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The Snob Factor: Barbara Bush Trashes Palin

In The Wrong Right Turn on 23/11/2010 at 19:13

If you want snobbish elitists, just watch a Republican pundit schmoozing with his liberal cronies on a weekend news magazine, or interview the wife of a former president. The elitist arrogance shouldn’t but almost certainly will astound you.

The comments about Sarah Palin this week by former first lady Barbara Bush and columnist-pundit George Will, by their sheer audacity, sum up nicely why the Republican Party has lost the American public.

Take a guy like me for instance. I might be inclined to agree with them about Palin’s lack of gravitas and experience, were it not for the fact that everyone with that experience—including pundits and former first families—are so disgusting. I haven’t trusted a major player in the GOP in 10 years.

Gimme someone who drops her present participles every time.

If the 2010 election said anything to Washington insiders, it was that the electorate if fed up with smug elitist hypocrisy, regardless of what institution taught it to them. With politicians, the tell is often found in the spouse, as in the case of Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, just this week.

John Davidson Rockefeller IV, better known as Jay Rockefeller comes from a long line of uncles, aunts, siblings and cousins who haven’t held an honest job in three generations. He has so many congressmen and senators in his family tree that he has to consult the social register to make sure his grandchildren aren’t inbreeding.

This week Rockefeller told us that he wants the FCC to end Fox News and MSNBC. His hypocrisy by including the Left in his statement is glaring. “I hunger for quality news,” says the Senator. “I’m tired of the right and the left.” Oh really? Then why is his wife the executive officer of the largest PBS station in Washington? No leftist bias there.

And we saw the same smugness in Barbara Bush’s trashing of Palin on Larry King the other night. Of course the former first lady’s comment flies in the face of Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican. But what does Barbara—or George for that matter—care? They never went much for Reagan in the first place.

For years I have made no secret of my disenchantment for the GOP. I find myself wishing Rush Limbaugh would drop out; he and Sarah Palin are about the only two honest Republicans I can think of. Well, there is Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter.

To be sure, I’ll vote for almost any Republican over Barack Obama, but that doesn’t make me happy. I won’t vote for Mitt Romney; if the party nominates him I’ll stay home, but almost anyone else.

But, to be candid, I will not vote for any of them with confidence. Except Palin. Mike Pence’s canned statements leave me suspect, Mike Huckabee makes me want to puke on Whoopi Goldberg’s PF Flyers, and Tim Pawlenty puts me in mind of a long siesta. I’m not a Chris Christie fan; he’s a freaking liberal. He may be good for New Jersey and wish him success, but he will never be good for America.

Palin is, frankly, the only potential candidate I trust.

If she runs, I’ll vote for Sarah Palin, just to spite the Republican leadership. Better a hot grandma from Hicksville than a double-talking Mormon or a prematurely white-haired Congressman any day.

The message of Delaware was this: So what if we can’t win? Better to run a candidate who shares our values and loses, than a liberal with an elephant pin on his lapel.

I don’t care if Sarah Palin comes off like a hayseed; she, unlike Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, has actually run something. She unlike Mitt Romney was against gay marriage in 1994, and will be in 2012.

Barbara Bush should, of all people, be incensed by the suggestion that Palin is unfit for high office. Her husband was savaged by the media as a wimp and her son as a moron. To see her look down her nose at Sarah Palin is shameful.

The effort by the East Coast establishment and beltway denizens to Europeanize our political system should now resonate in the minds of every voter, especially after this astounding election. But I fear it does not.

I fear we have given too much power to them to take back.

  1. someone told me once that I may think the Bush family is conservative, but they are not! They continue to prove they are not….

  2. They are Rockefeller-style Republicans without a conservative value among them.

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