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Obama’s Regulatory Voodoo and the Cost of Doing Business

In Bowling for Dollars, Harvard Math, Obamarama on 14/12/2010 at 07:53

While the American people have been coping with the mind-bending shock of bailouts, massive spending bills and the healthcare takeover, the Obama Administration has been quietly regulating the nation out of hearth and home.

Since taking office, the Administration has enacted or attempted to enact sweeping, historic rule changes in virtually every area of American life, from environmental regulations to manufacturing and homebuilding.

Among new regulations that the Administration is asking for and getting in the courts and Congress are new EPA rules on greenhouse gas emissions, which will send costs skyrocketing and require U.S. manufacturers to adopt technology requirements based on unproven science.

But while anyone might expect these new “green energy” policies from the Obama White House, based on the President’s comments before he was elected, the Administration has moved at a flabbergasting pace to intrude into other areas of American’s lives.

The Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act signed today will not only regulate what foods schools must provide in cafeteria menus and vending machines, but extend to what parents can put on their tables for them at home.

This week the Administration moved to change union voting regulations enacted by the Roosevelt Administration nearly 80 years ago, which mandated that unions win the entire majority vote of a particular class of workers, to now require only a simple majority. The new rules will make unions’ attempts to organize previously non-union companies, such as Delta Airlines, far easier and almost certainly drive up air travel costs.

Last month the Senate passed broad-based new legislation that gives the FDA increased authority over food production and, according to the United Fresh Produce Association, will drive small farmers and food producers out of business.

The Obama Administration’s failure to act quickly and decisively during last year’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill was a direct result of strangling regulations imposed by the EPA, OSHA and other federal bureaucracies. These restrictions impeded the state of Louisiana’s ability to act, brought an industry to a standstill, and turned a containable accident into a catastrophe.

The President’s adversarial approach to industry and small business has had a similar effect on an already abysmally sluggish economy. When he has been unable to get legislation through Congress or the courts to regulate our daily existence, he has engage in bureaucratic voodoo by tightening agency mandates under his control.

Increased regulations under the Obama Administration create a toxic environment between government and business and have already had a job-killing, price-gouging effect on the U.S. consumer.

The new GOP-led Congress must stand toe-to-toe with this Administration to curtail President Obama’s ideology-based attack on families, businesses and industry and rein in government over-regulation.

  1. Unfortunately, I do not see the Republicans with a spine to do it….maybe the new kids but not the good ole’ boys….I hope the McConnells & Bohners are out in 2012….

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