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DADT Repealed: Showers Heating Up

In Civil Lefts, Harvard Math, Obamarama on 20/12/2010 at 18:14

In spite of overwhelming evidence that gays serving openly in the military will create morale issues and affect combat preparedness, the lame-duck Democrat Senate has thumbed its nose at the general staffs of the United States Army, Air Force and Marines, by repealing don’t ask don’t tell.

At stake is our longstanding superiority as the fighting force that has kept the Western World safe for democracy and is currently engaged in a war that presents perhaps the greatest peril to our freedoms in history.

In arriving at its “positive consensus,” the Defense Department used cooked up surveys based on overall troop acceptance of gays, rather than the opinions of on-the-ground combat personnel and command staff who will have to deal with the problems created by this shift in policy. As if the opinion of some raw recruit who had to remove her nose ring to enlist should matter in the first place.

Less than 25 percent of active military servicemen in all branches of service ever see a battlefield, and therefore are not dependant on the GI next to them for their very lives. “Let me see, Troy there has been on R & R, taking it in the skivvies from every leggy drag queen in Frankfurt for a month. Do I really want him giving me mouth-to-mouth, if I’m wounded?”

To paraphrase an old 1960’s anti-Vietnam-Left adage, “War is harmful for children and other living things,” especially when their favorite pastime is playing dress up in a Victoria’s Secret nightie and entertaining the troops after light’s out. The repeal of don’t ask don’t tell will be a disaster for the U.S. military in combat operations, and gays are likely to be adversely affected.

Perhaps most insulting about the Democratic-led push to force a purely political agenda upon our military, is that there hasn’t been a problem. Ever.

Ann Coulter:

“Gays in the military understand this better than heterosexuals in civilian life. According to the Pentagon’s survey, only 15 percent of gays currently serving said they would want their units to know they’re gay. (Also, 2 percent of gays currently serving giggled when asked about their “unit,” which is down from 5 percent from last year.)

There are far more discharges for pregnancy and “parenthood” than for homosexuality. In the past five years, less than 1 percent of all unplanned military discharges (i.e. not due to retirement or completion of service) were for homosexuality.

Here’s a record of the discharges for 2008, according to the Defense Department:

— Drugs: 5,627
— Serious offenses: 3,817
— Weight standards: 4,555
— Pregnancy: 2,353
— Parenthood: 2,574
— Homosexuality: 634

The main lesson from these figures isn’t that we should have gays openly serving in the military, but that we need to get girls out of the military, inasmuch as they are constantly being discharged for pregnancy, parenthood and weight issues.”

In 1994, the Clinton Administration quietly rescinded the so-called “risk rule” that gauged the specialties to which women could be assigned in our military. Since that time women have played an increasing role in combat operations. And the Pentagon has quietly covered up for the havoc it has caused. Now our young men in combat must pay particular attention that female GIs don’t fall prey to terrorists and suffer reprehensible sexual torture. If a gunship goes down with a female in the flight crew, and they are captured, she’s toast.

Gays serving openly in our military will simply compound the mountain of morale, morality and psychological issues already facing commanders in the field. Although no doubt the Defense Department will cover up the problems this action will create for our military’s leaders, the damage will be significant. It is one thing to ask our servicemen to tolerate gays, and quite another to asked straight GIs to sleep side-by-side with them.

There is no question that the United States is a full decade behind many other nations in allowing the openly gay to serve in our military, and there is no question that public opinion has softened on the subject. But our military is the one area where public opinion and the mores of other nations don’t count. The only thing that should matter in respect to our young men and women in uniform is their safety and effectiveness in carrying out their missions and assignments.

Americans are a fair people. For the most part, we couldn’t care less whether Ralphy and Kenny are copping feels in the storeroom at the PX. But when a government takes a position involving the safety of our armed services members in combat for purely political purposes, it serves to demoralize the unit as a whole and unnecessarily places troops’ lives in jeopardy.


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