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Olbermann Canned, Pelosi Runs!!!

In Civil Lefts, Disappearing Ink on 05/11/2010 at 22:29

Three really bright spots in the political news today.

First, Keith Olbermann has been canned at MSNBC. For the uninformed, that means that A-Mess-At-NBC will now only have three viewers left, less the five who watched Olbermann nightly on his “Countdown” broadcast. The word broke in Politico today that Olbermann breached NBC policy by contributing to three (undoubtedly three of his five viewers) Democratic Party candidates, at least one of whom he interviewed the day he made the maximum contribution of $2,400.

The firing comes in the wake of abysmal sales of Olby’s new book, “Pitchfork and Torches” on Amazon. Can this mean we’ll be seeing Keith back on KCBS in Los Angeles. Pah-leese tell us it ain’t so! Look, I hate to see anybody lose a job during these tough times, so I have it on good authority Pravda is hiring. Give ’em a ring, Keith.

Second best news: Nancy Pelosi is running for House minority leader. This is the best news the GOP has had all year, barring last Tuesday night’s tidal wave election. The RNC could not get that much anti-Democrat publicity in 10 years of negative advertising. Write your representatives; tell them to VOTE NANCY.

The third piece of good news is that White House press secretary and ABC anchorman Robert Gibbs has announced that the Republican’s forthcoming bill to repeal Obamacare will not get past the Senate. This is not new news; it is just a reassuring reminder that the Democrats still don’t get it.

In other news: John Kerry is still delinquent on his yacht taxes. What’s the deal here, John, Ketchup sales down, or has Teresa got you on a tight allowance?

Finally, it looks that in spite of his reelection, Barney Frank is at long last losing the respect of his liberal supporters in the media. After repeated scandals involving Frank and his boy toys in the basement and at Fannie Mae, Boston Herald columnist Margery Eagan is admitting that at last she sees him for what he really is. Her explanation for supporting Frank through the brothel scandal? “Things were tougher for gay back then.”

Someone give this woman a Scott Brown button.


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