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Net Neutrality is Here: Imagine an Internet Without Breitbart and Malkin

In Bowling for Dollars, Civil Lefts, Disappearing Ink, Obamarama on 21/12/2010 at 20:26

Ever ask yourself how the United States government managed to gain control of the public airwaves? By its very definition the airwaves would seem to be as beyond taxation and regulation as air itself; yet here we are with ABC, CBS, and NBC, nearly a century after their inception, tightly controlled by an unelected gaggle of commissioners that most people only realize exist in the most ethereal sense.

And the Internet is next.

The Internet is the last bastion of free enterprise, innovation and expression yet to be unharnessed by the reins of government. Imagine, over the last two decades, thousands of enterprising young entrepreneurs have made multiple billions of dollars and trillions more have exchanged hands without the help of one single bureaucrat, elected or otherwise. Bloggers like Red State and Hot Air, opinion outlets that wouldn’t have stood a chance of gaining recognition in any other media, have thousands of daily readers around the world, all accomplished in the spirit of unregulated free expression and enterprise.

And they did it all without a Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or an FCC commission to “level the playing field.”

There is no problem with the Internet, no crises to exploit, no regulations that will improve it, and Congress has granted the FCC no such rights. So-called “net neutrality” is not about neutrality at all; it is about silencing conservative voices. Period.

Yet even after a federal appeals court slap-down last spring the Obama Administration is voraciously attempting to suck the Internet into its bureaucratic boondoggle of red tape and regulatory oversight, by massively expanding this agency whose original mandate alone should be in question.

If the Obama FCC is allowed to gain even a toehold on the Internet it will eventually lead to government scrutiny of even the tinniest blogger; this FCC is, even as I write, listening to the voices of demagogues like Al Sharpton, who are asking the agency to gag Rush Limbaugh and other conservative radio talk show hosts.

Imagine an Internet without the likes of Andrew Breitbart, Matt Drudge or Ann Coulter, once politicians gain control of this vast ether. Can we trust even a Republican controlled Congress to protect us from silencing voices one bureaucrat or another may find offensive in coming years? Who’s to say that a group of Lindsey Grahams, Lisa Murkowskis and John McCains won’t compromise away our freedoms in some future bill, or that they won’t chip them away bit by bit in successive congresses?

There has been a stunning sense of apathy on the part of the citizenry as this president has quietly expanded his power by bureaucratic maneuvering. But the Obama FCC cannot be allowed to wrest control of the Internet from the hands of free enterprise. This is not an issue of compromise, as Republicans in Congress have been wont to do over the years, Obama must be stopped dead in his tracks.

The 112th Congress has a clearer mandate than perhaps any in modern history. The public outcry of last November was for a 180-degree turnaround in the direction of government. This administration’s quest to regulate every nut and bolt of societal endeavor will eventually lead to a centralize government that cannot be turned back.

Beginning with its installment in January, this Congress must move immediately to rein in the Administration’s onslaught against freedom, beginning with net neutrality. The net neutrality ruse, if allowed to go forth, will allow the government to harness independent voices on the Internet.

If we do not stop it now, we will wake up one morning—very soon—and the government will own it.

Congress—Mitch McConnell, John Boehner—make Barack Obama veto legislation to keep the Internet free; let him explain to the American people why he wants to muzzle our voice.


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