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Tucker Carlson Calls for Vick’s Execution

In Disappearing Ink, Harvard Math, Obamarama, The Wrong Right Turn on 30/12/2010 at 08:35

Isn’t it enough that we have a jug-eared sports junkie in the White House defending Michael Vick, without having a Republican pundit calling for his lynching? Can’t we find some middle ground here?

That is essentially what The Daily Caller editor in chief Tucker Carlson thinks Vicks’ punishment should have been for killing pit bulls. And that is certainly what it would have been.

Okay, Michael Vick did a terrible thing. You can take a boy out of the hood, but apparently not the hood out of the boy. But while I can’t see any grounds for defending him—call me a softy—execution sounds a skosh extreme.

As politically incorrect it is to say, dog fighting is a tradition in the black and poor white communities that goes back hundreds of years, particularly in the South. Some are trying to erase the history but it is there. As a boy my father lived right up the road from the Oklahoma state dog-fighting champion, a dog that had killed many opponents. Dog fighting is not civilized or justifiable to anyone with half an education, but it is an American tradition.

Don’t get me wrong, dog fighting is inhumane and it is justifiably illegal, but there is no question that it is also part of some cultures in the U.S.

But the extreme to which animal rights activists are taking Vick’s crimes is ridiculous. Vick is obviously a kid with serious problems; he has had both drug and gambling arrests, and, frankly, I don’t know why the NFL would want him back. After all, character should have some place in the game, even nowadays. But Vick has paid for his crimes and now it is in the hands of NFL fans.

What is just as annoying for me as Vick’s return to the NFL, however, is how the Republican Party keeps coming up with wackos like Carlson. Dogs don’t have rights, people do. Dogs are property and it is exactly this kind of nutcake logic that is bringing their party down. The inroads progressives are making into the GOP is downright spooky.

Hopefully Michael Vick has learned his lesson, somehow I doubt it, but we can pray. Tucker Carlson, on the other hand, is what happens when conservatives share cabs with liberals. How do we fix that?


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