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DeMint Demands Congress Learn to Read

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Now this is creative GOP leadership. South Carolina Republican Jim DeMint is demanding that the Senate actually read two bills before they are brought to a vote. The bills are the 1,900-page Omnibus Spending Bill and Obama’s New START treaty ratification.

Plenty is being said about the Omnibus so let’s take on START.

Ask yourself this:

Why is Obama trying to push this legislation through so quickly?

“Who would have thought in the year 2010 the United States would be renewing its Cold War–era policy of mutually assured destruction with Russia?” DeMint wrote in his National Review op-ed last July.

Who indeed?

Why in the world is Barack Obama negotiating away our nuclear superiority, while the former Soviet state has been complicit in helping a rogue nation bent on the destruction of Israel and the United States develop a bomb?

DeMint continues:

“New START also fails on another important front: It doesn’t recognize the fact that Russia and the United States play very different roles in the world. Russia is a threat to many and a protector of none. The United States, on the other hand, is a threat to none and a protector of many. More than 30 nations, many in the former Soviet bloc, depend on the U.S. for their security. The New START treaty does not reflect that obligation. It ignores it.”

START is a completely unnecessary treaty that the United States had no business negotiating to begin with. The reduction of U.S. nuclear arms in an era when rogue nations around the world are in a footrace to acquire them is insanity of the highest degree.

It serves no advantage to the U.S. and every advantage to Russia and China, not to mention North Korea, Iran and any other 16th-rate date-picking principality with enough money to buy a weapon on the black-market in the future.

With all of the infighting in Congress over the economy and joblessness, the Administration is counting on the fact that most Americans will not take a serious interest of this deliberate attempt to weaken U.S. strategic defenses.

U.S. participation in an arms-reduction treaty with Russia now is tantamount to knocking out our own teeth before going to the brawl; it’s an acknowledgement that the former Soviet state is still an international superpower when quite the contrary is true.

New START, for the first time in U.S. history, links our defensive and offensive nuclear capability. The U.S. is far ahead of any other nation in missile defense and we have every reason to maintain that lead and none to cede it.

Over the centuries, Russia has always been a threat to its neighbors, and during the Cold War, a provocateur around the world. The United States has absolutely no business treating this nation as a legitimate world power, especially after Putin’s unwarranted invasion of Georgia in 2008.

In recently released government documents by Wikileaks, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is revealed to have said, “Russian democracy has disappeared and the government was an oligarchy run by the security services.”

So why is the Obama Administration so willing to enter into a negotiation with a state that his own defense secretary acknowledges as a potential threat to U.S. security?

Jim DeMint’s move to have this bill read on the Senate floor, regardless of its effectiveness, is something every American with an interest in national security must support. Now is not the time for compromise; the GOP must block the Democrats’ attempts to strong-arm their liberal agenda at every turn.

  1. I wish he hadn’t backed off…i thought we were going to have a “Mr.Smith Goes to Washington”

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