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Blue Dog Republican? Joe Scarborough Should Man Up

In Disappearing Ink, The Wrong Right Turn on 03/12/2010 at 18:32

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In his Politico op-ed this week, Joe Scarborough admonishes the Republican Party to “man up” and distance itself from Sarah Palin. Right, Joe, and alienate every Tea Party advocate in the U.S. While we’re at it why don’t we recruit Olympia Snowe for the 2012 GOP nomination?

While we all realize that Joe has issues with women, this is ridiculous. Regardless whether Palin is fit for the presidency, only an outright idiot could deny that she has been good for the party. Joe exceeds the RINO designation.

I’ve coined a new phrase for Joe, well, purloined one: He is now officially the first Blue Dog Republican. A Blue Dog Republican is a Republican whose liberal views are being choked off by the conservative right to the point that they’ve rendered themselves insignificant as conservative voices. We can lump Peggy Noonan, Susan Collins and—well, the list is endless—in with this mockery of conservatism.

And now the failed Congressman is catching it from both sides.

Joe had his red bottom handed to him today, by none other than Christine Pelosi for using sexist rhetoric in his column, in telling his party to “man up.”

For uninitiated among us who may not understand how humiliating that is for a Blue Dog Republican like Joe, liken it to not being invited to cocktails by the likes of Margaret Hoover or Meghan McCain … like forever. Gag me with a fork!

The real question here is whether Joe Scarborough and others, like Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy, have a clue as to the pulse of the millions of Republicans across America that just pulled off the greatest Tuesday Night Massacre since 1948?

Noonan would still be trying to con us on her conservative credentials, were it not for her now infamous “hot mic” incident during the 2008 campaign, and Joe is not much better.

To Joe’s credit, at least he doesn’t try to cover up his hypocrisy, as did Noonan. Of course, in working for a third-tier hack-fest like MSNBC, Joe doesn’t really have to make any pretense of being truly conservative; suffice to say he once may have been.

Joe Scarborough’s career in the House was cut short by scandal, he was recently suspended by MSNBC for contributing to several Republican campaigns—they would have promoted him if he’d disclosed the Democrats he contributed to—and he is clearly on the bottom rung of political thinkers on cable news.

One has to wonder if cable news hasn’t become a lot like reality TV these days. Maybe there is simply too much airtime to find the incisive, credible talking heads the networks require to do the job.

Sarah Palin, interestingly enough, is a credible force on cable news and reality television, and without her the GOP would be about ten seats short of a majority in the House. Scarborough needs to man up and go back to ambulance chasing.

Good Night Joe.

  1. Joe may have once been conservative but he has been at MSNBC too long and has been around those liberals like Matthews until he has begun to believe them, too bad but he has lost his way

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