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Barack: Riding Out the Wave

In Obamarama on 31/10/2010 at 15:30

Barack Obama (Boston Herald)

On Wednesday morning the headlines will read something like this:  ‘GOP Fails to Regain Senate.’  The story will go on to expound on how O’Donnell in Delaware and possibly Fiorina in California or Toomey in Pennsylvania, all Sarah Palin endorsees and Tea Party supported, denied Republicans the coveted leadership of the upper house of congress.

There will be a few stories about the change of leadership in the House, although we can expect pieces to surface here and there to negatively reflect on John Boehner’s ascension to the speakership.  There are rumblings that Boehner may be challenged and that will be news.  But otherwise, the story will be Palin, the Tea Party and the GOP failure to win the Senate.

All of this will be early groundwork for a month-long debate on how the Tea Party, whose titular head is supposedly Palin, effectively blocked GOP gains in an election that should have been a runaway for them.  The electronic media will trot out Ellis Henican and Aryana Huffington et al and provide us post-election analyses ad nausium.

And, of course, just as the Left’s post-2008 election analysis of the McCain campaign was a lie, this will be a well orchestrated rewriting of history designed to reframe the outcome of the November 2 contest as a win for Democrats.  An attempt to change public perception, much as they have in the past with Oliver North after Iran-Contra and the Reagan Revolution of the 1980s.

It has already begun.

The real story, however, will be buried deep within the bowels of the major dailies. Look for it on page A-23.  It will be about the silent war raging inside the Democratic Party.  Because this midterm election, perhaps as no other in modern history, will be a referendum on a president’s leadership and job performance.

The Democrats are now evenly divided on whether Obama should be challenged for the 2012 nomination.  The problem is academic: if the DNC approaches Obama to bow out graciously and he refuses, the battle gets ugly.  If they mount a major effort to challenge the President the party could split and the backlash would be immeasurable.  Race will almost certainly come into play.

On the other hand, if they do nothing they are in danger of a seeing lackluster turnout at the polls in 2012.

Tuesday, it will come as no surprise, will be a rout.  Whether Republicans retake the Senate will be of little consequence because the damage is done.  Now the Democrats will begin to do what has been their métier for all time immemorial: they will regroup and move to the center.  Or be perceived as doing so.  But it will not work.

In the 2008 primaries the party had in Hillary Clinton a masterful chameleon who has changed her colors at will and sold almost every change to the American people.  Instead, they went with the new guy.  Now they are strapped will a socialist ideologue without either the political instincts or the psychological makeup move center.

Barack Obama’s appearance on The Daily Show last week was a dark harbinger of the storm to come.  His presidency could have survived a conservative revolution; he could have even pulled off a respectable next two years as a lame duck.  But what he could not afford was a mutiny within his base, and this week Jon Stewart exemplified that perhaps better than next week’s midterm election ever could.



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