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That Little Old Spymaster, Hillary? Clinton Had Diplomats Spy on U.N. Leaders

In Billary, Obamarama on 29/11/2010 at 21:10

Perhaps the most damning revelation in this whole Wikileaks mess is just how much U.S. foreign policy has deteriorated under the Obama Administration. With Barack Obama looking more like an argument for the failed affirmative action policy on the 1960s everyday, Hillary Clinton took point today in the Julian Assange Wikileaks scandal.

The Obama Administration could have shut down the rogue website six months ago when Assange released the first barrage of damaging State Department and military documents; the obvious tact here should have been to declare Assange and his cohorts as cyber terrorists and set out to bring him to justice.

Although Assange purloined the documents months ago and the Administration could not have prevented their release, the U.S. could have taken action against the perpetrator long since. Instead he has been allowed to roam at will without a worry in the world.

During the Bush Administration, Sectary of State Condoleezza Rice maintained a high-profile public persona but Clinton has been almost invisible in her two years as head of the department. Today, she found the perfect opportunity to show herself in control, while Obama once again fails to act decisively. That is, if not for the fact that Hillary’s own malfeasances are so blatant.

Front page and eclipsing the Secretary of State’s formal address today is the blazing headline: “Hillary Clinton ordered diplomats to spy on UN: WikiLeaks docs”. In other words, while decrying the Wiki dump as an attack on the world community, Clinton has been outted as the chief villain.

Damage from the Wiki Dump is enormous, and it demonstrates all too clearly the vulnerability of a weak Administration at a time when the United States security should be at maximum strength. At stake is U.S. credibility, if not security.

Included in the massive document dump is a particularly telling statement by Robert Gates in which the U.S. Defense secretary says, that: “Russian Democracy has disappeared” and that the former Soviet state under Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is an “oligarchy run by the security services.”

It has yet to be revealed to what if any degree sensitive intelligence has been compromised but damage to the American brand within the halls of world capitals is extensive. The documents unveil the most candid communications by American diplomats with Washington regarding everyone from Nicolas Sarkozy—“a naked emperor”—to possible betrayals by U.S. allies like Turkey and Pakistan.

Perhaps one of the most embarrassing revelations so far has been the Obama Administration’s laissez-faire attitude toward Iranian nuclear advancements and the entire Arab world’s mounting fear as the terrorist nation draws closer to achieving its goals.

While Obama has pursued a ridiculous diplomacy policy in dealing with Iran, with whom the United States has no diplomatic relations, Israel has warned the President repeatedly that time is running out and has issued a deadline for the U.S. to act.

This latest leak by Assange is the most embarrassing breach of State Department security since the early days of the Cold War when Alger Hiss was revealed as a Soviet spy.


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