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Reid Buckley Calls for Boehner to Resign, Says GOP Can Learn From Palin

In Sarah Palin, The Wrong Right Turn on 15/11/2010 at 19:16

I just read a good piece in the Daily Caller by Jonathon Strong about Reid Buckley’s new book, The Idiocy of Accent, in which the younger brother William F. Buckley Jr. goes after the conservative movement his brother labored so hard to build.

Buckley goes into rather thorough detail in the article, giving a dismal assessment of contemporary American culture and decries what he calls the “expiring base” of the Republican Party. He calls for incoming House speaker John Boehner to resign.

“In general, I think the becoming thing for them to do is to resign, resign their posts and then have election and see who comes up. I think John Boehner should resign his position. And he may be reelected, but lets let that happen with the authority of the new members of Congress.”

For more than a year now I have been lambasting the state of the GOP and the modern leadership, most of whom wouldn’t speak to Ronald Reagan if they met him on the street. I have set back and watched the “new” John Boehner go sappy about his meager upbringing, in his look-at-me-now election night speech. Eric Cantor’s disingenuous Tea Party rhetoric is likewise unconvincing, and I have never trusted Michael Steele’s support of Sarah Palin or the Tea Party movement.

Why? Because these men and all too many like them are the ones who gave the party away to the big government liberals—because so many of them are big government liberals.

One thing that has always bothered me is that conservatives are so trusting. And it shows, not in the election of so many new Tea Party candidates in this recent cycle, but in the return of so many who have been the source of conservative problems for more than a decade. Boehner is one.

The disintegration of the culture—although he doesn’t use the words—is one more place I find myself agreeing with Buckley. The country is in a sharp moral decline and I’ll be damned if I can find a Republican on Capitol Hill who will speak out against gay marriage or gays in the military. It is, you see, politically incorrect to speak ill of degenerates, Muslims or anyone other than white, Judeo-Christian Americans.

When Strong questions Buckley’s dismal outlook, he replies:

“Number one, the American public is almost incredibly ignorant [about] the founding of the Republic. Number two, there is a paganization in our culture. And number three, we have to absorb a whole bunch of Hispanics and also Asians, who in all their history, going back before the middle ages, have never experienced free government or the notion of a republic. That takes a huge change in their native reflexes, and it requires acculturation which is not done by the immigration services.”

In my case, my wife is Eurasian who grew up in Southeast Asia, a born U.S. citizen, with a naturalized European-American father and a French-Asian mother, and she understands little of the principals upon which our culture was founded. Why should she? They taught none of it to her in high school here, after she arrived.

Speaking of his brother’s final days and his disenchantment with the GOP, Buckley says:

“I think his sadness was extraordinary. His sorrow was so deep. He saw the conservative movement, I believe, go downhill and the Bush administration offended him. He was very anti-Wilsonian and he was offended by Iraq, number one. “

Buckley continues on to say that Republican elitists should try to learn from Sarah Palin.

“These people are urban. They have practically no exposure to anything beyond the beltway. I don’t think half of them have lived two months in a foreign country. They probably have never visited Mexico, Peru and Chile or any of the other countries who are our neighbors. These people have little understanding of what makes America tick.

“This is where somebody like Sarah Palin makes fools of them. She comes from the rural northwest. She speaks like a person from the Dakotas. She speaks like a person from Wisconsin. She drops her present participles.

“This is something that is reacted to by snobs in the wrong fashion.”

You should read the article and if possible buy the book; it is sure to be an insightful read by the brother of the father of modern conservatism.

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