Annual LCL Lefty Awards

In Can You Hear Me Now? on 01/01/2011 at 08:43

It’s almost impossible to believe that 2010 is at the door and waving goodbye, and it is time for our Annual LCL Lefty Awards once again. For those of you who are just dropping by for the first time, the Left Awards are our annual picks of liberals, RINOs and sellout conservatives who managed to spend us into the poor house, disseminate clueless liberal tripe, or just generally ticked us off.

The Lefty Awards this year are dedicated to the liberals and progressives who helped the conservative right pull off the coup of coups in the fall election. They represent everything honest hard working Americans love to hate about liberalism, and gave us all a great hand in pointing it out this year.

Editor’s note: While we are not homophobic or racist, those vital statistics don’t get you a pass either, so buckle in. PS — Remember, Barack Obama doesn’t get a Lefty; he is the Lefty.

10. Alan Grayson – Alan is the Kamikaze Democrat. After being elected by a largely Republican—go figure—constituency, he announced to the nation that, “Republicans want you to die quickly.” In the fall election campaign, Kidney’s for Brains ran a “shopped” ad spot in an attempt to paint his GOP opponent as a Taliban supporter. His district went Red again. Toddles Alan.

9. Whoopi Goldberg – Part of Caryn Johnson’s charm, back in the 1980s, was that she was a former welfare mother who actually got up a did something with her life. She wasn’t a deep well, even then, but she reinvented herself with Rastafarian dreadlocks, took the name Whoopi Goldberg and made us laugh. And she has bored us silly with her clueless liberal naïveté ever since. Her insistence that we sub-qualify the Muslims who killed thousands of Americans on 9-11 as some kind of insignificant splinter group, in a religion of 110 million radicals, gave her a lock on the list this year. If Whoopi had a brain, she’d have to find a Muslim to blow herself up. We thought about making this a duel entry by adding Joy Behar, but Behar is irrelevant.

8. Feisal Abdul Rauf – The 20th 9-11 hijacker, Rauf has poked a thumb in the eye of every American who lost a loved one in the Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. He epitomizes everything skewed about his 7th century faith in a modern world. At the least, his attempt to construct a mosque literally on ground destroyed on 9-11 is insensitive; at worst it calls into question his true motives and his legitimacy as an American. WE DON’T TRUST YOU, IMAM RAUF!

7. Eric Holder – Nor do we trust Mr. Holder. Holder has treated terrorists as though they are deprived minorities, coddled street thugs—the Black Panthers—as though they were civil rights protestors, and brought reproach on his office in a country that has allowed him to promote his radical agenda. From his foot dragging on the Julian Assange Wikileaks and 9-11 terrorists prosecutions, to the racial bias he has brought to the Justice Department, Holder is a disgrace to his office.

6. Rep. Earl Blumenauer – Don’t recognize him? You aren’t missing much. Mr. Blumenauer has to take top prize as the dumbest Democrat of the year for his email to supporters, asking them not to publicize the addition of Medicare’s new “Death Panel” regulation, thereby—what else?—publicizing it. Earl is our whistle-blower of the year.

5. Lady Gaga – This sleazy songstress gets the nod for her momentary lapse into sanity, by inadvertently helping to defeat the Arizona boycott. “You really think that us dumb f_ _ _ing pop stars are going to collapse the economy of Arizona?” the rocker told her Arizona audience. “Do not be afraid, because if it wasn’t for all of you immigrants, this country wouldn’t have s_ _ _.” The Lady makes her protests, one platinum record at a time.

4. Nancy Pelosi – For all of her money-grubbing, self-indulgent, anti-business, economy-destroying antics, Pelosi’s comments on Haiti take the prize for 2010. Nearly a quarter million died in Haiti and hundreds of thousand more were injured and left destitute; Nancy sees this as an economic boon in the making. “Haiti can leap-frog over its past challenges, economically, politically, and demographically in terms of the rich and poor and the rest there, and have a new—just a new, fresh start,” said Pelosi in her press release. “That this can create a boom economy for the people there and make a big difference in their lives.” Now if we can just blow up a few more American cities.

3. Charley Rangel – War hero (just ask him), defender of the downtrodden, and slumlord, Charlie put the Ways in Ways and Means and got free parking while he did it. In Charlie’s rambling speech before the ethics committee he repeatedly asked that they not attach “unethical” to his censure. Right. We are prevailing on the citizens of Harlem to give Charlie the Bumpy Johnson Homeboy of the Year Award.

2. Michelle Obama – Michelle made the list last year for putting Detroit on the map as a fashion capitol. This year she drops to second place for her “Don’t let them eat cake” campaign. The First Lady’s campaign against childhood obesity is a thinly veiled tactic to give government at seat at the family dinner table.

And the winner of the 2010 Lefty Award is …

1. Bradley Manning – Wikileaks traitor Bradley Manning is the case-in-point poster boy for why gay men should stick to creative pursuits. When arrested for handing over hundreds of thousands of our nations secrets to cyber terrorist Julian Assange, Bradley told his superiors that he was in a “bad place” and that the other boys laughed at him because he was homosexual. If we’re going to have gays in the military, the least we can do is recruit Dykes on Bikes.

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