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Boehner-McConnell: Can These Old Dogs Learn New Tricks?

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Michael A. Walsh, author (under the pseudonym David Kahane) of, Rules for Radical Conservatives, hits it right on the nose this week in his New York Post op-ed, “A Time for Fightin’: Bipartisanship is for Suckers.

The question is, Can John Boehner and Mitch McConnell actually shuck the idea that they’ve been sent to Washington to look for common ground with a party that long ago forsook Constitutional republicanism?

Because that is exactly what the American public has been spoon-fed night after night for the past five decades, since Walter Cronkite and David Brinkley shed their journalistic objectivity and came out openly liberal.

In the words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Well, Rodney, no, we can’t.

Nor should we. In the words of Mr. Walsh, “Politics, when properly practiced, does not whisper the sweet nothings of accommodation, consensus and reaching across the aisle. The aisle is there for a reason — to separate two opposing viewpoints — and it ought to be both respected and celebrated.”

What in the last 24 months has given Republicans like Boehner, McConnell and even that fearsome “Young Gun” Eric Cantor the idea that anyone out here is looking for compromise? The “enemy”—to use President Obama’s word—didn’t lend themselves to compromise on the stimulus or health care. They railroaded and arm-twisted every step of the way as they misappropriated the GM bailout and Cash for Clunkers.

What Obama has not accomplished by legislative bullying he intends to regulate and administrate. His EPA and FCC are the most aggressive in history.

Yet, if you listen very closely, the dreaded C-word (and I’m not speaking of Nancy Pelosi here) crops up virtually every time a Republican opens his mouth. Eric Cantor has installed a hotline in his office to walk back misstatements about health care repeal. Because, you understand, Cantor knows he and his cohorts have no intention of repealing Obamacare.

Mr. Cantor’s problem is that he keeps forgetting we know that he knows it. Surely, Congressman Cantor rationalizes, the public is not sophisticated enough to understand the complexities of reeling in this massive piece of legislation.

The same holds true for any well-briefed Republican in the Senate and Congress. The talking points are cast in granite; talk repeal, think compromise.

But there can be no compromise with a party dedicated to the bit-by-bit erosion of the United States Constitution. In the last 50 years the Democrats have giant-stepped forward their massive government takeover and baby-stepped back when conservative voices become loud enough to do them serious damage.

And the GOP has not always been the bastion of big government restraint.

Ronald Reagan may be the darling of the Heartland Right in this country but he has never been a favorite of Beltway career Republicans who like their power. Reagan was for strong defense and smaller government. By definition the latter idea is contrary to power-seeking bureaucrats’ self-preservation. In Washington a congressman or senator makes his bones for committee and sub-committee chairmanships.

I’ll admit it; I’m cynical. I no longer trust a congressman who has been in Washington long enough to sign a long-term lease on a Georgetown apartment. I’ll even admit that I am dubious of several of the newbies that jumped on the Tea Party wagon in the last election, among them Marco Rubio.

And while I’m not ready to fully embrace the libertarianism of, say, a Rand Paul, I do understand the need, at this time of all times, not to compromise an inch.

  1. Most of them have lost their values, if they ever had any and they have no backbone or guts…they do not know how to argue or fight. They want to be NICE! Isn’t that nice, well sometimes we have to stand up and fight and that isn’t nice!!! Frankly it’s all about them for most of them and their power no matter what side they are on…..sadly to say.
    World War II would not have been won if we were nice. Reagan wasn’t always nice when he wanted what was right, he knew how to fight!

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