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Ben Affleck Rings, Rings Our Bells

In Bowling for Dollars, Civil Lefts on 23/12/2010 at 19:03

Don’t you just love it when liberals lecture us on the unfairness of capitalism? Take Ben Affleck for instance, who made $37,000,000 this year—that’s $19,270.86-an-hour, or $5.35 in the second or so it took you to read about it.

Ben wants us to know that corporate executives are making entirely too much money and that, doggone it, it just isn’t fair.

“… CEOs’ pay shouldn’t be 200 times the average worker,” Affleck told NPR (speaking of wasted money) this week. “It used to be nine times. OK, maybe it’s legal and maybe it passes muster with shareholders. But there’s something about us that fundamentally feels it isn’t right.”

Ben, we didn’t know you cared. Now maybe you can do something about movie prices, like taking an $18,000-an-hour cut in pay so we can actually afford to go see you murder a script. Come to think of it, you could pay us back for Gigli.

C’mon, Ben, don’t be a Scrooge!  Think popcorn.

Tell us, buddy, do you ever really look at yourself? No, not in the mirror, dummy!

Whenever liberal celebrities do something charitable—which ain’t all that often—they send out a press release, like Ted Turner did when he donated $1 billion to pay the UN’s light bill in 1997.

You guys love being seen as givers. Hard-working stiff makes good, gives a little back, right?

Like when Sean Penn went to Haiti this year to supervise world relief efforts. Sean jumped right into action and formed a staff he could manage. “Hey, I’m just here to help.”

Sean, Ben, have you guys signed Ben & Jerry’s “Please tax us more,” petition. Hurry, the bus is leaving.

That’s “I gave at the office,” liberal style.

Listen, Ben, the next time you decide to ring our bells with this nonsense, the least you can do is have the decency to tell us you’re just promoting a new movie. Because, you see, Ben, most of the wealthy in this country actually produce something useful.

Call me.

  1. This was absolutely priceless….don’t you just love these do gooders that think they are above all of us….if they really wanted to help selflessly, they would give and shut up about it…

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