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Barack, Are We Having a Tantrum?

In Can You Hear Me Now?, Disappearing Ink, Obamarama on 17/12/2010 at 21:16

In the theatre of Washington politics you couldn’t get a story like this for the price of a pair of tickets with a box of popcorn thrown in. The unfolding saga between Barack Obama and his liberal base in the House is rich drama indeed.

It starts this way: An Oregon überliberal backbencher, Pete DeFazio, comments to CNN Ho-Daddy Eliot Spitzer that President Obama is calling House Democrats and telling them his presidency is at stake, if they don’t pass his Bush tax cuts compromise.

Of course it all hits the fan. Five minutes after the story airs the White House is on the horn denying that Barack Obama has ever heard of anyone named DeFazio. And of course DeFazio—who has been trying to get off the bench for decades—is gingerly walking back his statement today.

And that should have been the end of it.

And would have been if not for the fact that the President used exactly the same shtick during his Obamacare scam, last March. His presidency was on the line then as well.

Is this really what the presidency has come down to? One has to wonder if this has worked for Obama over the years. When Grammy and Gramps didn’t accede to his demands at the K-Mart when he was a child, did he lie down and kick and scream his way to success? Never mind what I said last week. If you don’t do what I want and do it now, you’ll be sorry!

How long will the Washington media cover for this guy. For months on end during the 2008 race we heard media lefties tell us about John McCain’s reputed legendary temper tantrums, while giving Obama a pass on his inexcusable behavior, right up to the present.

Case in point: In March last year the President of the United States walked out on Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, leaving the head of state, our strongest ally in the Middle East, to stew in his juices while Barack dines with the wife and kids.

Were we witnessing the conduct of a seething brat?  With this President, one gets the impression that everything is about him.

This week, when President Clinton took the podium as an invited guest at an impromptu White House briefing, to sell the Democratic Left on his compromise with the GOP, POTUS abruptly excused himself in order, once again, so as not to keep the First Lady waiting; this in the middle of the worst recession in a century with his compromise on the line and American jobs at stake.

Obama’s slap down of Pete DeFazio for the Congressman’s artless comment is understandable, and certainly tells us why this chrome-dome from Eugene remains a backbencher. But this whole episode says far more about this President. He is a fledgling with not the slightest sophistication when he doesn’t get his way.

  1. He is the most unsofisticated and self centered leader we have ever had…..I hear he’s lazy and would rather watch ESPN than work…but then that’s a rumor, but it does seem to fit. Bush played golf twice in 8 yrs. because he felt there were soldiers overseas fighting for us and that it was inappropriate for him to do so…what a difference,no matter what side one is on….

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