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TSA: An $8 Billion Government Snafu

In Civil Lefts, Obamarama, The American Jihad, The Enemy Among Us on 17/11/2010 at 18:23

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Have we completely taken leave of our senses?  Bravo to John “Don’t touch my junk” Tyner for standing up to the insanity.

Remember, back in 2001, when the Bush Administration tried to privatize security in U.S. airports?  It was Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who mounted a campaign against the Republican minority in Congress to create a new government bureaucracy called the Transportation Security Administration.

And air travel across the country became a nightmare.

In the government’s insane campaign to assure U.S. Muslims that they are not being singled out, the Bush and Obama administrations have put in place an $8-billion, one-size-fits-all security snafu to rival the likes of the worst bloated bureaucracies.  And not one grandmother has been uncovered as an al Qaeda terrorist yet.

This is as good an example of bureaucratic malfeasance as you will ever see, folks: 56,000 inefficient, soon-to-be-unionized government deadbeats, who have been instructed to thoroughly search anyone and everyone but the enemy.

The TSA has conducted itself for nine-plus years as though the 9-11 terrorists were a group of angry Tupperware saleswomen from Miami.  Worse yet, TSA employees have been identified in multiple cases of theft of passengers’ property, and have repeatedly failed screening tests when fake bombs were sent through the system.  In 2006, TSA screeners were tipped off to system security checks.

Horror stories abound.  Since 2001, TSA employees have engaged in mission creepconflicts of interestsleeping on the jobtouching genitalia of adults and children, and extravagant spending.

Now U.S. Islamic groups are insisting that Muslim women be exempt from body searches and the Obama Administration is relenting.

Since 2001, millions of Americans have been subjected to everything from drinking their breast milk to having their flashlights confiscated as dangerous weapons.  This, mind you, while Muslims are suing us for harassment of their terrorist test-drives.

All of this is compounded by the fact that not one instance of attempted terrorism has been isolated to a non-Muslim on any U.S. flight in nearly a decade.  The shoe bomber boarded in Amsterdam, the skivvy bomber was African, and the so-called liquid bombers were British.

The Israelis have been successfully profiling terrorist threats on their El Al flights for 40 years, yet U.S. lawmakers have refused to implement these tried-and-true methods against our greatest threat.

Not every Muslim is a terrorist, to be sure, but every terrorist currently engaged in war against the United States is a Muslim.  Not one white, Anglo-Saxon octogenarian in the bunch.  The state of U.S. security at ports of entry into the United States is an abysmal mess, yet the Obama Administration and Congress have failed to secure our borders and ports and are now subjecting U.S. citizens to the ultimate insult by refusing to use simple common sense.

This should be a warning to new Republican House members.  You guys are here on a mulligan.  Fix this nonsense or the next election will make the 2010 wave look like a slow day at Disney World.

  1. Bravo, I hate to fly in the first place and this will be another reason to stay home…..the airlines ought to rebel and now!

  2. No, the people should revolt by calling their congressmen and senators demanding a stop to this nonsense. Profile for terrorists, not 80-year-old WASP grandmothers from Ft. Lauderdale.

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